Older woman seduces her son-in-law

Bruce had managed to fix Bianca’s computer before she had even finished pulling out dinner. Of course, her son-in-law was so good with computers, it wasn’t much of a surprise. And it was nice to have dinner with him, after spending most of the week all alone. It had been a long time since she had spent an evening alone.

“You’re so good to come over here and work on my computer for me,” Bianca noted, finishing off her glass of wine. She’d need the liquid courage to go through with this crazy plan. If she didn’t make a move soon, she’d lose her chance.


“It was nothing, really,” Bruce insisted, rubbing the back of his neck. “I am sure you put more work into this meal.”

His bashfulness was surprisingly cute. That surprised Bianca, not something she typically found attractive in men. Maybe it was just those gorgeous eyes, hiding behind glasses than made him seem so thoughtful and sensitive. He certainly had the handsome geek look going for him, with his hair so neatly maintained, and his polo shirt hanging off his strong physique.

“You have to let me thank you, properly,” Bianca cooed, closing the distance between them.

She pulled his glasses off his face and placed them down on the table. Before he could respond, she pressed her lips against his. While he was stunned by her kiss, she was already unbuckling his pants and pulling out his length. He wasn’t hard yet, but was already swelling in her hands. Caught unaware, it was easy to push him down on the couch, to get between his legs, to bring her mouth to his cock. There was no hesitation now. If she didn’t push through with this, she might not ever work up the nerve again. Still, he appeared startled as her lips wrapped around his head, speechless as she worked inch after inch into her mouth. She’d worked up a rhythm by the time he found his voice.

“You should stop…” he whispered until the words became a groan.

She looked up at him, eyes wide and her mouth full of cock. Slowly, she slid up his length, until the head slipped from her lips. Her breath drifted over his shaft.

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“Make me.”

With challenge in her eyes, she swallowed his length again. Bruce leaned back, relaxing into the act as she bobbed up and down. Saliva drooled down, and Bianca’s lips glided even faster until she managed to fit his entire cock in her mouth and throat. Still got it, she mused, meeting Bruce’s eyes now. He wore a stunned gaze, tinted with rapture and it inspired Bianca to work harder. Not too hard, however. The last thing she needs was for him to bust his load in her mouth and rob her of the chance to ride this thick cock. And that most certainly wouldn’t do.

Pressing him down into the couch with a single hand on his chest, the older woman stopped and stood up.

“I’ve seen the way you gawk at me when you think no one else is looking,” she accused, tugging at the bun behind her head. Flaxen hair cascaded over her shoulders, framing her face as she teased he locks just a bit. “Did you fantasize about me? Did you fantasize about this?”

The zipper on her dress came down, and the dress soon followed, spilling over shoulders and breasts before pooling on the carpet. Bianca was left clad in a lacy black push-up bra and matching thong. She considered stepping out of her stilettos but decided against that idea. Her ass looked amazing in those shoes. Instead, she placed the foot on the couch beside Bruce, showing off those toned legs and thighs for her young son in law.

“Tell me you don’t want me…” Bianca tempted.

Bruce’s hands shook, and Bianca imagined he was fighting against his every moral fiber. Still, he wasn’t saying no, or pushing her aside, even though he could. He just needed a little more pressure, a little more pressure she could apply reaching behind her back one more time, and unhooking her bra. Thanks to the implants, her tits were firm and full and perky as hell, and Bruce hadn’t taken his green eyes off them yet. While he was stuck on her breasts, she pulled his hands to her hips, using them to pull her panties off.

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Finally, he pulled her onto his lap, thick fingers digging into her back. Their mouths came together, his tongue hot and hungry against hers. Bianca moaned into his mouth, feeling his hands caress her back, traveling down her spine until he palmed her ass. Tight and firm, Bianca suspected her rear was different than her daughter’s, and Bruce’s appreciative squeezes inflated her ego.

“I want you inside,” She breathed against his ear, teasing him further with tongue and teeth on his earlobe.

She took his groan for consent and rose up on knees to get over him. One of his hands held his cock, the other still gripped her ass, guiding her towards him. The head of his meat brush her lips, and her juices dripped down his length. Bianca didn’t expect to run into problems riding Bruce, but he was so thick as she sunk down his shaft.

“…damn,” She gasped, digging slender fingers into his shoulders, “You are even bigger than Vince.”

A sound between a laugh and a moan and a growl escaped Bruce’s throat. He seemed to appreciate the compliment.

“You must have wanted this as much as I did.”

Before she could answer, he flexed, that thick rod twitching inside her. Bianca could only gasp, clenching in response, the reality of fucking Bruce so much better than her fantasies.

“Maybe…Maybe I did…”

His hands slid up her body, over hips and her taut stomach, to cup her breasts. The feel of his hands on her body, different, hungrier than the way Vince touched her, encouraged her, drove her to move against him. Rolling her hips in smooth motions, starting slow, so slow, just getting accustomed to his meaty cock. A long, low sigh left his lips, before he brought his mouth to her breast, wrapping lips around a nipple.

Bianca’s eye rolled back into her head, bouncing harder and faster against him. Clenching him with muscles like moist silk, holding him fast each time her cunt swallowed his length.

“Bruce…God, Bruce,” her cries dripped with lust, dripping like her lips stretched his dick.

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He switched to her other breast, covering her throbbing nipple with slick lips. His cock brushed against her clit each time she moved on him, and the sensation had her moving even faster. Chasing her rapture until it consumed her mind and thighs. Caught in its grasp, catching him in her grasp, soaking folds rippling and tightening over him. He helped her as her climax took control, lifting her lithe frame by her waist to move her up and down his cock.

“Bianca! Bianca, I’m so-should…should I?”

Perhaps another time she might have thought clearly. Perhaps another day she might not have invited him over all alone, so she could seduce him. Perhaps a little more attention from Vince, she wouldn’t have even noticed the staring eyes of a handsome son in law. All of that went out the window, as she rode and came on his cock. As she wanted more, wanted everything, unwilling to let this liaison go to waste.

“Cum in me!” She cried out, voice hoarse and raw.

Her head was thrown back as bliss trailed along nerves and pooled in her depths. His hands on her waist tightened, pulled her all the way down before he flooded her with his seed. A glorious eruption of semen, sweltering inside her hungry cunt.

“Bianca!” He called, fingers nearly bruising as they clung to her.

Back arched, she milked him of his release, tensing against his pulsing cock. Determined to drain him, to drag the act out as long as possible. This couldn’t happen again. Shouldn’t happen again. But he felt incredible as his semen filled her, pumping her so full she had a flash of worry. A flash of worry she pushed aside as she rode out that climax. Only then, with his cum hot inside her and seeping down her thighs, did she slump against him.

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