I Fucked School Sexy Teacher

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I had a my friend wife in my school Saritha . She is a busty woman 5″8′ . Her Figure Like these 36-26-36 . Her ass was wide enough to attract every man’s dick. Saritha was my my friend wife in high school and I had a big crush on her. I used to stare at her when she used to teach us.

Sometimes, I wanted to have her as my girlfriend in school but then I left school and joined college. After passing from school, I had no idea where she was. It happened last week when I was at a mall shopping when I bumped into her. We recognized each other and exchanged greetings.


She asked about my whereabouts and I told her I am in college. She told me she was still at school. Then usual conversation and I was about to say goodbye. Then she invited me to lunch at her house which was near to the mall. I found it rude if I reject her invitation. So I accepted it.

She was really rich and had a big 4 BHK house decorated beautifully. I asked about her family. she said that her daughter is studying in the USA and her husband is in Singapore for office work. She offered me water and we talked about studies and old memories at school.

In between, my gaze shifted at her body and she looked young just like at school. By the way,
she was wearing a top and jeans and hence I was able to check her out easily. She got up to prepare lunch and her ass swayed as she walked to the kitchen.

This was sufficient for me to develop some lust for her. My dick was now getting harder seeing her round boobs. Now all I wanted to eat was her body. I asked her for the restroom and she gave me the directions. I had initially thought of shagging in her bathroom. But I found her bra and panties there.

I smelled her bra and I got her body’s fragrance. Ahhh! What a delight! It was a push-up bra with a stiffer cup than a usual bra. It was surely 36C. I smelled her panty and I was mesmerized. I did not masturbate and flushed the toilet just to make her sure I was not doing anything wrong.

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I came back and sat at the dining table. She sat opposite to me and gave me the perfect opportunity to stare at her boobs. She caught me twice but did not say anything. We continued to chat before eating. I asked her how she handles the loneliness during these summer holidays.

She said that the sometimes goes for vacation and sometimes watches Netflix. She had a tear in her eye while she said that. I got up to console her. She hugged me and cried even more. I tried consoling her and she stopped sobbing. She said that her husband is cheating on her when he goes out for business trips.

She got up and kissed me straight on my lips. She said, “Aman, will you satisfy my desires?”
said “Ma’am I am our student.” She said “I don’t care and call me Saritha ” and hu• •ed me ti ht
and we smooched.

My dick was now erect again and was poking her.
We sat down to eat and we were smiling at each other. We had our answers. She pulled a chair next to the bed and made me sit on it. I was facing the bed. Now she sits in my lap and blindfolded me. She brought her lips closer to mine and we had a long deep kiss.

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