Sister,Me and Lockdown – Part 2

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Hello guys I am back with my continuaton of story about sex with with my sister Aditi.

Sister, Me and Lockdown


So let’s begin the story

The 2nd day when I woke up breakfast was beside me.I had a breakfast.I went to see Aditi.She was doing yoga.I went for running while she was doing yoga.I returned after 1 hour with sweat in my body.I took a bath and came outside.Aditi came and gave me morning kiss .We made plan for sight seeing.After having lunch we went for a sight seeing.But didn’t forgot condom,who knows when we get a mood.While walking we saw place where we can make a tent and spend our night there.we went back and and took a material to make a tent and returned there.It took almost half an hour to build it.As soon as we finished ,she pushed me towards tree and kissed me.She was already rubbing my dick from outside the pant and it had become iron hard.She took my dick out and knelt down grabbing my dick and immediately took it in her mouth.I grabbed her head and started shoving my dick in her mouth. She started to deep throating my dick.She had become expert in blowing,she made me moan louder because I was on the edge of Cumming.Aditi I am gonna cum where you want it?,mouth or face.She looked at me and kept my dick in her mouth in spite of warning her. 2-3 thrust and I exploded my cum in her cum hit her deep throat at speed.She sucked and drank as much as she could and removed my dick from her mouth. The remaining drops landed on her boobs.

What a pleasant morning it was.I carried her in my arm to tent and threw her in futon and I jumped upon her,kissed her and threw her dress,took out some ice cubes and put that in her forhead.Slowly taking that ice cubes downwards to mouth and then neck.When I touched her neck with ice she uplifted her body a bit.The cube was going down between her two boobs and then to center of her stomach and left it there.The ice started to melt and the water was going to her pussy.She breathed heavily and rubbed herself to me.She pulled me kissed me very wildly .I kissed her two boobs and again I put ice cube in her pussy.She was being more wild and wanted a hard sex.I rubbed her pussy very fast,my dick was already hard like stone.Aditi was already in heaven and told Put it in me…, and we started making out.My cock immediately came to full attention and it slid all by itself deep into her pussy.Omg…” she tremble with seductive voice, “fuck me…”

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Her hips began to roll up and down in a circular motion as her pussy lips swallowed my cock and let it go again over and over, in and out, in and out, faster and faster. Our faces were stuck together as our tongues swirled around one another.I was using my legs now instead of my hips to throw her up and have her land right back down on my big hard cock.

Yeah! she moaned and kept repeating, Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your sister! Yeah, just like that! I also moaned back, “You like being fucked by your brother?””Oh yeah!! Fuck me hard, brother!! Fuck your sister harder!! Harder!,Go deeper ,tear my pussy,yess….yesss…….Oh baby go on fuck me like a bitch,don’t stop yeah…..yeah….

Now it was time to change the position.She then jumped onto the ground on all fours, stuck her ass up at me and looked back at me with a look of pure wanting. I fell to my knees behind her and crammed my cock back into her pussy. The slapping sound that came from me fucking her doggie style must have been heard for miles. Her ass made waves as I slammed it forward and it came springing back.I felt myself about to come again and tried to hold out a little longer.

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