Adarsho Paribar ( Ideal Family) : Ch 5

As soon as the school was over, Anusree Bandyopadhyay, brilliant female-student of “Maa Saarada Vidyapith” came out with joy. Now she would spend a week at her Dadu’s ( Maternal grandfather ) house. It wasn’t that her parents were trying to be rid of her, they just felt that it was good for her to bond with him and spend some time in a clean and peaceful small village where her mother, Shabana Azmi, had been raised.

Adarsho Paribar ( Ideal Family) : Ch 4

Anusree respected her widower Dadu very much and always enjoyed the Durga Puja Vacation in her Maternal Uncle’s house. She and her parents made a trip to the village on that Durgapuja to attend the Bengal’s greatest festival, but recent death of her grandmother shocked her Dadu tremendously.

She remembered how sad her Dadu looked, his eyes, would stare off into the distance as though he was looking for her great Didima ( grandmother ) to come back. Later he sent them all back home, telling them that he would be fine, he just needed some time alone.

Reluctantly they returned home, the Bihari servant who worked for him promised to keep an eye on him. This year Anusree was going back for her Puja Vacation. Her mother thought that maybe now her father might not want the company but he insisted. He said he couldn’t wait to see her baby daughter Anusree, he had missed having her company.

Anusree had just turned 14, and was now officially a teenager. It made her feel so mature and so much more like a young lady instead of a little girl. She suddenly felt, she needed to stop being the tomboy attitude and strat wearing more feminine attire.

She had developed a great deal in the past year, now wearing a size 34″ bra. She and her mother shopped for new undies, dresses, and shorts — everything today’s feminine young ladies wore. It didn’t matter that she was going to a remote village to wear her new clothes.

She was just as excited about showing her new outlook to her Dadu, how much she had matured as she was about wearing them. She was a little worried about being at the village without Didima being there. She hoped Dadu wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable now. Didima had always been the one that spent most of the time with Anusree, when she was on the village.

She wore a short red skirt with a matching pink T-shirt. Her body was just starting to blossom out as she lost her baby fat, her breasts were round and firm with over sized nipples.Her legs were long with full thighs and well turned curves.

The three of them piled into the car and off they went. It took several hours to get to Grandfather’s house and about halfway there Anusree Suddenly realized that she had to pee. Her father pulled over to the side of the road and walked her a little ways into the woods to find a private place for her to pee. She did feel a bit shy about peeing in front of her father, although she had done it previously when she was a little girl.

This time though her father was acting differently, he was’nt used to seeing her as she was quickly becoming more and more aware of the her femininity. Upon seeing her this morning in her new outfit, he was suddenly reminded just how much she had matured.

Now, as she squated to pee, her father could’nt take his eyes off her. He watched wide eyed as she pulled her skirt up to her waist. He felt his cock start to harden as she lowered her panties, revealing her pussy to him. With just a small patch of dark hair showing between her thighs, it was a most beautiful and erotic sight. To his surprise she removed them completely, not wanting to get them wet.

In a husky voice, Ashim said, “Baby, I have to pee also. I’ll be right over here behind this tree.”

She looked at him, smiled, and nodded her head. As she was returning her attention to her own needs, her eyes ran down her father and stopped when she noticed a big bulge in his pants. She knew what it was and she also knew what it meant. Ever since her mother told her the facts of life when she was 13, she understood what the noisy springs meant that came from her parent’s room, usually at night.

It always made her pussy tingle when she would hear creaky bed-spring, along with moaning and she would sometimes massage it, especially the spot her mother called her clitoris. Her mom had also told her that when a man became sexually excited, his dick would grow and become very hard so that it could enter a woman’s pussy.

She had seen her father’s dick a few times but it was all soft. She had always wished she could see her father’s dick while it was hard. Later the sexual escapades with her Muslim boyfriend Najibul and the live blue-film of her Thakurma ( Father’s mother ) with their Adibasi driver Ramu, exposed a new dimension of sensual knowledge to her.

She always wondered what it would feel like, having her own father’s hard cock inside her, hearing him groan with pleasure the way he did with her mother. These thoughts always made her pussy tingle even more.

Now she felt that same tingling in her pussy when she realized her daddy was aroused and that she was the one that had caused it. As she squatted down to pee, a thought went through her head. What if her father was still watching her?

