Hooked Up Neighbor For My Wife – Part 3

Next early morning Ranveer got up and left. He did not kiss my wife. I sighed a relief. My wife got up around 8 am. She laid in bed for half an hour. She looked relax. I was surprised to see that she did not have tears in her eyes. With heavy heart I took Volvo for Pune. When I reached home, my wife welcomed me with a smile and a kiss on my cheek! This happened after a long time! I also kissed her and said I missed her. She said she also missed me. Hooked Up Neighbor For My Wife – Part 2

I watched her whole afternoon and could see a sea change in her behavior. She was treating me with utmost respect and dignity. I was quite happy with this. I thanked Ranveer in my heart. I asked if she is ready for great sex. She just smiled. I took her in my arms and headed towards bedroom. We had great sex.

While having sex she did not express any gesture of uneasiness. I thought she would hesitate to have sex with me because she had sex with another man last night, but she was just great as if nothing happened yesterday!

In the evening my doorbell rang. When I opened the door, it was Ranveer. He said he just wanted to say hello and asked me about my trip. I took him inside. Kritika was surprised to see him. She just said hello and left for kitchen. After sometime I called her for tea, she fetched tea and sat reluctantly with us. She did not speak anything. I noticed Ranveer staring at her in the middle of the conversation but she did not look at him.

After 10 minutes she excused herself saying that she has some work and left. After she left Ranveer became quite and was just looking here and there. He left after sometimes. I asked my wife if everything was okay and she just smiled. That night when I started talking about Ranveer my wife put her lips on my lips and smooched me. I was surprised because my wife never did that before. Again I was thankful to him!

Next day I went to my office. While going I ran into Ranveer, he was also going to his office. I offered him lift which he readily accepted. He asked if my wife is fine to which I said yes. I dropped him at his office, when he got down he said he would catch me later and left me bemusing! I was just wondering if he really getting into an affair with my wife! In the evening he came to my house again.

I was surprised because I did not invite him. He stayed only for 10 minutes and invited us for dinner this coming weekend. Before I could say yes, my wife politely said that this weekend we are going out, so we would not be able to make it. This was news for me as I was not aware of any such plan! I could see disappointment on his face. I just said may be some other times. He left with heavy heart.

By this time I was sure that he was really into my wife. He wanted to continue his sex encounters. On the other hand she was doing everything to avoid him. Perhaps she did not want to give me any clue to suspect her. She thought if she avoids him I would never come to know about their sex encounter. She was putting in every effort.

Whenever I would talk about him, she would change the topic. And I liked it. I did not have any doubt on my wife’s character. I knew that she wouldn’t have sex with another guy if I did not plan it. I was convinced that my wife would not entertain him anymore but I doubted Ranveer. Though he was a decent guy but who wants to leave such a pretty girl! He was restless coz whenever he came to my house my wife gave him a cold shoulder. Ranveer was just waiting for me to go for another trip.

Next month I left for Mumbai again for my work. He reached on my doorsteps the same evening and ranged doorbell! When Kritika saw Ranveer on the doorstep, she did not open the door. Ranveer ranged doorbell again but no response. But he did not give up and kept ringing it. It was irritating for her and she could not stand it anymore and after few minutes opened the door. She was furious but he smiled at her and entered the house by pushing her. Kritika was taken aback. She was fuming with anger. Ranveer asked why she was ignoring him.

Kritika was angry and did not respond. Ranveer asked her again, she angrily replied that whatever happened between them was just an accident and she never thought of having sex with him if it was not an accident. Ranveer retorted back saying that if it was mere an accident then why did she allow him to have sex with her for the second time!

She did not have any straight answer. She fumbled. She lost her voice. He came closer to her and took both her hands in his and pressed gently. She looked at him in surprise and pushed him aside. Kritika said that it was a mistake that she had sex with him second time and added that she wants to finish this. Ranveer asked her if she really thinks that she can finish it off. Kritika firmly said that she would never repeat that mistake and categorically said she would not cheat on her husband. Ranveer begged her to think of him once. He said he has fallen for her and it is impossible for him to forget her. He just requested that if she can continue having sex with him whenever I was out and promised that he would make sure that I would never come to know about it. Kritika looked annoyed with his proposal and firmly rejected it. But Ranveer was relentless and was not ready to give up.

