My mom fuck by two Muslims

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And i saw mom was on Iqbal lap Iqbal was standing and fuking mom…

After 5 min mom start enjoying the pain and she also moving her west … And said +oooo Iqbal you r so good all this .. all women said me that you r best in …. Till thn i want to get your ….
So you like this komola … Do you want more fun…
Mom- yes yes today my like anything…
Thn Iqbal give a signal to the brush … I was shocked Ali was watching all this think from brush now he came close and open his pant and he put her penis inside mom .
Mom- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh who is that….. I will die …
I m Ali who fuck u in car ….
Mom- oooo both hunk togething plz don't do this … It will tearing me ….. Ummmmmmm plz i beg u …
But who … A fair Hindu women fuck by two black muslim …
Like a sandwich ….

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Thn mom was lifted by two man and ass and pussy both fuck by black long fat of muslim hunks.
Mom cried in pain first but slowly slowly she start enjoying the dick and like a rendi she is saying
Ali fuck me Ali Iqbal tear my pussy ahhhhhhh ummm I never thought I will fuck by two men.
Its … Ahhhh..
Thn Ali said – who's dick is better
Mom- i like Iqbal dick more becz it is fat and deep .

But i like the fucking style of yours you can make any women horny …
Thn Iqbal bing down mom and both penis infront of mom mouth …. Suck it komola rendi … Thn mom hold both the pensie and start sucking ….. Iqbal dick is so huge …. And Ali dick is also good … Thn mom said finished fast my will come…Thn both come on mom a huge thick come on moth face mom look like a rendi and get so . Mom the clear both from penis . Thn bothe cove themself and i came to mom I said hii ali uncle how r u Ali said I m good your mom made us feel better.

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