Her pussy tingled even more now, the thought caused her to spread her legs even wider, wanting to show everything to him if he was watching. Her father was doing more than just watching.

As soon as he reached the tree, he had unzipped his pants, not to pee, but to release the sperm that was building up in his balls. He couldn’t believe how much seeing his baby daughter’s naked pussy had excited him. If he had stayed by her ten seconds more he would have cum in his pants.

He pulled his straining cock out of his pants and began to stroke it. He knew he shouldn’t but he just, HAD To! He peeked around the tree and what he saw caused him to squeeze his cock tightly.

Anusree was squatting with her legs spread far wide and her hands held her pussy open, as her urine-stream seemed to squirt out of her pussy. He could see everything, her wet, pink flesh of her pussy, the outer lips pulled back with the inner ones open.

The thin golden pee-stream was flowing out of her pee hole and her cunt, with a strong siiuuu….. sss……. hisssss…… eeeee….. sounds.The sight of her pee making a spiral twist brought back memories of when he had drank her mother’s ( Shabana ) pee. Oh! how he would love to drink the sweet necter from his baby’s pussy now.

His eyes traveled up to her face and their eyes locked. She was smiling naughtily and looking right into his eyes! He turned his body excitedly to face her, showing her his hard cock. His mind was spining so fast that he was no longer thinking rationally. He commenced stroking his massive prick, knowing he would cum after just a few strokes, he wanted her to see the cum shot from his cock.

Anusree’s eyes locked on her father’s cock and widened when she saw how big and hard it was as his hand flew back and forth as he stroked himself. His eyes were now glued to her pussy, he moaned as he felt his cum start to shoot out from his cock.

“Ohhhhh gudmarani Anu khanki re, Anu, my dear Anu khanki, ar parlam na re sali !!” Anusree watched as her father shot his wad, heard him say her name using slang bengali khisti. The young teenage girl’s pussy was on fire, the warm golden liquid coming from it with strange sounds only enhancing the feeling. She wanted so badly to reach down and touch herself.

Instead she continued watching as the thick white sperm continued to ooze from her father’s dick. When his dick finally stopped spurting cum, he leaned against the tree to catch his breath. Anusree looked up into his eyes. She could see the guilt on his face and quickly realized that he regretted what had happened, she didn’t and wanted him to know that.

She finished peeing, grabbed her panties and suddenly a wicked thought popped into her head. Wiping her pussy dry with the panties, she pulled down her skirt and walked over to her embarrassed father. He was still leaning against the tree, his cock outside his pants with a small amount of cum still leaking from the slit. He quickly stuffed his cock back into his pants, zipping up as shame showed on his face, watching as his daughter approach him.

Then she stood directly in front of him, a soft gentle smile barely playing at the corner of her lips. Looking down at her he stroked her cheek and quietly said, “I’m so sorry baby, being a father I shouldn’t behave like this, I don’t know how to explain…”
“It’s okay, Bapi. I not only love you, but I respect you also. You are my father, so please don’t apologize to me and I love what just happened,” Anusree said, interrupting him.
“You mean your arn’t angry or disgusted with me?” Ashim asked anxiously.
“Oh Bapi, I’m acquainted with the birds and the bees long ago. Moreover you’re my respected father, I shouldn’t be mad to you.” Anusree convinced her father.

With those words Anusree slowly, but deliberately moved her hand upon his crotch, just lightly touching. The look of wondrous surprise on her father’s face only served to encourage her and then the young girl became bolder, by squeezing his cock.

This brought a small moan from her father’s lips. He reached down, taking her hand in his and inserted it inside his fly. He knew that he had to stop this but the lust of the moment had a strong grip on him.

“Anu Maa, seeing you like that I lost control, you know I would never hurt your feelings but I’m afraid it will happen again.” Ashim again apologized.
Her smile broadened, “But Bapi, it’s okay. I also wanted to do this, please don’t say you don’t want to. I want it to happen again and again because I respect you as my God.”

Her face brightened as she remembered what she was going to do. From her other hand she transferred her urine-damp panties to his free hand as she continued to massgae her father’s semi-erect dick. Then with her eyes locked on his she pushed the silk material into his hand. “While I’m at Dadu’s house, we can both think about what happened and about what we want to do about it. In the meantime, take this.”

