Son seduces mother for sex

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I should have known something was going on when Ryan asked if I wouldn’t mind waking him because his phone’s alarm wasn’t always going off on time, and as I naïvely entered his bedroom totally unprepared for what was waiting for me I was soon confronted with a sight so erotic that it nearly buckled my knees. The truth is that I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the thought of catching him masturbating hasn’t fueled some of my lonely nights lately, and for me to stand there and watch as his hand slid up and down his long thick organ until it exploded with thick white globs of semen being pasted all over his chest made me wonder if I was actually still in bed dreaming. But it wasn’t a dream, and the fact he was wearing his night mask because of his sensitivity to light made me at first suspect he was the one who was really dreaming. Of course I quickly dismissed that theory as I just stood there completely paralyzed watching as he so calmly milked the last of the venom out of his gorgeous serpent in a way even his father never managed to do comfortably in front of me.

I have to wonder just how many other mothers have ever fallen under the spell of watching their teenage son masturbate like I have now, and even though a part of me knows how wrong it is for me to be standing there as he brings himself to another unbelievable orgasm the reality is that I’m totally helpless to resist coming back each morning for another fix. He’s only nineteen and already he’s mastered the art of seduction in a way men two or three times his age can’t even come close too, and of course the fact his cock is so big clearly is the main reason I can’t keep myself from coming back for even more. Maybe it’s because I’m so vulnerable because of being both widowed and celibate for so long that may explain why my ability to resist his advances have failed so miserably, but deep down inside me I know it’s the thought of having him slide inside me that is fueling my rage every time my eyes witness another one of his monstrous ejaculation’s.


There’s just no denying though that it’s the size of his organ that I’m just so totally infatuated with now, and how it’s possible that he’s blessed with such an incredible specimen that even rivals some of the ones in the videos on his computer makes me wonder if it’s actually a blessing or a curse for him to be so well-endowed. I thought at almost seven inches his father was huge, and even though it’s been nearly five years since he passed I can still remember so vividly how I whimpered and moaned every time he slid inside me. For far too long now I’ve lived the life of a grieving widow, and even though some of my friends have suggested that it’s time for me to get back out there and start enjoying myself again there’s always that tinge of guilt I feel whenever I think about actually doing it. But the funny thing about watching Ryan masturbate is that I haven’t felt any of the emotions I thought I would, and far from being consumed with guilt and shame the truth is I haven’t felt this alive in years.

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