Fucked my gf while sleeping next to her Friend in same room

Hello Myself Rahul, I am from Pune. I had gf while I was in collage and we had really intense relationship in terms of love as well as sex . We both were very crazy for sex and always tried to find different ways to have sex as she was staying at hostel and I

6 months gf

Hi friends I’m Ajay dev, from Karnataka belagavi, I’m resident of beautiful Belagavi city. You need to visit my city it’s very beautiful. There are many spots to visit in rainy season. You will love it; mostly it’s nice for romantic couples. I’m a regular reader of s4s stories. Most of them are fiction I

Farm house

Hello every one my name vinod (26) and Bigg fan of S4S . I am going to diacribe about how we met and how I fucked my gf (asha) … It was b4 covid-19 .. I proposed asha and she accepted .. I told her the plan of sex and she was ok wit it

My First sex in college

Hi Viewers, This is krish. The story im about to describe happened few years back and it was my first sex with my gf. To describe about her she was a medium size figure but beautiful. We first got in to relationship and had our physical contact. It all started when I hugged her for