With an impish grin she slowly but deliberately, brought his hand holding the panties up to his face. He realized what she was doing but he had no will to stop her. He actually wanted this. He breathed in the aroma. As he did, he felt his cock twitch in her hand. He could smell her pussy on them, not only that but he could smell her tanzy urine also. If they didn’t head back to the car now they might never make it.

He quickly stuffed the panties in his pocket removing her hand and led her back to the car. “What took you so long? I was about to come looking for you,” Shabana asked.
“Sorry, dear. After Anu went, I realized I had to also,” Ashim said, trying not to look as guilty as he felt.

As he started the car, he turned around to back up and he had to catch himself so as not gasp out loud. There, totally exposed to his eyes was the delicious sight of his daughter’s bare pussy. Her skirt was up to the top of her thighs and, of course, she wasn’t wearing any panties. He swallowed hard, dragged his eyes away and somehow managed to get the car moving without any mishaps.

They were on the road again. After giving her respected father that one last look at her pussy, Anusree closed her legs (she didn’t want her mother finding her that way and the thought made her giggle). Then she leaned back and started thinking about her grandfather.

At first her thoughts were about her concern for him, thinking how lonely he must be now as her Didima wasn’t there. In her current excited state of mind, this led to her wondering if he had started seeing anyone new — and then to even more personal thoughts such as if he was having sex. She giggled to herself as she realized she probably wouldn’t have thought of this except for what had just happened with her father.

In her reverie she remembered hearing noises coming from her grandparent’s bedroom on her previous trips. She knew that meant they were having sex and her pussy would tingle upon hearing those grunts and groans, she really thought about it. She thought about the way her grandparent’s fucking which made her baby pussy tingling more.

At the same time when Anusree was day dreaming about her Dadu’s sex life, he was preparing the house for their arrival. This would be the first visit without Salma, his late wife, there to organize things. Aslam ( Anusree’s grandfather/Shabana’s father ) an ex-army was nervous.

He wanted everything to be perfect but, unfortunately, he was not as good at this sort of thing as his wife had been. He checked the stocked food again, making sure he had the brands and kinds of food Shabana told him that Anusree liked. He went to the room the youngster would be sleeping in.

It was the same bedroom that his daughter Shabana used to sleep in years before, so it already had a feminine feel to it. There was only one bathroom upstairs and it opened up to both his bedroom and the bedroom his granddaughter would be in.

He recalled one time about one year ago when she walked in on him just as he was starting to take a leak. He smiled as he now remembered his surprised reaction of turning to her and inadvertently spraying piss over the floor, the wall and at her feet. She let out a little squeak, but didn’t try to avoid the warm piss-spray on her legs.

Without turning back Aslam continued his pissing on his granddaughter’s feet and legs, trying so hard not to burst out laughing at her reaction. When he glanced at her eyes, he noticed she was staring at his cock. Softly, with a smile in his voice, he said, “Anu Maa, I will be done in a few moments and after I clean up my mess you may use the bathroom, okay?”

Upon hearing his voice, Anusree realized she had been staring at her grandfather’s huge semi-hard cock and pulled her eyes away to look at his face. Seeing him smiling at her, she blushed, “Er… yes, okay… sorry, Dadu.”
“No need to be sorry. I forgot to lock the door. It wasn’t your fault. But if you don’t mind,” Aslam said, chuckling, “I would like to finish my business in private… ?”
“Oh, geez… sorry,” Anusree mumbled as she backed out pulling the door with her.
Her face was a bit red from embarrassment.

As she was leaving, Aslam saw her take one last look at his penis before she shut the door. That last look caused his cock to lengthen. Talking to it, he said, “Okay, knock it off… she’s your granddaughter, for Allah’s sake, please don’t think nasty about the innocent baby!!” Now, as he checked the towels, again feeling his cock becoming erect once again.


Anusree couldn’t wait to get out of the car as they pulled up in front of the house. She saw her grandfather welcomed them opening the gate. He looked so much better than the last time she had seen him. He had a big smile on his face as he approached the car. She wanted to show him the new, mature Anusree so she slowly got out of the car, stood and smiled brightly at her grandfather.

Aslam could’nt believe his eyes. Was this really the same girl that had been coming to his house every Puja Vacation? His eyes stared at her beautiful innocent face and then slowly moved down stopping for a moment at her large breasts and then moving down over her now almost womanly hips then to her beautiful long legs. He had to work hard to keep from having an erection.

