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Hi friends
I’m Ajay dev, from Karnataka belagavi, I’m resident of beautiful Belagavi city. You need to visit my city it’s very beautiful. There are many spots to visit in rainy season. You will love it; mostly it’s nice for romantic couples.

I’m a regular reader of s4s stories. Most of them are fiction I know, but they ignite the spark so nicely that you feel each and every word as if you are experiencing them at the moment.

Coming to the story, this is the story between me and my girlfriend, it’s a real story and you will enjoy it. After the end of erotic part, I’ll tell you how we broke up. And what all I got to know about her, which broke my heart more than the break up. After a year I got over it and thanks to these stories which helped me to discharge in night to get nice sleep.

I’m Ajay dev, 27 yrs, male of atheletic/steel body. I never hit the gym, because I never felt the need of it. I was strong from beginning. And no one ever took any kind of trouble with me,
My girlfriend, Shama(name changed),of my age27 yrs, (later I got to know she is 29/30 yrs old, in further ahead I’ll let you know). 36-34-36 were her stats and of my height 5.9ft. She had big round face (big as if she wore gent’s helmet to ride her scooter, ladies one won’t fit her). She has two big eyes and a sharp featured nose. And an awesome big broad juicy lower lip and broad slim upper lip. She has medium soft cheeks. And also the prominent cheek bones. She is a strong lady with atheletic and firm body.

Now to the story:
I came back to my hometown after a gap of 1 year. As for 1 year I was working in private sector in the Bangalore city. I tries to get an government seat to do my post-graduation and I did got seat, but to my luck I got same college where I did my graduation. So I was not as enthusiastic as were other PG mates with me. In my senior batch my best friend Raksha was there in different department. So we were not so in close as were we in UG times.

As a matter of a fact, my sad face and also not being in touch with Raksha as before (due to 1 yr gap also) there were some awful rumors spread in college (as you know it happens in most of the colleges). That I and Raksha were in relationship, and our parents didn’t allow our marriage so we are not talking to each other. This was actually spread by some UG students who knew us. But it sparked a different interest among the Raksha’s PG mates. After getting fed up by teasing and giving lot of clarifications to her friends, she confirmed it to be true. (Later she said sorry for that)
After 2 months of joining PG, life was routine for me. Then the college fest came, where we played and enjoyed the night shows. On the last night, we and cultural night show. I was standing with my some UG juniors.

Suddenly Nagaraj came and stood beside me with a luggage bag in his hands.
Me: Nagu! Where are you going?
Nagu: Not me anna, its Shama di. She is going home tonight.
Me: ok
(*note:- Shama is my PG senior in different department and Raksha’s PG batchmate)
Then Shama came and stood alongwith us, around 9.30 pm. Nagu said that he will be leaving now.
Me: wait I’ll also come. It’s late I’ll go home.
Nagu and Shama : ok .
Outside the college gate.
Me: ok, bye guys, GN
Shama: why you are going so fast? Can’t you wait with us till my Bus came?
Me: No, anyhow Nagu is there na!
Shama: how long he will carry this heavy luggage? You hold it.
And she forcefully handed me her bag.
I had to go with them till Bus stand. (It’s in walk able distance from college)
We waited for bus.

Shama: Nagu! Can you bring warm water from that restaurant?
Nagu: ok akka.
Nagu went to bring water for her.
Then she started conversation.
Shama: I heard you and Raksha were close. Is it true?
Me: yeah! But we are just close and best friends.
Shama: how close?
Me: as close as one can be! We both know each other very closely and know our secrets.
Shama: did you ever kiss her?
Me: (shocked) what? Are you mad? Dummo….. we are friends , not gf and bf. Mind your tongue.
Shama: (scared) sorry I wanted to know re that all. We heard many things about you too. And she confirmed them also.
Me: I know that, she told me. You all were troubling her from many days. She confirmed them out of frustration.
Shama: (shocked) what? I believed her yar. She showed many pics of her and you hugging and sitting together and also she was not so beautiful. I thought you really loved her in true love sense.
Me: Are you mad? You yourself are from Bangalore city, the very much broad minded people. Do you really are that narrow minded?
Shama: sorry kanna!
Me: don’t call me kanna, I’m not your friend friend or something. ( I was really angry).
Shama: sorry. Please forgive me or else I’ll fall on your feet.

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