Indian incest: Ritu is taken

Indian incest: Ritu is taken, Pls read my story sequel for better understanding of the character and the story… My story involves my 3 sexy sisters and how I was able to full fill my much awaited fantasy of fucking them story continues…


We slept till late afternoon being awake for the complete last night fucking in an orgy. I was dreaming of fucking them while sleeping and presenting them to all the big hunks especially black guys like sluts born to be fucked only.


I woke up first and both the girls were completely drained of taking more than 10 cocks in there pussies last night.

I also drank some water before looking at naked beauties of my sexy sisters Angelina and Neha . Both stark naked completely fucked in each and every hole that too by many guys in front of me.

Immediately I had an erection and started sucking Angelina pussy. In a moment she started mourning in low voice like she was dreaming of being sucked and started pushing my face deep into her pussy. After a while she woke up and found me sucking her pussy while I was having a huge erection.

She signalled me to shift my dick onto he face and we took 69 position. What a fun was this I was sucking her wildly in order to give her more pleasure while she was deep trothing me to give me more pleasure.

I was in heaven now … This was non ending sex, sex and sex only. She was shouting ohh ohh Rocky my sexy brother your cock is so big and nice… ahha hhha suck you sisters pussy.. ahha ahh I am your sex slave now … ohhh ohh your sister is now your sex slave … You can do whatever, and whenever you want my complete body is you … Ohh ohhh ohh ahh ahh ohh gwad suck me yay a ay suck me rocky!!

I told her I am unable to hold now and wants to shoot this first lot of semen in her pussy and not in her mouth, pls let me fuck her … She started pleading that her pussy is sore because of so much fucking by many big dick guys. Angelina told me let me give a nice blow job to my brother but I was not happy.

I told her that you are my sex slave now and since your body is mine, let me have a privilege of fucking your sexy ass… she shouted nnooo .. I asked her hasn’t she been fucked in her ass. Angelina told me that yes but that were rare occasions where in Pilots blackmail them that they need as ass fuck only but she said those were painful experiences but they have to accept these demands.

Angelina again pleaded me to let her suck my dick rather than getting her ass fucked. I convinced her that I will be very gentle and will immediately withdraw in case she feels that. I also requested her that I have never fucked an ass till now and do the same of my favourite sexy air hostess sister will be the best gift she will give me,,,,, she agreed.

She offered me a bottle of lubricant which she told me she carry for occasions where pilots force fuck there ass and this lubricant helps a lot.

I applied the lube completely in my dick and told her to position herself in doggy style. She got into her knees and raised her ass in the air and offered herself to me. Angelina was stroking her pussy lips and while mourning she said ahhh ahhh ohhh my little brother for the first time I am offering my ass willingly fuck my ass and give your slut sister the best pleasure now my all holes will have your dick and your cum.

I groped her sexy hips wildly and placed tip of my dick onto the hole of her ass and slowly pushed it in… Ahhh ahhhh ahh ya rockkkyyy aaaahhhh be gentle pllllsss ahhh giiive it soooome tiiime to adjjjusst … aahhh its sooo niice… I pushed my cock deeper in her ass hole aaah ahhh . Nothing can beat this pleasure … her tight hole was giving me most erotic pleasure…

After a hard push I was completely inside her ass… she shouted to remain like that so that her hole can accommodate my dick.

I was groping her boobs from behind and pinching her nipples, she was mourning in pleasure … ohh ahh my brother fuck my ass yeee fuck me … I am your slut sister fuck you sisters assss.. ahhh ahh ohhh…

I slowly started stroking my dick in and out of her ass … I was also shouting ahhh you slut.. You have fucked so many men now you are your brother’s slut I will fuck you whenever I want. I will fuck every hole of your body.. Aha ha ah aha … ohh ohh this is awesome … so tight ass hole you have.. ah ah ah .. Your ass is milking my dick ahh ahh ohh ohh I also started spanking her but like I was riding her and as a master.

Our loud mourning woke Neha up , she was smiling looking at us fucking like wild animals and with the hard trust I was stroking my dick in and out if Angelina ass… without waiting she got under me and started sucking my balls while I was fucking Angelina ass… this could only be heaven ahhh ahh what a pleasure.

After stroking for some more time I could not hold myself being given pleasure to my dick and balls… with a loud mourn ahh ahh ahh fuck you slut ahh I can’t hold … Ahha hhha hhha I am Cumming in your ass

Angelina my slut sister,… And I came with globes of semen dipping out of her hole… This was the best fuck I had so far…

I withdrew my dick and Neha immediately started sucking my cock with the cleaning ritual… Angelina collapsed on the bed excused and tired. She came to me and kissed me on my lips and told me that she never thought that ass fucking can be so much fun, she too has the best fuck of her life..

We rested for some more time cuddling each other and then started the day with usual day work.

