Mom and son come together after their break ups

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I turned eighteen two months ago and since then I noticed that mom has been acting just a little bit different towards me. She is freer with her hugs and kisses throughout each day. Usually she would kiss me on the cheek when I first get up of a morning for breakfast and a hug before I left the house for school or leave out with my friends. Now it is at any time she will just come up to me and kiss me or hug me and sometimes both.

I also noticed she has changed the way she dresses. She used to dress in knee length skirts and dresses. The shorts, when she would wear any, went to mid-thigh. Now the only time she wears a skirt or a dress that stops at her knees, is her uniform that is dress code at the restaurant where she works. When she is home and just lounging around, she wears skirts and dresses that are mid-thigh length and the shorts are short shorts. The shorts are so short that her butt cheeks peek out of the leg holes. She wears the short shorts around the house only, unless she needs to make a fast trip to the store and back.

I’ve been working part time at the same restaurant mom works but now that school is out and I’ve graduated, I’ve been looking for full time work outdoors, where I would rather be working. Dad wants me to go to college and work where he does, but I have no desire to work in an office of any kind. Besides if working in an office requires one to work ten and twelve hours a day, I want no part of it. I think life has more to offer than just working from sunup to sunset. I can see mom feels like dad doesn’t love her like when they first married. It has been years since I last heard him say, ‘I love you’ to her. He makes promises and doesn’t keep them anymore like he used to.

Mom and I have always been close really, but as dad got to working more and more and going on business trips weeks at a time, mom and I have gotten a lot closer, as close as a mother and son can get, without crossing that invisible line. At times I wonder if mom is willing to cross that invisible line with me, the way she has changed her way of dress around me and the way she has taking to hugging and kissing me.

On days when mom and I would be off in the evenings, she would sit on the couch with her back in the corner where the back and armrest meet, her legs stretched out on the couch in my lap and her in one of her lounging house dresses, I would massage her feet for her.

In the last couple of months since I turned eighteen, her dresses and skirts being shorter, and she is lounging on the couch as I massage her feet, they seem to ride up some and she has more leg showing than she used to have, that has made it hard for me to massage her feet without getting a hard-on.

I know I’m not supposed to be looking at mom like that but hey, I’m just a red blooded southern American boy that is horny all the time, at least it seems like it. I have a girlfriend but she doesn’t like to put out much, even though we do use rubbers and she is on the pill. She says she don’t want to get pregnant yet, which is fine with me but hey, at least we can practice can’t we?

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