Kritika heard her mobile ringing in bedroom. She asked him to leave the house and went to bedroom to attend her phone. Ranveer followed her. She went in and attendant her phone, it was her mother. While talking to her mother Kritika walked towards window where street light was falling straight inside our bedroom. Ranveer also came in the bedroom and was facing her back. She was wearing white frock covering her from shoulders to knee.

As she stood there, street light was falling straight on her dress. She looked like an angel bathed in white light! Ranveer could see light pink bra and panty through the white dress as it became transparent with the effect of strong light. Kritika was looking stunning hot. Ranveer was aroused to see her in such a beautiful posture. He was quite anxious.

He stepped towards window where she was standing. When Kritika finished her call and turned around, she leaped into him as he was standing right there.

Ranveer grabbed her and pulled in his big arms and held her tightly. He forced his lips on her lips! Kritika did not expect this and try to get rid of his grip. But his grip was so strong she could not come out of his clutch. Ranveer’s passionate smooch aroused her and after few seconds of resistance she gave up. He smooched her more passionately and started rubbing her back. He licked her neck and kissed her cheeks madly. Ranveer’s cock became hard rock. Kritika could feel the hard bulge touching her belly! He was becoming restless and desperately wanted to bury in her pussy!

While madly kissing, he pulled up her frock with one hand and unzipped his jeans with another hand. He hastily grasped his huge dick and pulled out from the clutches of his underwear! His unrestrained shaft came flying and flat hit her belly. Ranveer spitted on his shaft, ruthlessly removed her panty aside with his index finger to make way for his big shaft! And with one push gusshh…. he pierced into her pussy! It was the strongest push she ever experienced! She yelled in pain aaaawhhh. Ranveer was wild and did not pay any heed at her bellowing. At this point all he wanted was to fuck her and fuck her very hard. He started fucking with all his might.

Kritika was not prepared for his hard strokes, but did not have choice. Both of them were semi-nude. Ranveer’s jeans slipped down a little due to fast movement of his hips. I could see his big hips pushing in and pushing out. His big cock was piercing in and out! Her pussy became dark pink with his hard strokes. He was fucking her like a wild animal. After few minutes Kritika started liking his rapid hard strokes. She put her hands on his half covered butts and held him tight. Ranveer liked her soft touch. He now knew that she is enjoying him and would not resist. He slowed down his speed to fuck her in rhythm. Kritika liked his slow rhythmic thrusts. She tightened her grip on his hips.

After fucking her in standing position for few minutes, Ranveer took her on his lap and made her sit on his cock and put support of his big arms around her round ass. Once again his monster cock started going in and out. He started with slow strokes and after few strokes paced up. As he speeded up and went harder, she also started moving her hips in a rhythm. She tried to match up with his speed. She was literally jumping in his arms. Ranveer got rough and his strokes became harsher. Both were moaning loudly….awwwh hhhhhh ….. awwwh hhhhhhh ….awwhh hhhhh hhh.

His cock was coming in and out…in and out….in and out, ripping her pussy! Kritika was enjoying every fucking stroke. Her pussy was riding his cock once again! Ranveer maximised his pace. It was such an exhilarating act. After few minutes of stroking she came with loud moan. Ranveer slowed down as he came. A combined river of their thick load started flowing from her pussy wrenching his cock completely and falling on the floor! Both were exhausted. Ranveer took her to bed and lied down next to her. Kritika looked relaxed and closed her eyes when he put her on bed. He took her hand and kissed. She looked at him and again closed her eyes.

Kritika was just thinking what she should do with him. It seemed that she started liking him but was scared of me. She knew that if I come to know about it her marriage would be in trouble. She just closed her eyes. Ranveer also laid there holding her hand in his hand.