As his eyes moved back up over her young, supple body, Anusree stretched her arms up over her head treating her grandfather to the sight of the soft creamy skin of her tummy and her cute little belly button then all the way up to just below her breasts. His daughter Shabana had come up, touched his father’s sacred feet and put her arm around him.

Kissing him on the cheek, Shabana asked, “Well Abbajaan, what do you think of our teenager?” She smiled.
Aslam’s face reddened when he realized that his mouth was hanging open. He gave his head a little shake to help himself regain his senses. Turning to his daughter, he said, “Well I would have to say, she is the most beautiful teenager I have ever seen and next to you, of course,”  winking at Shabana.

His eyes twinkling, he turned to Anusree. “Now that you are a teenager, are you too old to give your old Dadu a hug?” Impulsively, Anusree ran to him, at first she did Pranam ( bending forward to touch the feet ) to her respected grandfather and then throwing her arms around him, she said, “You aren’t never going to be too old for one of my hugs, Daddu.”

On her tiptoes, Anusree pulled her grandfather down and gave him firm kiss on the cheeks and hugged him tightly. Aslam hugged her back, breathing in her youthful freshness. He could feel her soft breasts pressing against his chest, causing his cock to twitch. Finally, to prevent embarrassing himself, he extricated himself from his baby granddaughter’s arms and turned to his son-in-law.

Ashim also respected his ex-army father-in-law too much, going forward he touched his feet. Blessing his son-in-law, Aslam said, “Baba Ashim, I sure appreciate your driving all this way to bring ‘Anu Maa’ here for her visit.”

Ashim mumbled some reply that his father-in-law didn’t quite catch. Then Aslam noticed that Ashim was looking a little flushed. Thinking it was the heat he led them all into the house and served them some ice-cold lemonade to cool them off.

After that Anusree went into the kitchen with her mother for preparing the lunch, turning back to give a smile to her father and grandfather as she disappeared through the doorway. Aslam looked at his son-in-law, “You have one beautiful and sexy daughter there. I am amazed at the change in her in just one year.”

Ashim’s face reddened, he stammered, “I know, she really has developed and matured, hasn’t she?”
Aslam, who sometimes embarrassed people with his bluntness, replied, “You bet she has. I don’t envy you in the least. Soon you will be having boys hanging all around her trying to get into those panties of hers!”

Then after a moment’s pause Ashim shook his head and added, “You’re correct Baba, actually I’m proud of her and I envy her boyfriends.”

Ashim slowly broke out into a sweat, thinking about her daughter’s panties stuffed in his pocket. He glanced quickly at his father-in-law, trying to see if somehow he knew about them. ‘Of course he doesn’t know about her daughter’s soaked panties in my pocket.’ he told himself.

Anusree  watched out the kitchen window as the two men began their walk in the garden. From behind, they looked so much alike. Both were fairly tall, around 5’8″, she guessed, and both had light colored hair.

Each was in good shape, Bapi from working out at the gym a few times a week and Dadu from retirement of Army. She remembered the feel of her Grandfather’s strong muscular arms as he hugged her earlier and it caused her to shiver.

Ever since she saw how excited her father became upon seeing her pussy, her mind has been on sex. When she hugged her Grandfather, she wondered if he would be excited by her also. She hoped so. She planned to find out real soon. After the men returned from their walk, the four of them sat down and enjoyed a hearty lunch.

Once the dishes were done, Ashim decided it was time for him and Shabana to leave. Aslam and Anusree walked them out to the car to say them goodbyes. Shabana kissed her father and daughter, saying, “You be good for your Dadu, honey, see you in a week. I love you, sweetie.”

Anusree hugged her mother, “Everything will be just fine, Mamoni. I love you, too.” Ashim and Shabana again touched his feet, “Aschi Baba.” Aslam blessed them putting his hand on their head, “Just drive carefully going back. Don’t let yourself get too tired.”

Ashim turned to his daughter, “Well, have a good time, sweetheart. I love you.” Anusree then touched her father’s feet and put her arms around his waist,  hugged him tight against her curvaceous sexy body. Ashim awkwardly put his hands on her back, patting her huge soft ass as she said, “Bye, Bapi… I love you so much.”

