Adarsho Paribar ( Ideal Family) : Ch 5

As soon as the school was over, Anusree Bandyopadhyay, brilliant female-student of “Maa Saarada Vidyapith” came out with joy. Now she would spend a week at her Dadu’s ( Maternal grandfather ) house. It wasn’t that her parents were trying to be rid of her, they just felt that it was good for her to bond with him and spend some time in a clean and peaceful small village where her mother, Shabana Azmi, had been raised.

Adarsho Paribar ( Ideal Family) : Ch 4


Anusree respected her widower Dadu very much and always enjoyed the Durga Puja Vacation in her Maternal Uncle’s house. She and her parents made a trip to the village on that Durgapuja to attend the Bengal’s greatest festival, but recent death of her grandmother shocked her Dadu tremendously.

She remembered how sad her Dadu looked, his eyes, would stare off into the distance as though he was looking for her great Didima ( grandmother ) to come back. Later he sent them all back home, telling them that he would be fine, he just needed some time alone.

Reluctantly they returned home, the Bihari servant who worked for him promised to keep an eye on him. This year Anusree was going back for her Puja Vacation. Her mother thought that maybe now her father might not want the company but he insisted. He said he couldn’t wait to see her baby daughter Anusree, he had missed having her company.

Anusree had just turned 14, and was now officially a teenager. It made her feel so mature and so much more like a young lady instead of a little girl. She suddenly felt, she needed to stop being the tomboy attitude and strat wearing more feminine attire.

She had developed a great deal in the past year, now wearing a size 34″ bra. She and her mother shopped for new undies, dresses, and shorts — everything today’s feminine young ladies wore. It didn’t matter that she was going to a remote village to wear her new clothes.

She was just as excited about showing her new outlook to her Dadu, how much she had matured as she was about wearing them. She was a little worried about being at the village without Didima being there. She hoped Dadu wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable now. Didima had always been the one that spent most of the time with Anusree, when she was on the village.

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She wore a short red skirt with a matching pink T-shirt. Her body was just starting to blossom out as she lost her baby fat, her breasts were round and firm with over sized nipples.Her legs were long with full thighs and well turned curves.

The three of them piled into the car and off they went. It took several hours to get to Grandfather’s house and about halfway there Anusree Suddenly realized that she had to pee. Her father pulled over to the side of the road and walked her a little ways into the woods to find a private place for her to pee. She did feel a bit shy about peeing in front of her father, although she had done it previously when she was a little girl.

This time though her father was acting differently, he was’nt used to seeing her as she was quickly becoming more and more aware of the her femininity. Upon seeing her this morning in her new outfit, he was suddenly reminded just how much she had matured.

Now, as she squated to pee, her father could’nt take his eyes off her. He watched wide eyed as she pulled her skirt up to her waist. He felt his cock start to harden as she lowered her panties, revealing her pussy to him. With just a small patch of dark hair showing between her thighs, it was a most beautiful and erotic sight. To his surprise she removed them completely, not wanting to get them wet.

In a husky voice, Ashim said, “Baby, I have to pee also. I’ll be right over here behind this tree.”

She looked at him, smiled, and nodded her head. As she was returning her attention to her own needs, her eyes ran down her father and stopped when she noticed a big bulge in his pants. She knew what it was and she also knew what it meant. Ever since her mother told her the facts of life when she was 13, she understood what the noisy springs meant that came from her parent’s room, usually at night.

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It always made her pussy tingle when she would hear creaky bed-spring, along with moaning and she would sometimes massage it, especially the spot her mother called her clitoris. Her mom had also told her that when a man became sexually excited, his dick would grow and become very hard so that it could enter a woman’s pussy.

She had seen her father’s dick a few times but it was all soft. She had always wished she could see her father’s dick while it was hard. Later the sexual escapades with her Muslim boyfriend Najibul and the live blue-film of her Thakurma ( Father’s mother ) with their Adibasi driver Ramu, exposed a new dimension of sensual knowledge to her.

She always wondered what it would feel like, having her own father’s hard cock inside her, hearing him groan with pleasure the way he did with her mother. These thoughts always made her pussy tingle even more.

Now she felt that same tingling in her pussy when she realized her daddy was aroused and that she was the one that had caused it. As she squatted down to pee, a thought went through her head. What if her father was still watching her?

Her pussy tingled even more now, the thought caused her to spread her legs even wider, wanting to show everything to him if he was watching. Her father was doing more than just watching.

As soon as he reached the tree, he had unzipped his pants, not to pee, but to release the sperm that was building up in his balls. He couldn’t believe how much seeing his baby daughter’s naked pussy had excited him. If he had stayed by her ten seconds more he would have cum in his pants.

He pulled his straining cock out of his pants and began to stroke it. He knew he shouldn’t but he just, HAD To! He peeked around the tree and what he saw caused him to squeeze his cock tightly.

Anusree was squatting with her legs spread far wide and her hands held her pussy open, as her urine-stream seemed to squirt out of her pussy. He could see everything, her wet, pink flesh of her pussy, the outer lips pulled back with the inner ones open.

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The thin golden pee-stream was flowing out of her pee hole and her cunt, with a strong siiuuu….. sss……. hisssss…… eeeee….. sounds.The sight of her pee making a spiral twist brought back memories of when he had drank her mother’s ( Shabana ) pee. Oh! how he would love to drink the sweet necter from his baby’s pussy now.

His eyes traveled up to her face and their eyes locked. She was smiling naughtily and looking right into his eyes! He turned his body excitedly to face her, showing her his hard cock. His mind was spining so fast that he was no longer thinking rationally. He commenced stroking his massive prick, knowing he would cum after just a few strokes, he wanted her to see the cum shot from his cock.

Anusree’s eyes locked on her father’s cock and widened when she saw how big and hard it was as his hand flew back and forth as he stroked himself. His eyes were now glued to her pussy, he moaned as he felt his cum start to shoot out from his cock.

“Ohhhhh gudmarani Anu khanki re, Anu, my dear Anu khanki, ar parlam na re sali !!” Anusree watched as her father shot his wad, heard him say her name using slang bengali khisti. The young teenage girl’s pussy was on fire, the warm golden liquid coming from it with strange sounds only enhancing the feeling. She wanted so badly to reach down and touch herself.

Instead she continued watching as the thick white sperm continued to ooze from her father’s dick. When his dick finally stopped spurting cum, he leaned against the tree to catch his breath. Anusree looked up into his eyes. She could see the guilt on his face and quickly realized that he regretted what had happened, she didn’t and wanted him to know that.

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