Since this was the last day of my stay at their home as I was supposed to return back to Pune, I requested them to make the last night all for me and let’s spend the time together having sex and booze. I wanted to fuck them till the last drop of my semen was let and till there all holes are sore.

And we all fucked and had sex entire night. It was an awesome experience.

I came back to Pune and after my results were declared I started searching for a decent job and to explore better opportunities I shifted to Mumbai at Ritu’s residence. She used to stay alone in a one bedroom flat . He father used to work on a senior position in an MNC which has a manufacturing plan some 80 Km from Mumabi and hence both parents used to come only on alternate weekends.

I was missing sex activities of Neha and Angelina though whenever they used to come to Mumbai they would not leave there hotel accommodation. I used to go to their hotel room and have wild sex with them.

After they would go I used to jack off my dick thinking about both of them. I used to get frustrated with Ritu around in the house wearing short skirts and shots. I have requested Neha and Angelina many time to fix her for me so that I have on pussy available for me all the time.

Though Angelina was off the view that since she is younger than them and hence they cannot push her into this as the way both of them have become frank with involved into orgies tighter they cannot communicate with her but she knew that she is fucking around with guys… She said it’s a girly thing hence she could guess.

I could sense yes there is something in that statement as she used to roam around only with group of friends and all of them will be guys and none girl used to be there.

I knew that she used to smoke and drink as well as once when she arrived late from her office party she was completely drunk. She was not able to walk properly therefore I supported her and took to her room where she collapsed immediately. This was a golden opportunity for me as I knew she was that heavily drunk that she won’t woke up immediately.

I started roaming my hands on her baby soft nude legs as mini skirt that she was wearing was completely exposed and she was wearing a transparent panties. Her thigh were muscular and very sexy to be lifted in air while banging her pussy.

I slowly started pulling her panties down, once they were off her body I tried to sniff her panties which was having a wet patch on it and it smelled of strong pussy juice … hummm ahhh what a sexy smell.

My dick was completely hard and started stroking it while sniffing and licking her panties. Then I advanced my hand towards her pussy which was all clean and was puffier pussy lips. I brought my nose near the same and could smell strong aroma of juices , I took my tong out liked it once. I could taste that she was freshly fucked and her pussy was leaking semen along with her pussy juices.

This made it clear that she was also a slut getting her pussy fucked and I was deprived of this sexy pussy.

I started licking her pussy softly and slowly. She started mourning softly as if she was dreaming that some of her fucker was licking her pussy. She started saying … ahh ahhh yes I want to fuck you all … Pls lick me wet and bang my pussy with you big dicks … ah ahhh yes baby … fuck me like a slut… I was licking her puffy pussy lips and was jacking off my dick.

After a very arousing session I came with spurt of semen coming out of my dick… I took her panties and wiped my dick. She turned around in her sleep. Her fat ass was now an invitation for groping.. She was having good round butts but were soft. This was a piece of ass which every man would love to grope and then yes fuck the butt hard…

I had to satisfy me with that only as I did not wanted to take any further risk. Now I decided that I will have to help myself and look at how I can fuck this sexy slut sister of mine.

I could not sleep that night and mastrubated some 4 time in the night thinking of her pussy and sniffing her panties. Next morning when Ritu woke up she was not clear that where were her panties but since she was fucked and drunk she might have thought that she would have lost it somewhere.

Ritu apologised for creating a mess last night and told me that there was an important dinner and drinks meeting with one of her clients which got extended due to deal important conditions. I could sense that she was fucking around her clients to poach the deals … A real slut..

I pinned holes into the door of bathroom and would daily jack off while watching her bathing, now I have seen her completely nude. Her boobs were like mangoes, small but perfect in size. Puffy pussy lips which was clean shaved and best was her ass. Big broad hips with perfect round butts.

I started keeping a close eye on her movement to trap her and then one day my lottery was out. I told her that I am going to see one of my friends and will be late coming to home and she should not wait for me. She was working on her laptop, she gave a naught smile and said ok.

When I moved out of home I thought let me wait for some time and see what happens. I had to wait for 20-30 min when a guy from neighbouring society went to our flat and pressed the bell, Ritu greeted her with open arms and both went inside. I got disappointed since he looked like a good friend and might have visited her for a normal visit.

I didn’t gave up and waited for called Ritu with an excuse that I have left some important papers on table and she should not touch them , then I asked what was she doing or is any of her friend is there . She told me no she is planning to go to sleep early and I should not bother and enjoy myself till late.

Now I was sure that there is something fishy as I have myself seen a boy entering our home why was she denying that.

I waited for some more time and thought let me give it a try and see what’s happening. Through my duplicate keys I opened the door very carefully without making a noise. I was shocked to see no one was there in guest lounge. Then tip toed I moved towards room of Ritu and opened the door very slowly. I got the live telecast of my slut sister.

She was all nude and was sucking dick of the same guy. The way she was sucking his dick it was clear that she was not less than those porn experts. He was also fingering her and I could hear the voice of puch puch puch of her wet pussy.

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