Sliding her hands from his waist, they stopped at his side. Her hand pushed against the pocket that held her urine and pussy-juice soaked panties. “Think about me while I am here,” she said, a sly smile upon her lips.

Ashim looked into her eyes and said quietly, “I will Anu Maa, I certainly will…..”


Ashim and his wife began their trip home. Once they were out of sight, Anusree stifled a yawn, “Daddu, I think I would like a nap. I am feeling a little sleepy.” Aslam, carrying his granddaughter’s luggage, followed her up the stairs.

He watched her milk-white fleshy legs as well as her bubbling ass as she ascended, still amazed at how sexy they were. He was even more amazed at how much she reminded him of her mother at that age, though Shabana seemed to love bringing his attention to her sexiness.

Wearing revealing clothes around the house, she seemed to enjoy his red-faced reaction. Whether her mother noticed or not, she never said but she did enjoy the extra passion, he had when they would make love after one of Shabana’s exposures. He shook his head, the memories bringing a smile to his face.

Anusree reached the room before he did and when he walked in, she was bending over unbuckling her sandals. Once again, he was met with a surprising sight. ‘Oh !  Allah !! She isn’t wearing any panties! He froze. He could see everything. The smooth cheeks of her huge ass, parted, showing her tiny pink opening down to her lovely lips, slightly open to show just a hint of the wonders inside.

His cock stirred in his pants, growing hard quickly. ‘Ohhhh…, she is so beautiful and sexy !’ his mind kept saying over and over again. He wanted nothing more than to kneel behind her, to breathe in her pussy-aroma and to taste her heavenly necter. His cock was now obviously hard as a rock.

The luggage slipped out of his hands and made a loud noise as they hit the floor. Both of them jumped at the sound. Anusree whirled around, “OH! Dadu, you scared me.” Seeing the look on his face she said, “Are you okay?”

The noise had snapped Aslam out of his trance-like state and upon hearing her question he stammered, rather hurriedly, “I’m fine, I’m fine, er, why don’t you go ahead and take your nap, I’ll wake you up in time for dinner” He backed out of the room quickly, closing the door behind him.

He leaned back against the door and took a deep breath. He was literally shaking. Had she been able to read his mind she would have hated him. How was he supposed to keep his mind on other things after seeing that sweet little pussy?

His cock was aching for relief. He went into his room, shutting and locking the door, he quickly stripped off his clothes.
Lying down on the bed, he took his cock in his hand and started stroking it. Pre-cum already oozing out of the slit, he smeared it in his hand, rubbing it over the head and along the shaft.

He closed his eyes, wanting to envision his teenage granddaughter’s perfect little slit. Her picture was buring inside his brain. Finally, he gave in and started picturing himself licking it, sucking on it, even fucking that tight little hole.

While Aslam was having his incestuous fantasy, his granddaughter was remembering back to what had just occurred. At the loud sound of the dropping luggage, she had jerked her head around. When she did so, she saw the stricken look on her Grandfather’s face and, at first didn’t realize what had happened.

It wasn’t until he started to back out of her room, mumbling about dinner, that she noticed a rather large bulge in his pants. Then she realized that she had been giving him a show without even meaning to, that made her grinned.

Now she definitely knew that she excited him. She heard her Grandfather’s bathroom door close. She tiptoed over to the common bathroom door and tried turning the knob. It opened and she peeked into the bathroom. Seeing that it was empty, she then tiptoed over to her grandfather’s door. She could hear noises coming from his room.

She very carefully pulled the door open, just a crack. She could see that Dadu’s one hand was wrapped around his cobra-penis, the other holding the large hairy sack below. The hand around his penis was moving up and down, the same way her Bapi did earlier that day.

He was saying something but she had to lean forward a bit to be able to understand it. “Yes, oh, yes baby, that’s it ohhhh, fuck Dadu’s cock, ohhhh Anu baby, ohhh khankichudi rendi magi, yessssss! Make your Dadu cum, Anusree magi re, oh Allah yes. I’m cumminggggggggg OHHHHHHH Anu Maa!”

Anusree watched, wide-eyed, as sperm started shooting out of Dadu’s huge cock. Thick and white, it shot over more than two feet high from his groin and fell on his belly and a few spurts up onto his chest.

Shot after shot, until it just oozed out of the slit. Anusree realized she was rubbing her thighs together, her pussy felt wet and tingly. She quickly, but carefully, shut the door and went back into her room.

