The Erotic Journey from Bus to Bed via Massage..

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Hello Friends..Am Aarav, a 24 year old handsome guy from Pune. So this is my first real life experience that I have penned down and I hope you enjoy it..  So let’s begin with the story.

It was the first week of January. I had one of my Entrance exam in Mumbai and so was returning back to Pune. I had already booked my Shivneri bus tickets and was waiting for my bus. As usual the bus never arrived on time, and I was just glancing through the other passengers. My eyes caught a glimpse of a lady, maybe in her early 30’s, wearing a olive green Salvar Kurta.

Nothing too extraordinary about her but a simple lady. Just then she looked in my direction and I had to look somewhere else. I didn’t look in her direction till the bus arrived as I was not sure she would have appreciated it. So I got in the bus and settled down on my seat. Fortunately she too sat in front of my seat and luckily for me she hadn’t booked the ticket,so the person who had booked the ticket was allotted her seat. She asked me if someone was sitting near me and I replied negatively. She just shifted on my seat and was having difficulty in putting one of her bag in the upper storage. I just helped her with it and then we both settled down.

I had already put on my headphones on and she was on a call, probably her mother. It was 8 in the night and we were caught in the Mumbai traffic. It was difficult to start a conversation and luckily the driver applied breaks and she just leaned on me a little. She apologized for it and then we started with some introduction. She told me her name was Shaila and she was working in an MNC in Hinjewadi and was traveling back from her Mother’s house. Luckily I too used to work in IT field before opting to study further and so we started discussing more about it. Slowly we moved to the affairs that daily happen in the IT field and I just told her you might have a big line of guys waiting for you and your hubby must be very lucky. She just laughed and said nothing like that and she was a divorcee. I immediately apologized but she was like it’s ok, not your fault. So we discussed on many more topics and as she was basically from Gujarat we shared the opinions about our respective states. Later we moved to the topic of some Web Series and she said that she had recently watched Gandi Baat which you might know has a high sexual content. I just mistakenly said that your fingers would have needed to work later and then bit my tongue. She was just shocked at my statement but later just gave a wry smile. I knew I had fucked up with a good conversation and so told that I would sleep a little.

I just closed of the curtains and was trying to sleep but with all these thoughts it was difficult to get some. I had my elbow on the armrest between us and she too kept her hand on it. My elbow was getting a touch of her soft hand and on a sudden bus turn she just moved a little and my elbow hit her side breast. I immediately opened my eyes and apologized her but she knew it wasn’t my fault. So the journey was about to finish and all that happened was some of these touches. She had to get down at Nigadi and I helped her to get her luggage down. And then it happened, she asked for my number in case she needed any help in Pune. I gave her number and as the driver was shouting I couldn’t take hers. I just cursed my luck and then got down at my destination.

2 days later, I got a WhatsApp message saying Hi Stranger and I immediately knew it was her. So we started our normal chats again and I got to know that she stayed with one her friend in a flat. We discussed everything except sex and she was very much talkative maybe due to being after a lot of time with a Young guy. She then invited me over to her place for dinner as her room mate was away for one week. I knew it was just a simple dinner and nothing else.

So the next evening I was at her place and was shocked to find her in a tee-shirt and a skirt. Her t-shirt revealed the exact shape of her pear shaped breasts and she had to cough to bring me back from the trance. We settled down on the couch and were having our regular chit chat. She had ordered pizza and then we just had our dinner. Nothing different had happened. Then while she was laying on the couch she asked me If I could massage her back as she was having a little back pain and I had already told her I knew massage as one of my friends who worked in a Club had taught me. So I asked her to shift on the bed.

