Goddess Sister treating her brother – Part 2

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Hi, this is Kamesvarar. This part is in continuation with my earlier part. This is my experience with my anunt’s daughter Suganya.

During my stay, the next morning, when we had sat for breakfast, Suganya said to her mom, that I was very interested in going around paddy field and I liked it very much. And she too enjoyed taking me around. Aunt immediately said ‘ok then take him around even today’. She said ‘yes, after break fast we have planned to go around’. By now I knew she has some plan in her mind. So I just kept silent. Aunt told me to wear ‘veatti’ (it is a white lungi not stitched and open on both end) while going into paddy field, as it will be soil by the path way. So I went in to change. Suddenly suganaya peeped and whispered loudly said “dont wear your underwear, even I have not worn it on”. Now I knew her plan a little more. I immediately removed and was wearing nothing inside.

She took me around for some time and latter like previous evening, we stated to walk inside the dense paddy field again. She was catching my hand and walking ahead of me. She suddenly stopped and turned around. She was looking into my eyes with a naughty smile. By now my cock was almost upto forty five degree. And it was clearly visible through the cloth. She told me to sit. I folded my veatti upward and sat. She again slowly pulled up her skirt and showed her pussy. She asked ‘did you like the pussy smell the other day?’ I said ‘yes very much and I also like the taste’. She said ‘then go ahead’. I slowly put both my hands on the back side of her butts, touched and smelt her pussy. WOW! what a great frag. I said I wanted to lick and can she do some thing. There was a pit dug to plant a cocnut palm. She told me to get down and stand. She came near and sat in same pissing position. I slowly slid my lips on her pussy and started to lick. It was tasting very sexy. It was warm, sweet and smooth juice. I was licking it for almost 10 minutes now. I could feel she was slowly getting hot. She let me touch and finger it for a while. The she told me to come up. Again I sat and she moved my veatti and took my cock in her hand and started to shake it. Though my penis is small in size, she like it very much. Her soft hands on my penis, I felt like I was flying in air. She made me ejaculate. She was surprised to see my sperms shoot upto almost two feet and spring out. She wanted to do it again. I let her do, but as it was getting late and hot too, so we came back home.

After lunch, we were sitting and chatting. Aunt was telling us about their childhood. My mom and aunt had grew up together. So she was telling us how they were making fun of their brothers and uncles. Aunt liked my mom the most among all. And she was complementing about my mom very much. Even Suganya joined her mom and started to compliment on me. She was saying I was like my mom. She was saying that I took good care while in paddy field and I was very loveable and caring to her like my mom and aunt. She started to pretend as if we knew each other for very long time. She started to hold and lean on my arms. Her boobs were pressing my arms. I was getting erect but controlled myself. Even aunt started to complement me saying that I was good in drawings and been teaching kids how to draw. She immediately said even she wanted to learn the basics and took me inside her room. She put all her science books on the table and made me sit showing my back to the door and she sat just next to me and lean on my arm pressing her boobs again. At first she was asking questions about the drawings. Then she started to ask me about how I liked going around paddy field. I was almost dumb, could not talk. Because I was getting erection again. She asked ‘why are you not talking? is something there?’ I said ‘yes, there is something up on you and down on me’. We both were getting horny. She slowly slid her hand down and held my penis and started to play. She pulled it out and started to shake. She said she likes my penis because it is small and cute. She was playing with it for about half hour. But I could do nothing to her. I was about to come. So I immediately stopped her and told that I was about to come and dint like to make the place shabby. As well I was afraid as aunty was sitting in very next room. But still she was touching and playing with my penis and I could do nothing because there was no space. We passed the whole afternoon. Just before getting up from the table, she said ‘I will not leave until I drink your cum and make you fuck me with your tongue’. I thought to myself that her wish will never come true. I smiled at her and left. Because I was leaving the next morning.

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