How I get Addicted To One of My Colleagues dick

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I am Sonika an average Indian girl living in a big city. My story started when I was 19. I had just started my IT degree. It was at college when I met Rahul. initially, Rahul was just another guy in my class, but he was sweeter than others. The thing was that I got a lot of stalkers because of my looks. I am 5″4, 32 24 36 with a nice, d-cup breast, most of guys only interested into getting into my boobs but I brought up very traditionally and in my head sex was something for after marriage. Rahul was sweet as we got to know each other more and more we fall in love. We started dating about three years into our five years course. Rahul never pushed me to have sex and the furthest we had gotten was some heavy betting through close. After college, I received a great job offer in Bangalore, While he got a job in Delhi. We both knew a long distance relationship would be hard but agreed if we wanted to give it a try. A new job in a new city with no friends was a cause of nervous excitement thankfully my company is used to hiring fresh college graduates and therefore had a good orientation program. It was at the orientation program that I met Salman, right from the first time I met Salman. I just felt attracted towards him. While Rahul was a simple boy that he would like to take home to meet his mother, and Salman was an unshaven rubbed man, who was not going to play by their rules. I approached him during orientation, and we headed off. As we settled down into our new life, We were constantly on the phone to each other to try and figure out the best way to do things just trying to get the water turn back on in once new apartment can be quiet an adventure in India. We found ourselves doing the same things at the same time, and he had a motorcycle which saves me a lot of auto-rikshaw money. The motor Bike only made him more attractive. I knew things were fishy because I hadn’t ever mentioned Salman to Rahul. I did not know why but I knew, I was not right. About six months into my new job some of us were going to hit a club for a new year’s eve. Salman and I arrived separately but eventually gravitated towards each other, everyone drank plenty and at the end of the evening. I was barely able to think straight. Salman offered to drop me home, and high inside not only was it stupid to accept the offer of being driven home by a guy, while I was drunk but even more stupid that was drunk, and I was getting on the back of his bike. The next thing I remembered was waking up naked. Naked next to him in my bed, for a split of second all I felt was a sense of excitement and naughtiness but then the reality of a situation hit me. I realised, I was naked in bed with a guy, When my boyfriend even has seen me naked. My sobbing woke up Salman, he explained that last night I seemed was ready to do anything, and we got naked got into the bed made for an hour before Salman realized that I had fallen asleep and though he had felt me, sucked me on my nipples and fingered my pussy nothing more had happened as I had fallen asleep. I cried like a mad. Salman left, and I was too guilty to speak Rahul for a few days. When we got back to work things was awkward between Salman and me, we barely spoke all week at work. It was not fine that Salman cornered me as I was walking out of the ladies room. The truth was that I was hoping the things will go back to normal. I liked Salman, and despite thinking that has happened, I still wanted him to be friend’s with me, I knew this conversation would be the end of that he was probably too embarrassed about what he had done taking advantage of a drunken girl. He pulled me into the starwheel and instead of apologising. He shocked me by saying that he wanted to fuck me. I did not know that I wanted to fuck him as well. He said that he loved my body and now as Salman has seen my pussy, he regretted not putting his cock in me. When he had the chance, without me, I didn’t say a word and nodding head it had been agreed that he would give me a right to his place, after work that evening. I am yet an in confusion to agreed whether it was a sublime persuasion, sexual charm or simply he unlocked the bridge inside me. As we entered his bedroom, I was embarrassed the last time I had not excused. I had been drunk I did not know what I was doing. Salman asked me to strip, I was shy, and I asked him to strip first. He gladly took off his clothes. It was my first look at a naked man, and it was everything I had Imagined. Salman was drizzled and darker than Rahul although I hadn’t seen Rahul naked. I could not help but compare how hard and rubbed Salman’s body looked compared to Rahul. After striping, he approached me and took off my clothes.

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