After a silence of few minutes Kritika opened her eyes and just looked at him. He smiled and kissed her hand. She tried to speak but he put his hand on her lips. All she was worried about was, her marriage. After a minute he removed his hand and said that she is the most beautiful girl he has seen. She just smiled at him. He said that he has not seen such an innocent girl. He looked at her and said that she has got the most beautiful figure in the entire world! Kritika was flattered and smiled again!

What Kritika said next shocked me! She said that he is very handsome man! She added that he can get any girl on this planet! Later I realised that she said this coz she wanted to keep him away. Ranveer looked excited and asked what else she liked in him. Kritika replied that she liked his nature as he is decent guy with good look.

He pressed her further to ask what else she liked in him to which she said he got athletic body which is an added advantage to his look. This was quite heart-warming for him. Ranveer reciprocated saying that he liked her body the most as she got hot boobs and slim body. Again she was flattered! I was surprised to hear this conversation! Where were they heading with this conversation? I was worried is she falling for him?

This conversation refreshed Ranveer and he started cuddling her breast. Kritika did not resist at all. Ranveer removed her frock and started kissing on her belly. He moved up and removed her bra and started sucking her boobs. Kritika was aroused again. While sucking her boobs, he undressed himself.

She looked at his athletic body. He looked hot. His cock was still not fully erect. Her sight fell on his semi erected cock. Ranveer noticed it. He asked if she liked his cock to which she just smiled. He pressed her again and asked if she liked his shaft. She just smiled and closed her eyes.

He got more excited and widened his legs to give her better view of his big cock. He told her that how after seeing her sexy body his dick becomes big. Kritika looked in awe as his cock grew bigger and thicker! Ranveer pulled her hand and put it on his giant cock! She felt a hot stiff iron rod in her hand. His cock went berserk with the touch of her soft hands!

For the first time she touched another man’s cock in her hand. Her pussy started getting wet with pre cum. She held his cock more tightly in her hand. Ranveer knew that she want him in her pussy! He became over excited and pulled himself over her. He pulled her panty down and put his dickhead on her pussy lips and started rubbing. She desperately wanted to have him inside her, but was shy. She uplifted her hips to get closer to his cock. Ranveer knew that she cannot wait any more but he wanted to tease her.

After rubbing her pussy lips for few more seconds, he pushed his dickhead with one strong thrust and filled her pussy gusshhh. She moaned in pleasure aaaahh!

He started with slow strokes and moved his hips in round rhythm. His cock was pounding four walls of her pussy. She liked it very much. She started moving her hips and he knew now its time to crush her pussy. He started banging her with all this might. Kritika was in another world! Ranveer was making sure that she is enjoying every stroke.

After few hard strokes, he slowed down and then pounded hard strokes….then slow…. hard …..slow…. hard… slow….hard….slow…. hard….slow….hard. I could see Ranveer’s big tight hips were going up and down…. Up and down…. Up and down…. His big cock looked wet in white cum as he was coming out…going in….coming out ….. going in. It was quite arousing to see them having wild sex! Both were moaning ohhhh ….ohhhh …ohhh … ohhhh

Ranveer fucked her again but this time it was not accidental. He tried to give her maximum pleasure and he was successful. He made sure that Kritika enjoys the most. He made great love. Because of this Kritika also started liking him. She liked his handsome look and worked out hot body! I was shocked to see that she wanted him inside her desperately. And he was desperately waiting for this moment. Kritika was ignoring him completely when I was in Pune and he was hurt. But now things have changed. She is falling for him. She looked very relaxed after having sex with him! I got really worried!

After having sex both were lied on the bed! Ranveer again took her hand in his hand and planted a kiss on her cheeks. Kritika closed her eyes. They lied there nude and fell asleep! I watched all this through my camera. I was furious with myself. I did not know what to do? I was angry with Ranveer because he was trying to continue an illegal relationship with her! My plan was to get him to have sex with her one time, only one time! But it seems this plan backfired! I felt helpless! What happened next, I’ll write in the next part. Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this story. I look forward for your feedback. You can write to me at [email protected]

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