Sex with my shy girl friend: 1

Hello,hoping everyone is fine and safe. I am Nani from Hyderabad, her to share my first sexual experience of mine with my girlfriend Which happened in the year 2019 March.

we both were in love since our intermediate, she was soo jealous of me. she couldn’t spare me. if in case she caught me having talks with other co-mates.

She was cute, with chubby cheeks and has beautiful eyes and fair white skin, and an attractive figure, but she is too shy.

Coming to her body structure Ummm a feast for me whenever I was with her. I used to enjoy looking at her tits and used to praise her curves.

Here stats:26,24,28.perfect sizes she has, at that time her boobs were the best, she has. Ummm.

daily we used to chat on the phone until I was like what next..?

After completing our intermediate, we both joined the same Famous college in Warangal.

same commerce background but different groups. she took Bba and I took

in starting we were like little scared about the seniors, but as a while, many of ours friends were having admissions in the same college.

we started going to the library, canteen and all together. I used to touch her in the library, whenever I get mood used to press her waist. and rub her thighs.

For which I do, she didn’t respond anything at that moment, as she was too shy, she enjoys it

she asks me while we were out of the library and pinches me. with a naughty smile on her lips. we started talking on the phone daily till late-night, a few times on call, and messages.

we both were keen on doing sex chat. while our relationship was getting too bounded, days were passing on.

our year ending exams were over and we got summer’s about to leave home, as her home resides near the college.

we have hugged each other infamous public garden, kissed each other exchanged our saliva. and a bit emotional.

as I was home due to vacation, missed each other. we were doing sex chat and we got boredom in sex I made a first step about, nude video call. she hesitated but after days were and my beggings got recognition.

she said ok, she video called me when her parents are off in the house. I lifted and having some romantic words with her and bit lusty murmurings.

I made her horny, by removing my t-shirt and my boxer. I was in my underwear, she got too shy and looking at my body thoroughly.

while I was having lusty words with her, I begged her to remove her top, she did it and I was amazed by her white skin tone body.

hmm precious, the next moment my dick got erected. I was seeing her chest covered with a light pink colour petticoat, and down her waist with a belly hole(navel).
she is sexy, sexier and sexiest. while I’m having her total body view on a piece of cloth. waah, I amazed by her hidden beauty was, felt too lucky to her as my girlfriend.

she then started praising my body, she liked the hair on my white skin. she like my male boobs, as she wanna suck them.

I asked her to down her camera to see her pussy and her panty. But she refused and feeling shy as a senorita. for a while romantic talks by watching ours body on a piece of clothes.

she was delighted to see my cock, and kept conditions. if she wanna see mine then, she has to show me her pussy.

she disagreed, but I showed my cock. she was full of shyness and covered her eyes with her hands.

I was holding my cock in my hand rubbing front and back. she got horny and too hard.

vacation days were passing out with nude video calls and nude fingerings, masturbate and flying kisses.

I fixed of in mind to spend a day with her in nude and had a beautiful romantic fucking session.

as vacation vanished, college reopens. we met had a chit chat, roamed in the college. did romance in the library.when no one in her classroom I used it for my time with her. squeezing her boobs on the dress and biting her lips.

licking her neck, sucking her cheeks, and hands around her buttocks. Hm,m deadly days.

as she was getting to arousing day by day, I asked her to come with me for a movie, I tried holding her hand, and kissing her, she was ok with it but not responding.

So until the interval, I kept quiet, after the interval she asked me to lick her lips, squee her boobs, as commanded and as waited. I took her boobs into my both hands squeezed them like a delicious mango fruit.

while I was having her boobs, she kept her hand on my pants and rubbing the dick over the pant.
I openly jeans button and unzipped. as I wear full underwear, it got easy for both of us.

As my underwear has a hole above the dick. she inserted her hand in the drawer started squeezing my penis. oh god, it was the 1st touch of my penis by a girl hand aaaaa.

she was rubbing my penis in, I was busted
moving frontier for her movements, I was moaning for her things in my underwear.

about 12 minutes after, she changed her hands from the penis to the balls. I was shocked, really a shock wave has passed In my body.

she squeezed them dragging the hair on them. Oh my god, I felt too lucky to have desirable women in my sex life.

after my cum, she rubbed it to my balls and penis and took some of the juice into her hand kept it into her pussy.I loved the things she is

while she is taking her and tightening her legging. I dragged her hand kept on my underwear, and I have to kiss her boobs squeezing them, pinching her waist. and I took my hand down on to her legging.

rubbing her pussy on legging, she was moaning. she is holding my dick too hard, I felt her happiness.

I rubbed her thighs, took my hands backwards on to her buttocks. hooo they were sponge balls so soft, like her boobs.

I then kept my hand into her pussy suddenly while I was sucking her neck. she just jerked a moment and moaned a little loud.

But due to theatre sound and no audience back and front of us. I started rubbing her pussy, it is too wet and asked her about her cum..?

she nodded her head with a naughty shy smile, I kissed her forehead. pointed my middle finger into her pussy, she was moaning as it was paining very hard.

I asked her about her fingerings in the past. she was not known about until we had sex chaat and some videos I sent to her.

I closed her mouth and fingering her juices were jelly, stick to my middle finger. But the hot twist is her pussy was so heated was too hot inside.

after a while about 7 minutes of fingering I removed my finger and tasted her juices. not bad but salty, it was my 1st time of tasty ladies cum.

we dressed had some romantic chit chat and kissed twice more, I bit her lips as blood was coming out.

I felt sorry for her for the hurting, lastly, I inserted my hands around her waist from the dress and squeezed, too soft so delicate and pinned into her navel hole with one of my finger.

she enjoyed it and I was satisfied a bit, for that day.

remaining in the next part damn sure you will enjoy and cum in your pants both ladies and gentlemen.

hoping everyone will like it and support me with your feedback to mail id: [email protected]

above 18years aged women and Senorita’s are welcomed for personal help.

Thank you. be safe, take care.

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