‘Wow, Dadu satti satti amake chudte chai ( Grandfather actually wanted to fuck me) ,’ she thought to herself. Using the “Chudte” word but after hearing Dadu using the bengali vulgar words, she decided she liked the sexy way it sounded.

Suddenly she wanted to see what had made Dadu so excited. She went to the full-length mirror hanging on the door. She turned her back to it and bent over. Her Dadu saw everything! Seeing herself like this and knowing that her Dadu got so excited by it, made her pussy itch like crazy.

She spread her legs apart and while still looking in the mirror, she rubbed a finger over her clit. Oh, that felt sooooo good. She pictured her Dadu’s dick, so big and hard, shooting sperm all over his chest and she began to rub her pussy faster.

Watching herself in the mirror, she pushed a finger inside her hole — it go in all the way and she did get in felt wonderful. She rubbed the palm of her hand against her clit while moving her finger inside her. She could feel the climax building inside, a feeling like she was going to explode.

“Ohhhh Daddu! Ohhh yesssss! Yessss!” Still seeing his cock in her mind, Anusree started to cum. “Dadduuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” she moaned as the spasms started.

Her knees buckled, her one free hand keeping her from falling on her face. She continued to rub herself until the spasms slowed and finally stopped. She lay down flat on the cool floor, trying to catch her breath, amazed at what had just happened.

‘If it feels this good just touching myself, how good will it feel with Dadu touching me?’ she wondered. Picking herself up off of the floor, she straightened her skirt and lay down on the bed. With a dreamy smile on her face, Anusree fell sound asleep.

Aslam lay on his bed, trying to catch his breath, after cumming so hard. It had been so strong, the strongest he had ever felt. He knew why. Not only was he thinking of his sexy little granddaughter while masturbating, he also knew that she had been watching.

He should have stopped when he noticed, out of the corner of his eye he had seen the bathroom door opening but he was so turned on and knowing she was watching, made him even crazier.
He started talking, saying her name, wanting her to know that he was thinking about her as he brought himself to an incredible orgasm.

Now he worried. First he saw her sweet little pussy and his cock got harder than it had ever been. Then he allowed her to watch, and even knew that it was because of her, as he stroked that hard cock until he shot cum all over himself.

She is just a teenage child and how was he going to handle this? He decided he would just have to take it as it came. See what her reaction was when they saw each other at dinner. But the pictures of his baby granddaughter attached his mind.

His feelings and thoughts were much too strong. His hand, once again, went down to his cock and he began to jerk himself off. He came again and he hoped this would calm him down for at least the rest of the day.

Next morning as he poured the tea, his mind strayed once again, back to the time his daughter Shabana was a little girl. She always had this thing about teasing him. Sometimes instead of pouring tea for him, she would hold the glass of between her thighs. She would pissed in it with a sharp whistling sound, full of her early morning yellowish pee. Much to his delight, he loved drinking his daughter’s fresh salty urine.

Would he able to drink his granddaughter ‘s salty urine also, memorising the past incidents with her sexy daughter Shabana, his prick was tingling rapidly.

After preparing the side dishes, he sat himself down for a few minutes before going to wake up his granddaughter. He was starting to feel a little anxious,
knowing he would be uncomfortable trying to talk to her after everything that had happened.

He loved his granddaughter so much, only now thinking maybe he loved her too much. Somehow he had to come to terms with the fact that he wanted to make love to the child.

He knew his daughter Shabana well enough that she would not approve of such a thing so what was going on here? It was now close to dinnertime, so Aslam made his way up the stairs to his granddaughter’s room and lightly knocked on the door.

Without any response, he opened the door. The youngster was still asleep, lying on her side with her legs pulled up close to her chest. Her skirt was up so that her huge naked milky bottom was showing fully.

Aslam averted his eyes, choosing to look at her beautiful sleeping face instead. She looked so peaceful, so innocent, so happy, not a care in the world. He sat down next to her and placing his hand on her shoulder, lightly shook her. “Anu Maa, time to wake up,” he said softly.

The youngster stirred, rolling onto her back. She had been having the most wonderful dream. She had been in bed with her Dadu. He was showing her his hard dick and at the same time was touching her between her legs. He was telling her how much he loved her and how much he wanted to put his huge rod inside her. She wanted to feel him inside her so badly. He was just rising over her when she woke up.

