Unsatisfied Aunty In Bus

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How i had a thrilling experience with an unsatisfied aunty whom i met in a bus and how the night journey proved to be pleasantful and more satisfying for me and the aunty

I am Mahesh from hyd. I am 29 year old guy from south India and was pursuing college . My height is 5″7 and my dick is 7″ in length and 3″ inches width .I am a good basketball player from my schooldays which eventually made many girls to get attracted to me. Let us come to the story.

Once i was traveling from my college to Chennai in a AC sleeper bus. You people might know about the upper berth facility in ac sleeper buses.The journey time arrived and i boarded the bus.At the next pickup station i saw an aunty around 35-37 years getting on the bus and since it was late night and the berths were full,she had no option rather than to share the bed with me.

She looked like a horny aunt and was in some nervousness as she sat in the berth and i was having the window berth and i turned towards the window and was hearing music.her sizes are 38–34–36 which i came to know later.

I usually get an instant hard on in my pants whenever i used to see her and regularly masturbate in the night thinking of her assets
After some distance the lights in the bus went off and all started to sleep.

Then the aunty too took the pillow and covered herself with the blanket and then closed the curtains and turned facing the ceiling.Then came the golden chance for me….

I introduced myself to aunty and said the purpose of traveling to Chennai.She also had a formal conversation with me and then we both din feel sleepy .So we started talking about our family and i came to know that she is a housewife and going to attend some function of relatives in Chennai.

I asked about her husband for which she said that he was working abroad.As time passed by i was flirting with her and seems she liked it.Then and there i was having some small touches on her hand.On reaching trichy there was a heavy rainfall and the climate became more cooler and she started to move near me.

I held her hands firmly and was rubbing her hands with mine.
She understood my intentions and put her arm on me and hugged me.Her boobs were so soft as it was crushing my chest and i put my hand on her waist and pinched it.She left out a small moan.
.Then i directly placed my lips on hers and started to reciprocate the saliva and massage the boobs after unhooking the bra.

Seems she was so horny due to the climate she went to my zip removed it took my dick out and started to move it to and fro.Meanwhile i took her boobs out of bra and started to suck it vigorously.And i placed my hand directly on her pussy and started to finger fuck her.
She was moaning and breathing heavily and i locked lips with her to reduce the sound made by her.

Then i took my dick at the entrance of her pussy wall and started to move in .Guys it was well lubricated but still a bit like only 70% tight pussy and took a couple of seconds to insert my dick into her pussy.

After inserting my dick i started to fuck her vigorously for the next 10 min within which she cummed once.Then she came on top of me and was riding like anything i felt like cumming,I informed her and she immediately moved and took my cum in her mouth and drank each and every drop of cum.After relaxing for a few minutes then came villupuram where the buses would stop in motels,meanwhile we adjusted ourselves and then the lights came on .

I got down had a coffee and then boarded the bus.
Then the bus started to move and lights went off.WE started to lip lock and we begin to smooch again.In the meantime i noticed that she had removed her bra in toilet when the bus had stopped.

It was more ease of access to me to suck those milk bottles and i removed the hooks of her jacket .Those two bog milk tanks fall on the bed and i was sucking one tit and squeezing the other one in one hand.Meanwhile she started to play with my cock and we both took a blanket as it was cold and covered ourselves even though we both were feeling the heat of each others body.

Then i asked for a ass fuck for which she denied at first and said that she wants my cock only in her pussy.

After more of making her aroused she reluctantly accepted and i was happy.Then i applied some saliva on her asshole and i guided my dick on the entrance of her ass hole.
IT was so tight .Within 3-4 thrusts i was completely inside.Thanks for the traffic on the roads as buses raise horn her moan on high pitch was not let out.I slowly moved to and fro on her ass to make her ass fuck realised by her more enjoyable.I then slowly started to increase the speed and fucked her for the next 10 min.

I was fingering her in one hand while i was fucking her ass and also at the same time i was liplocked with her.
Once when i was feeling about to cum she asked to me hold it and said that she needs it in her pussy.So i held it and removed from her ass.I turned her aside facing me and inserted my cock in her pussy.

She was really going mad and was cumming now and then.After 3 minutes of fucking in her i came on her pussy and she held a tight grip on my body.We stayed like that for the next 5 minutes.Then she took a towel from her bag and wiped ourselves and started to adjust our dresses.

Meanwhile after adjusting our dresses we crossed chengalpet and knew we have to bid bye soon.So we had many lip locks and smooches till we reached tambaram and she bid a bye to me and got down.

Please share your feedback and suggestions to id : [email protected]… Girls and unsatisfied aunties can contact me.Your privacy and dignity will be maintained secretly…bye all .

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