I Fucked School Sexy Teacher

I had a my friend wife in my school Saritha . She is a busty woman 5″8′ . Her Figure Like these 36-26-36 . Her ass was wide enough to attract every man’s dick. Saritha was my my friend wife in high school and I had a big crush on her. I used to stare at her when she used to teach us.

Sometimes, I wanted to have her as my girlfriend in school but then I left school and joined college. After passing from school, I had no idea where she was. It happened last week when I was at a mall shopping when I bumped into her. We recognized each other and exchanged greetings.

She asked about my whereabouts and I told her I am in college. She told me she was still at school. Then usual conversation and I was about to say goodbye. Then she invited me to lunch at her house which was near to the mall. I found it rude if I reject her invitation. So I accepted it.

She was really rich and had a big 4 BHK house decorated beautifully. I asked about her family. she said that her daughter is studying in the USA and her husband is in Singapore for office work. She offered me water and we talked about studies and old memories at school.

In between, my gaze shifted at her body and she looked young just like at school. By the way,
she was wearing a top and jeans and hence I was able to check her out easily. She got up to prepare lunch and her ass swayed as she walked to the kitchen.

This was sufficient for me to develop some lust for her. My dick was now getting harder seeing her round boobs. Now all I wanted to eat was her body. I asked her for the restroom and she gave me the directions. I had initially thought of shagging in her bathroom. But I found her bra and panties there.

I smelled her bra and I got her body’s fragrance. Ahhh! What a delight! It was a push-up bra with a stiffer cup than a usual bra. It was surely 36C. I smelled her panty and I was mesmerized. I did not masturbate and flushed the toilet just to make her sure I was not doing anything wrong.

I came back and sat at the dining table. She sat opposite to me and gave me the perfect opportunity to stare at her boobs. She caught me twice but did not say anything. We continued to chat before eating. I asked her how she handles the loneliness during these summer holidays.

She said that the sometimes goes for vacation and sometimes watches Netflix. She had a tear in her eye while she said that. I got up to console her. She hugged me and cried even more. I tried consoling her and she stopped sobbing. She said that her husband is cheating on her when he goes out for business trips.

She got up and kissed me straight on my lips. She said, “Aman, will you satisfy my desires?”
said “Ma’am I am our student.” She said “I don’t care and call me Saritha ” and hu• •ed me ti ht
and we smooched.

My dick was now erect again and was poking her.
We sat down to eat and we were smiling at each other. We had our answers. She pulled a chair next to the bed and made me sit on it. I was facing the bed. Now she sits in my lap and blindfolded me. She brought her lips closer to mine and we had a long deep kiss.

She took off her top and pressed her boobs on my face. What a feeling it was! Her big, round, soft, juicy boobs on both sides of my face. I was feeling in heaven. She said, “Suck them.” Her boobs were still enclosed in her bra. Nevertheless, I kissed her cleavage and licked that area.

She moaned and pressed my head deeper into her boobs. I licked her boobs over the bra and took a deep breath. I smelled her fragrance, her feminine smell was really seductive. She was dry rubbing my dick over my pants and pushing her boobs on my face up and down. She was breathing heavily.

Next, she leaned back on the bed and pushed my nose in her navel. God, her navel was deep! It was fragrant and soft. I licked her navel and gave her a hickey. She moaned and cried in pleasure “Aahh.” She removed my blindfolds and I could see her inner diva.

She was in a blue push-up bra and her body was complementing the color of the bra. Her navel was deep round and I saw my hickey there. Her deep breathing was making her boobs going up and down. She pushed herself back and spread her legs.

She was inviting me to her pussy and I removed her bra. The way she removed her bra, it was a big turn on for me. I started kissing her neck and earlobes. I was taking deep breaths to smell her fragrances. She was stroking my dick and playing with her boobs.

I moved to her bosom and licked, kissed it. Both of us were breathing heavily and hugging each other. I moved to her boobs and kissed them. I started sucking her nipples and rubbing her clit. She was moaning in pleasure and pushed her boob deeper into my mouth. I was sucking all of her boobs.

I flicked my tongue on her nipples and bit her gently. She gave a bigger moan as she had another orgasm which I felt on my finger inside her clit. I continuously sucked her boobs for 20 minutes while her nails were scratching my back. Her big boobs were red by now.

Next, I moved to her belly. Her soft midriff was sexy as hell. I was licking her midriff and giving her love bites. She pushed my head into her belly and screamed in pleasure. I reached her navel and put my tongue inside her navel. Her deep round navel was so seductive.

It added to it her sweet feminine fragrance. I gave her multiple love bites and she is jumping in bed with pleasure. Her big boobs going up and down looking damn sexy. I hugged her tight and wrapped my head in her body. I moved up and we kissed. Now it was her turn to excite me before we begin fucking.

She went down on my chest and bit my entire chest one by one. She is one hell of a woman as she gave me those love bites. I was moaning all the time making my dick harder than ever. She massaged my balls and licked my dick and wrapped her fingers around my dick and pulled down my foreskin.

She sat on my body and ran her finger from my lips to her pussy as the final signal for sex. She leaned forward and put my dick inside her pussy. It was easy to get in because of the long foreplay earlier. However, I moaned a little and she bit her lip.

We were now in a cowgirl position. She was sitting on me with my dick inside her. I could sense her body heat inside her pussy. She slowly started riding my dick. She was doing so in a seductive manner. Her big boobs were going up and down. I was moaning. She was breathing heavily with her hands on my chest riding my dick.

She started to tease me by bringing her boobs near my face and then going back. She knew my weakness is her boobs, big boobs. I grabbed her tits and pulled them towards my face. She was increasing her speed of riding. My face was buried in her boobs and licking inside and biting her cleavage.
She then pushed me on the bed and started riding faster.

She was continuously moaning loudly. She had an orgasm and lay down on my body. I hadn’t had my orgasm so I started pushing my dick inside her. She was now screaming in pleasure as my dick reached her G-spot. Soon I had my orgasm and she clutched my body around her tightly. She had multiple orgasms. We were breathing heavily after this action.

She was resting her body on my body. Her big boobs pressed by my chest. Saritha gave me a long deep kiss and we were again cuddling.
We had a long smooch of 15 minutes. Yes, that’s right 15 minutes. I felt like we were deeply in lust. Not wanting to lose skin contact of each other’s body. With AC working good, we slept hugging each other. To find what happened after I woke up . I fucked her badly .

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