My math professor

Hi i m bindhu padmanaban (27). i m a loyal wife and a mother of a son from a traditional iyengar family. this is not a fantasy story this happened to me during my college days. this is my first story here

I first met my math professor salim in my final semester. he is a man in his 40s , very strong build fair skin and tall.but he is not the most liked professor in my college as he is very strict and getting credits from him is the most difficult thing. my college was a women’s college so i don’t have a boy friend. i was a virgin till my final year of college. i don’t know about sex till i joined my college, my college friends introduced me to the world of sex through porn movies .


since that day i used to masturbate watching porn movies, but i always wanted a man’s touch. as i was the topper in my class every staff would call me to get their work done. i do things like entering the marks in the web day professor salim asked me to enter our class test marks into the college web portal. i got the mark list from him and went to his room and opened his computer to enter the marks.( he gave me the password) i opened the browser and i was shocked, it was a porn website especially sex between teens and old men.

since that day my perception of him changed, i felt lust for him i wanted to get fucked by him. i drooled over him, i masturbated thinking of him. i wanted to be his slut.

i managed to get his linked in profile and facebook profile and came to know about him. he never spoke of his family in the class, he has a wife and a daughter. i decided to seduce him. so devised a plan.

first of which i changed my dressing sense, (modern dresses were not allowed in my college) so the t shirt and skirt was out of option. so i decided to wear transparent tops and tight leggins. my bra outline was visible over transparent tops(kamize) and the structure of my legs were completely visible too in the leggins.

i had a decent figure of 34-26-33, my bra cup size is B ,i m 5foot 6 inch of height and 59 kg of weight. i m neither fat nor skinny but had few pounds of flesh in my belly. i had a thick long hair till my hips and a fair skin. i had a firm bubble ass . there is a big mole near my right nipple.

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when salim came to the class i used to sit in first bench and always sat in way that my boobs were visible to him, i made sure he enjoys the show. ( he could not take his eyes of my boobs). after teaching the sum in the board i will ask him doubt about the sum , so he will come near me to solve the sum in my note and i will intentionally move forward thus my boob will touch his elbow. i used to ask permission to go to the rest room in his period and it kind of made me hot. i used to stare at him with lustful eyes and when he see’s me in the eye i will bite my lips and gave him a horny reaction. as i was giving him many signals he never made a move at me.

one day he called me and asked me to meet him after the class was over. i was excited and waiting for the classes to be over. i still remember the dress i wore that day, it was a white sleeveless tops and a dark blue leggins. finally the class bell rang and said bye to all my friends and rushed to the restroom and gave a touch up to my make up , made sure that i was hot and went to his room.

i knocked at his room door and he opened the door and greeted me inside, when i entered the room he locked the door.
(it was a room with attached toilet and a small window in the left wall covered with a curtain, there is a table in the middle of the room on which a computer is placed and two chairs were on the opposite side of the computer and a rolling chair was on the side of the computer, there is a small light glowing and ac was on the full swing).

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me: good afternoon sir
salim: good afternoon bindhu , have you had your lunch?
me:(i didn’t but i lied to him) yes sir
salim: how is your studies so far?
me: its going fine sir
salim:what are your future plans?
me: i haven’t decided sir
salim: bindhu ,could you help me a bit?
me: yes sir whatever you want(lustfully replied to him)
salim: i want you to enter the attendance of your class in the college web portal.
me: yes , sure sir.

he gave me the attendance register and pointed the computer and the rolling chair
i sat on the rolling chair and started to enter the attendance register, salim picked up a book and sat opposite to me and the table was between us.

i was waiting for this opportunity for a long time, so i played a naughty trick on him
i intentionally dropped the pen to left side of the table and bend down to pick it up, (my sleeveless tops were transparent thus my black bra was visible) my cleavage was clearly visible and he stared into it. i noticed him eyeing my boobs and when he saw me noticing him he moved his eyes and started to read the book and i casually went back to my seat and acted normal.
then i tilted my head from the computer screen and glanced him, to my surprise he was looking at me my heart was beating fast and i lifted my both hands (yawning), revealing my armpits which was sweaty.
he felt amazed looking at my armpits and when i lowered my hands, i gave him a slutty look.

after some time he stood up and went to the rest room which was inside the room we were in, i decided to give a peep inside through the keyhole, the sight i saw was still captured in my mind. he took his dick out , it was dark and thick, he started to pee and i was enjoying the view i turned me on very much. my pussy started to itch, it was the first time i m seeing a dick in my life. after he finished his work , i swiftly went back to my chair.

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he came out and sat opposite to me at the table and lifted the book again. i can’t get rid of the view in my mind and also my pussy started to burn. i can’t help it, so i inserted my hands inside my leggins and started to rub my pussy over my panty ( the table hid my body below my chest from him) it was so hot that i m rubbing my pussy in front of the man i lusted.

fate played its part, suddenly the book fell under the table from his hand and he bend down to lift the book and he saw me rubbing my pussy and the wet spot around my leggins. i was shocked but kept on rubbing my pussy.

he came above the table and looked me into the eyes, it was lustful. he stood up and came near me and put his hand over my shoulder. it sent chills through my spines as it was a first manly touch i ever felt.

i stood up and looked into his eyes, he suddenly placed his lips over mine and tried to insert his tongue into my mouth. i didn’t open my mouth and his tongue is trying so hard to penetrate my mouth through my lips.

with his strong hands he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him, i finally opened my mouth. his tongue slid into my mouth and my boobs crashed into his chest
his tongue explored my mouth and he ran his hands all over my back.

i was in seventh heaven. after running all over my back his hands finally settled into my ass and he spanked it and kept on pressing my ass. he slid his fingers into my ass crack over my tops. i can feel his nails in my butt crack. he lifted me buy holding my butt crack and made me sit in the table.

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