Seeing her Dadu, she reached up, placed her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her. “Ohhhh Daddu,” she whispered as she drew his face to hers. Their lips touched.

Aslam felt himself being pulled down to that beautiful face as their lips touched. He lost himself in that kiss, pushed his tongue into her mouth and felt hers in his. His cock was rapidly growing.

He made no attempts to hide his erection, which was quite obvious by now. When she straightened, he saw her look at his crotch. The lust was in her eyes and his cock twitched in response. Her eyes widened at the movement.

She looked up at him and with a little bit of a giggle she said, “Let’s go, Dadu.” Aslam winked at her as he took her hand and escorted her down the stairs. He felt like he was walking on a cloud. He hadn’t been this happy in a long time and he knew it was only going to get better. After breakfast Anusree proposed to watch a movie.

“Which type of movie, romantic, horror or parody” Aslam queried.
“Daddu, I’m feeling too much horny now, have you any hard core porn of Sweta Tewari or Sunidhi Chauhan?” Anusree boldly asked.

Although Aslam was shocked with his granddaughter’s openness, he became pleased to realise that the atmosphere would be lighter quickly.
“Are you sure Anu Maa?” Aslam wanted to confirm about his granddaughter’s choice.
“It’s OK Dadu, I’m acquainted with the porn already, so please don’t hesitate. But l like Indian porn most, specially the famous Hindi singer Sunidhi Chauhan’s” Anusree disclosed her feelings.
“Same for me, I’m a blind fan Sunidhi’s porn.” Aslam also declared his likeliness.

Fixing the porn in 48″ LED TV, Aslam sat on the leather sofa beside his granddaughter. As the hard core porn of the famous 39 yrs old Hindi Singer with a pubescent boy was started, already excited Aslam leaned down and kissed her. He touched his tongue to her lips, pushing it into her mouth.

Anusree opened her mouth, accepting her Dadu’s tongue and tasting it with her own. He explored her mouth and then allowed her to explore his with her little tongue. He sucked on it gently. Feeling this, she then did the same to his, sucking it into her mouth.

‘Oh, Allah’ Aslam’s mind was whirling. As he continued his kissing, he moved off of the sofa and knelt in front of her. He looked at her face. ‘How can such a teenage girl look so incredibly sexy?’ he wondered.

Her eyes were bright with desire and anticipation, and her mouth was slightly swollen from their kiss. He had never wanted anyone as much as he wanted his granddaughter right now. His cock was rock hard and pushing uncomfortably against his pants.

Unbuckling his belt, he reached inside and straightened it. Anusree watched him. “Please Daddu, take it out and let me see it. Let me see your massive cock” she said, her voice hardly above a whisper.

He almost came right then and there. He knew if he touched himself to bring it out, he would cum, so he stood, pushed his pants and jangia ( Shorts ) down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and stood in front of his granddaughter, his cock in all of its 9-inches glory, it was so hard.

Anusree stared at it mesmerized as she licked her lips and reached for it.

“Ohhhhh….. Allah…”, Aslam moaned and forced himself to back away from her. “No, no, baby, don’t, not right now.”

But he didn’t move fast enough. As he was backing away, her fingers wrapped around his cock, causing the most exquisite feeling and then it exploded. Her arm jerked as his sperm jettisoned from his cock but she continued to hold it tight in her hand, watching fascinated as the thick semen landed on her cheeks, her chin, her lips, her eyes and finally oozing onto her hand.

She looked at her grandfather, smiling, “Wow,” was all she could say.

Trying to catch his breath, Aslam took her hand from his now deflating cock and slowly dropped to his knees. His eyes took in the most unbelievable sight. His very own bay granddaughter’s beautiful innocent face was covered with his cum. He saw her tentatively licked her sperm-coated lips, then lifted her hand to her mouth, her tongue barely touching the thick, creamy mess. She held it in her mouth, swallowed… and then licked up more.

She swallowed and licked, wiping the sticky semen from her cheeks and eyes. “Well, it’s the best semen I have ever tasted,” she said with a smile. He gathered some of the cum from her face with his fingers as she sucked it off of his finger, licked her lips.

Doing this was turning him on all over again. To his amazement, his cock was already responding.

End of Ch 5

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