Lisa’s First Anal Fuck

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Here’s how it happened the first time…

It was late at night and Lisa and I were in bed. We were wrestling and roughhousing prior to sex, just like we often did. Yeah, I know at first it seemed a little weird to me to be fighting before fucking. That’s how Lisa got turned on, so I went along with it. Lisa enjoys being physically overcome, overpowered, and then she wants to feel overwhelmed and subdued. Rough sex makes her cum really hard.

To be honest, I don’t really understand why some women enjoy this kinda of aggressive, unrestrained, foreplay so much. It doesn’t matter what I want. I want to satisfy my lover and will do whatever my partner wants me to do to make them happy. Lately though, I find that I am getting off on the physical now and produces these really hard orgasms for them.

I would just get the head of my dick in her pussy when she’d managed to squirm away. I was getting frustrated when she accidentally smacked me hard. Caught me right across the face with her forearm with all her weight behind it.

Her arm hit me hard but I’m twice her size so she bounced off me and then she rolled off the side of our bed and landed on the floor. She was sitting with her shoulders on the floor, face up. She was between the wall and our bed with her buns sticking up in the air above the mattress. She is really limber because of her dancing

I first checked to see if she was OK. She was fine but pissed off. She complained:

“I’m trapped here…help me up, damn it!”

She was right, she was pretty helpless being wedged between our bed and the bedroom wall. I laughed and told her:

“I got ya just where I want ya, ya little fuck toy. You might was well just relax and enjoy it cuz I’m gonna fuck you senseless….”

I grabbed her legs and bent them down towards her face. She was totally helpless. I began to lick her clit and pussy while she was getting madder. She had almost broken my nose AND now she was the one who was pissed?!

So I stood on the floor above her body and bent my erect cock down towards her pussy. Without saying another word, I rammed my cock deep into her pussy. She loved it and screamed with delight. After fucking her pussy for a short while, I stopped, pulled my dick out and put my face down next to her crotch. I tongued her clitty, finger fucked her sopping wet twat while I teased her tight little bung hole.

She was enjoying this a lot when I began to give her a rim job. She went nutz. I then decided to ravish her like always — only that my dick was headed for her tight little ass. I got up on my feet grabbed the lube from the floor and spread her cheeks. She realized what I was going to do and she tried to get unstuck from between the wall and the bed. I had her by the legs and told her I was gonna lube up her ass and finger fucked both of her holes.

“No way are you getting away from me, you slutty bitch. Now brace yourself, Sweet cheeks ”

She struggled of course, (but not too hard) I put the head of my dick against her asshole and held it there. As she relaxed a little more over time, I let my dick go in deeper. Then I told her “Here it comes!!” and drove my dick home deeper into her until the head of my dick popped past her sphincter. I then stopped dead. I was enjoying the moment when Lisa suddenly grabbed me and screamed in my face:

“You Motherfucker!! FUCK MY ASS HARD!!!! HARDER!!!

That’s just what I did.. She came so hard AND went totally berserk when I came really REALLY deep in her wonderful little ass.

Gawd, Slutty Lisa’s first ASS FUCK was so much fun for both of us. Lisa loved having me ream her ass out many times after that.

photo of Lisa getting ready for anal play….

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