Sex with police aunty

This is my story of how I became a professional gigilo in Bangalore. My self devnsh ,who is 6.1 in height,but women don’t care that ,I’m always horny and always wants to satisfy my nasty girls,women’s etc. I’m wild in bed ,so women can’t control themselves. Let’s start the story. After 2nd puc , in summer holidays ,I was free and was always going to gym some day a guy said me that you have a good physique,girls likes ur height,and asked me about my gf’s .

But then I didn’t care and I didn’t wanted to waste time. I always wanted to fuck someone but I wasn’t able to get an opportunity. I always was respecting women,but suddenly I was horny on them.Now I got a call from an unknown number saying that they will offer gigilo services , they took some amount and all happened was a bullshit,Again I posted ad on some sites and opened a profile but there was no guys may think one day I got a call ,but no I didn’t .

Now I got an urge to become a call boy,there was some personal house issues in my cousins house,I went there ,there was some police about the enquiry. They had Missed some files so now I had to give them quickly ,I went to the station but there was no use. I asked address of the police and straight away went to his house. He opened the door and I gave him the file ,it was a very nice flat(xxx) in Bangalore.

Now after 3 months I got a message saying that of my ad, she said she wants to meet me now ,it was around 7pm and I asked her about the age ,she said 28. now there was no formalities for 2 days and wasting time ,she was horny,I was horny that’s it. She asked to come to the flat (xxx) , after seeing this address I was shocked since I went there to give some files to police. I thought it must not be the same flat number but again it was same number. Now she opened the door , I was in a real shock ,she was more than 50 years , I asked about I came to this house and meet her husband, she said he is always outside and he must retire soon and didn’t care her feelings and said don’t worry about her husband since he is a police. She had a brownish looks,.

I asked why did you lie about your age ,she said will you guys like a 50+ women ? ,,,Till now I never entered into her house , I was standing outside and was talking to her. I said sorry I can’t do this because you lied to me and said it’s our duty to satisfy ladies of any age, I said it’s our profession though it was my first time. She apologized me and was horny and said she would pay me high amount (xxx) ,but I declined and started to take steps instead of lift.I thought of her assets (it was very huge) ,she was already in bra( shocking that 50+ wears bra) . I asked myself about the amount and said myself money is now important , Now I decided to run like a cheetah ,her door was not closed since she was on a phone in her balcony,she saw me running and she soon cut her phone and I sucked her lips for 15 mins , she was saying to spit my saliva to her, she bought a chilled Hershey’s chocolate syrup from her refrigerator , I grabbed it and pounded through her lips and started sucking it the chocolate syrup was very tasty.

Since it was my duty to satisfy I went through her pussy and started licking with chocolate syrup ,she started moaning ahh ahh huum huum suck me suck me bastard. I said her she is a nasty bitch in her age ,and she said she is huntress in bed. I started licking her asshole and she wanted my cock I said will you be submissive to me ,she said I’m all yours I said now I won’t give you my cock ( it was already 9 inches) , she said please master, just to make the game exciting I said I’m leaving since you have to obey my rules. Now she said fucking teen bastard will see how the hell will you get out,and grabbed my cock and started to give a non stop blowjob for 20 mins now she was very wild and was not able to control I was shocked that she is now giving me rimjob ( since Indian women doesn’t accept) she was licking my asshole for 20 she was my teacher she was raping me I was enjoying ,Now I started to insert my penis through her vagina this last for 20 mins and started going on and on and on…

By the time all this have happened it was 12 in the night . She didn’t let me to leave. I explained about my position and now she agreed and said that she always wants me when her husband is away and handed me amount of very high(xxx) and gave me amount of (xxx) extra as an advance for next time

I’m horny always wants your opinion that’s it
No compromise in sex bitches…
Thank you

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