Polyamory 4

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Before I go on with our sexy story, I want to say a few words about polyamory (Polyamory 3). In our relationship, Carol, John and I had to learn to be aware of and care for of two people. It was great being loved both emotionally and sexually by two people. We all loved all the three way sex and had greatly expanded our sexual horizons. My greatest challenge was Carol. She is my wife and my number one love.

My job required overnight business travel. While I was traveling I was haunted by images of Carol and John back at our place making love and enjoying the special closeness of being a couple. My mind would run wild with images of them having passionate loving sex, Of Carol sucking John,s cock or he lapping her cunt, of them kissing and caressing. I had images of them cuddling on the couch and enjoying an evening at home.

I was frightened that I would lose Carol. Jealousy is a terrible thing that can pop up out of nowhere. As an example one night as we were preparing to go to sleep, I got up to go to the bathroom. When I came out Carol and John were making out, caressing and kissing. It looked like the prelude to sex and I was the odd man out. I froze breathless unable to make a sound. Carol looked up and saw me and the state I was in. They both jumped out of bed and put their arms around me and gave me loving assurances. I was soothed but I still couldn’t sleep that night.

The three of us lived a loving, passionate sex and social life. We spent nearly all of our time naked and getting aroused for sex. John and I would often want to fuck Carol at the same time. We had constant erections and wanted Carol to stroke, caress, suck or fuck.

One amazing sex position we had was for me to get on my back on the bed, my cock hard and pointing up. Carol would straddle my cock and sink down on it and start fucking me. John would get some lubrication from Carol’s cunt while he was caressing her ass. Then he would put a finger in her ass and loosen her up. When he did that I could feel his finger through her thin membrane. John approached ass fucking very slowly and gently. He would press his lubricated cock in very slowly until Carol relaxed. Once he was in he would put his arms around Carol and I in a loving hug. I could feel his cock sensually rubbing against mine and Carol’s cunt and ass clutching our cocks. We would all remain still for a moment savoring the pure joy of our sex life. In that position John and I would enjoy the sensuality of our cocks rubbing along each others and Carol loving the fullness of two cocks. Then John and I would start plunging into Carol in a frenzy of lust. Carol would scream “Ihhh, Oh my god, ffuuuuk”. When we all came there was cum everywhere.

Sex in every form three way, two way, one way in every possible mating position. I would be fucking Carol and John would come in, kneel on the bed and pump his cock, trying to time his coming with Carol and I. When John was fucking Carol my favorite thing was to sit in a chair, stroking my cock and watching them fuck. I loved to watch Carol having sex.

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