Thick as Thieves

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Thick as thieves. That’s the only way you could really describe the two of
them. Cindy and Zoe were best friends. The two of them had been running
around since the seventh grade and now they were entering their junior year
of high school. They were 16 years old and had the whole world ahead of

Now, of the two, Cindy my 16-year-old daughter was definitely the
ringleader. Cindy stands about 5 foot nine, with the skinny little body,
and plenty of curves to look at. She is very outgoing, with a spunky
attitude, that attracted a lot of attention. That in conjunction with her
beautiful, tan long legs, wavy sandy brown hair, and topped off with two of
the most perfect breasts, any man could ever have had the privilege of
laying eyes on. She truly was something to behold. She always had been one
of those girls, who was the center of attention whenever she walked in the

Now, Zoe on the other hand was a much more introverted and her reserved
behavior hinted to us, whispers of a devilish mystery. Her dad passed away
when she was very young and always seemed to gravitate towards me in the
time that she spent in our home. Because she spent so much time with us, I
always considered her and treated her much like my own daughter. She stands
about 5 foot six, was a petite frame. Her breasts were just a fraction
smaller then Cindy’s but very much enough to do plenty of damage.

My wife Meredith and I had been married about 20 years. I had a relatively
successful home business which gave me the luxury of spending most of my
days, being able to spend time with the rest of my family, and at the same
time get the things done that I needed for the business.

Zoe spent most of her time in our house, and doing things with our family.
The girls were always up to something. They spent just as much time
laughing, as they did crying it seemed. The two girls always seem to find
something to complain about with a relationship to their bodies. I held the
unenviable task of building them up with compliments.

Cindy always complained that her ass was too small. And Zoe would counter
her by pointing out that her own boobs were much smaller than she would
like. The complaining would go on for sometime, but inevitably would end up
in laughs and a tight embrace, as the two of them wrapped their arms around
me to show their appreciation for my words. Oh, how those hugs, would leave
me in a great need. They were usually accompanied by a quick exit to the
nearest unoccupied bathroom and the quick indulgence of sexual self

I always felt that between the two of them they made the perfect woman.
Cindy had some killer tits, but Zoe’s pouty ass was something to make any
man lust after. I had always thought to myself, that if I was a younger man
I would chase after either one of them. Even then, I would catch myself in
a semi-fantasizing trance thinking about what I could do them if I had the
chance. And then shaking my head, I would shrug and say, “My God, it’s your
daughter and her best friend, get a hold of yourself man!”

Despite my best effort’s however, it became increasingly hard to ignore the
fact that the girls were developing into beautiful young women. I found
this task especially difficult, considering how often Zoe stayed the night
in our home. Normally Cindy would share a room with her younger sister, but
because there were only two beds, the two of them would almost always sleep
out in the front room on the couches.

Remarkably of the situation I found myself in was about to become even more
of a temptation that I could’ve ever possibly imagined.

Earlier that morning my wife Meredith had gotten an emergency phone call
from her sister. She packed her bags immediately, and I drove her and our
youngest daughter to the airport, where she wished me luck for the rest of
the weekend. And so was fate would have it, I found myself home alone with
the two girls, who had been particularly mischievous in the previous days.

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