My wife is the Lesbian

Hi how are you doing al ? Hope you’al doing well and safe in this covid period, wear mask keep yourself clean, maintain distance

Ok btw I’m Ethan from Cochin , I’m a fine art artist, I wanna share my story which is recently happened in my life, I was discussing with one of my close friend she’s the independent journalist and blogger’s, after hearing my story , she was quite impressed and she told me write it as a blog , but I was confused where to write and where to post, she told me to write it here and that was my second thought also, because we think beyond boundaries,

Ok coming to the story, again I’m ethan 35yrs old, I’m divorced, yes you hear it right I’m divorced 5months back and got separated 3yrs before and I married my wife in 2015,

Yes it’s a love marriage, but before that we both had our past , we were in our break up in that time, it was in 2014,

My ex girlfriend was a bi-sexual thats how we got break up, actually I don’t mind she’s a bi-sexual, I’m very much fine with it, even I’m ok for threesome also , but she cheated me , she didn’t say anything that she’s a lesbian , and having relationship with her close friend itself, she hides totally,

How I found out she’s the lesbian , after we make out , she asked me to pick her charger from the bag , there I saw a dildo and vibrator, she is nakedly lying in my bed, so 8 thought to check her bag because I felt interesting and excited lol, then I saw a small note which is written by her friend that she’s gifting her the dildo with the p.s. she written I love the way you sitting on my face and my whole tounge love to lick those juicy pussy lips, after reading this I was shocked I was like wtf mannn , she would have told me this and she knows about me verywell, that I’m a open and like minded person, but I couldn’t control my anger ,

We argue we fight and we broke up and separated, and after 6months I met my wife Jessica through social we exchange no.s we dated , we had good sex weekly thrice, then after 6months of our relationship we decided to marriage,

Our sex life was awesome, we tried different positions, we tried anal , we experiment the wild side of us, she love to lick my balls and loves rimming my ass, and I lick her pussy and ass vigorously, we are in top notch

After a year we started to argue for small small thing’s, our sex life turned little slow, she quit her job, she started going club with her girl friends, friday & Saturday,

She started smoking cigs & weed with her friends, some times I go with my wife and stay in her friends place, so we use to chill the weekends , we smoke weed together,

One day we were chilling after the house party I felt little sleepy so I told my wife ok I will go and sleep, she said yea ok will come and join in 15mins, once I lydown I slept quick because I was totally tired, after a hours I felt my throat was dry I thought to drink water but water was not there so I went to kitchen and drank some water and grab some , I was walking pindrop silent bcuz I don’t want disturb their sleep , while I crossing the room I thought to keep some water to my wife , when I slowly open the room door, I was shocked and shivering , my wife and her friend both are sleeping naked , I was like , what is this any cursed, my ex also bi-sexual and my wife also, I came back to my room without saying anything,

I controlled myself I didn’t ask Any, but I’m getting more suspect whenever she say she gonna stay at her friends place , so they gonna make sex for sure , so for this reason I started to raise questions why you wanna stay in your friends place and now a days you staying almost everyday, what’s happening , are you lesbo or what, you don’t wanna live with me , what is your problems she’s like nothing like that I’m straight I’m not lesbo , she’s trying to prove and fighting for fuck sake,

And fight became big , so decided it’s better to get separated and apply for divorce, and finally we got divorce also,

Here the main story begins, one of my friend invite to join with him for the party, there I saw my ex-wife with my ex, they both were very intimate , so I checked with my ex-wife friend of hers, she said my exwife and ex are in living relationship,

Anyways I didn’t get shock or surprised lol, the moral of the story is even straight girls need a girl for some quickie,,,

If you like my story, please like , comments and support, I’m really thrilled to written my 1st story, thank you guys & ladies

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