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Shortly after midnight on May 16, the 38-year-old Todd  commenced his regular morning routine before departing on his job driving an eighteen-wheeler. While walking his dog, Todd noticed a young black man in the parking lot of his apartment in Memphis. Returning to his second floor, one bedroom apartment, he unleashed the dog, said goodbye to his sleeping wife, Emiley, retrieved his overnight bag, and headed out. When he reached the bottom of the stairs leading to his apartment, Todd encountered the man he had seen in the parking lot minutes earlier. The man pointed a gun to Todd’s face.

“Shut the fuck up and give me your money.”
As Todd attempted to remove his wallet from his pocket, the young man asked him:
“Who else in the apartment?”.
“My wife.”, Todd answered.


The man ordered Todd to return upstairs. After entering the apartment, the two walked back to the bedroom, and Todd awoke his wife.
Emiley was a very nice 19-year-old white woman with long brown hair and green eyes. She was sleeping only with a bra and panties on.
Once in the bedroom, the man took Todd’s wallet and took money from Emiley’s pants, which were lying at the end of the bed. The man then asked for more valuables, hit Todd over the head with his gun, and forced the husband and wife at gunpoint onto a couch in the living room.
The man lowered the blinds behind the couch, tore phone cords from the walls of the living room and kitchen, and pulled a dining room chair into the living room. He told Todd to sit in the chair and then proceeded to tie his hands and ankles with the phone cords and drape a dog’s rug over his head, ecuring it with an Ace Bandage.

After covering Todd’s face, the young man moved another dining room chair into the living room and ordered Emiley to sit in the chair.
As Emiley sat down, the man stuck his hand down her bra and started fondling her c-cup breasts. Then he started to put his hand down her panties and fingered her pussy.

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“Do you like it, do you?”
Todd’s wife didn’t answer but she started moaning.
“Move on the couch, we’ll be better there.”
The young black man then stood in front of Emiley, lowered her pants and underpants and pulled out his nine-inch hard cock.
“Isn’t it big?” the man said as he stucked his dick in Emiley’s mouth.

Todd’s wife began to suck the man’s dick. The she stopped sucking and licked his balls and up and down the long shaft.
“Oh yeah, you are wonderful, baby.”

After several minutes, the young man withdrew his cock from Emiley’s mouth and began to search the house for valuables. He got a ring sitting on the coffee table in the living room.

Emily then got off the couch and started talking to the man telling him where stuff was. So the man took her into the bathroom, where he got several of Emiley’s bracelets and rings, and in the bedroom, where Todd’s wife began to open drawers and stuff.
The young man stood behind her, looking at her bending over and moving her ass up and down.
He then removed all his clothing and started unhooking Emiley’s bra. He groped her breasts and he pulled her panties off.
As they were totally naked, Emiley bent over the bed and the man put his dick at the entrance of her pussy. He then put a condom on and slowly started pushing in.

Emiley moaned.
“Does it feels good, baby?”.
Emiley didn’t answer but she moaned again in pleasure as the young man’s cock worked in and out of her cunt.
The man then stopped.
“Damn!”, said the man as he felt that the condom broke. He withdrew his cock, took the condom off, stucking it in his back pocket.
“Please stop”, said Emiley.
“Don’t you bother, baby, you will feel better this way.”.

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