Spring Break Adventures, sex on the beach

My last Spring Break of college came, at long last. My fifth and final semester of university had so far been my busiest yet, and I really needed the chance to get away from campus. A couple things had taken place since August. Chassidy had graduated back in December, and thankfully I had managed to

Mother & Son commit incest for money, Incestuous Photo Shoot

My mother and I had recently moved into a new apartment in downtown LA. She had just gotten divorced from her second husband of a few short years, and was on her way to getting back on her feet again, financially and emotionally speaking. We settled in just fine as I began my second semester

Matt and his mom find Europe to be more than just a vacation

“Europe!” The smile on my mother’s face stretched from ear to ear as she dropped the two airline tickets on the table and waited for my reaction. Having just finished my sophomore year of college, I have to admit that the last thing I thought about doing for the summer was going to Europe with

Working Out with Mom

“Can we talk for a second?” my mother asked as I was watching the football game. “I need a favor from you.” My eyes were still glued to the tv. “Sure, but can this wait until later? This game is almost over.” She picked up the remote control and shut the tv off. “Hey! I

Identical twins discover each other and their mother

Angelica Angelina, Identical twins discover each other and their mother My life is hell. Pure undeniable hell. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you about it and see what you think. Let me start with my home. I live in a two story, 6,400 square foot, (not counting the four car garage) central air and heat,

Get married and have an orgy at their house, The Wedding of Jane and Tony

Jane and I had settled back into our normal life after our vacation in Europe. It was nice to be home since we had spent the bulk of the summer travelling. As you may recall, I proposed to Jane while we were in Sweden, so the bulk of Jane’s time was taken up with wedding

Poppy gets fucked by everyone, A Holiday Orgy

We were sharing a holiday villa with two couples and a pair of bachelors. Vicky and Ben were old friends from college and Lisa and Charles were friends of theirs. Mark and Adam were both worked with Charles. I had met Lisa and Charles before but Mark and Adam were new to us. The villa

A son, a mother, and a mutual desire, Love of a mother

I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of glass shattering. I rubbed my eyes and debated rolling over and going back to sleep. My sense of concern got the better of me and I decided I should at least go see what had broken. It probably hadn’t been an intruder clumsily

A playful mother awakens her son’s basic instinct

“Ryan please… your dad’s right here for God’s sake!” Nicole protested as Ryan inched closer to her. “He’s passed out mom. He’s not going to wake up…” he replied having finally cornered her. He took a hold of her bikini shawl and firmly pulled on it causing her to spin like a top. Nicole instantly

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