She was lying on her stomach and I slowly started massaging her lower back. I would move my hands slowly till her neck giving her some good press and then would move down till her tailbone. She was feeling relaxed and I asked her is she had any massage oil. She guided me to her cupboard and then I just warmed the oil a little. I went back and then slowly raised her t-shirt exposing her half back. She was looking quite sexy and I could even see her bra strap. I poured a little oil on her lower back and started massaging sensually. I moved up a little and asked her to move her tee up a little but to my surprise, she just removed it completely. Now she was lying just in her black bra which was contrasting her fair skin. I moved my hands all over her back giving some hard rubs and she was moaning slowly. I just unhooked her bra as it might get dirty with the oil and she just let out a gasp. But she didn’t protest. Now I was massaging every part of her back and she was enjoying it. She had some fat which made her a little chubby and enjoyable. Now I moved down and asked if I could remove her skirt to massage her legs. She just nodded and lifted her legs making it easy for me to remove it. Now the sex goddess was lying only in her sexy black panty and nothing else. I moved down to her feet and gave some good rub to her smooth feet and her silky fingers. I could see her biting her lips and then moved up to her silky legs. I think she had just waxed them a day before and they were glowing like anything. I gave a sensual rub to her calves and then moved to her fleshy thighs. I could feel the goosebumps on her skin and when my hands moved to her inner thighs, she just closed her legs.

Now I turned her over and she was too shy to open her eyes. I moved her down a little and was now sitting near her head and massaging her neck and shoulders. Her unclasped bra was barely hiding her 34 breasts and then I just made sure they get some fresh air. I was sitting with both my legs near her head and my dick very near to her mouth. And then I massaged her cleavage region and poured some oil in the deep valley. And then I cupped her right breast and made sure it was all draped in oil. My hands would give it a tight press followed up by light press and she would moan ‘Ahhhh’ with every press. I did the same with her left breast and her nipples were already an inch long. I cupped both of her breasts hard and then made some circular motions to increase the blood circulation. And finally I caught up her sexy nipples in my fingers and gave them a tight pinch. She just shouted ‘Ohhhhh’ and opened her eyes. She was directly looking in my eyes and I could feel the list. And when I pinched another of her nipple, she just couldn’t resist. She moved her hand swiftly and caught up my hard dick in my pants. she was moving her hands up and down gauging it and then slowly whispered ‘Please remove it’. I was just waiting for the moment and removed all of my clothes in a flash and was sitting stark naked near her. She caught my dick and felt it with her fingers giving a naughty smile. I just bent over her and our lips met to never part again.. We were kissing like mad lovers and only when she was short of breath we parted. I kneaded her breasts and then moved to suck that nipples of hers.. ummm.. she was enjoying like anything. Meantime her hand was busy moving over my dick and feeling my balls. I moved down on her kissing every part and then I just lowered her panty to expose her already dripping pussy. Umm.. I kissed her pussy lips and then parted them to let one of my finger move in. Now I was practically lying over her and my dick was just over her mouth. She gave it a kiss and to my surprise, she gulped it down.. ahh.. Her sexy mouth. She was licking it like a lollipop and I was busy fingering her. And then slowly I moved my tongue to lick her pussy lips and then inserted it all in. Umm.. she was wriggling in pleasure and was taking my dick deep in. I just started giving slow strokes and was mouth fucking her. She was enjoying it and was Cupping my balls. ahh.. the pleasure knew no bounds.. Slowly I felt we both were gonna cum and then with a loud grunt I emptied my balls in her mouth. She too exploded her volcano and my face was drenched in her juices. I just got down from her and the look on her face was so satisfying.

She got down from the bed, removed her panty from her legs and threw it on my face. Umm.. I inhaled her fragrance while she was busy getting cleaned. The sight of her walking naked and the fragrance of her pussy made me hard immediately and then I just moved in the bathroom and hugged her from behind. My hands were mauling her breasts, her neck was getting pleasured by my bites and my dick was resting on her ass.
I brought her out and then made her sit on the bed on her fours. And then slowly I rubbed my hard dick on her pussy. She was begging me to enter and then I just caught her ass cheeks and slowly put my dick in it.

Ahh.. It went a little in and she was already screaming like anything. She was getting her first fuck after her divorce and as a result she was as tight as a virgin. And then with one more push, my dick was all in and I could feel the heat of her pussy. I gave her a little time to recover and then started moving my dick slowly In and out. And when she was comfortable, I increased my speed and now I was banging her like a mad dog. My dick was moving in and out like a piston and my balls were hitting her ass cheeks.

The whole room was filled with sounds like Ahhhh.. Ohhh.. fuck me..ummm. She was on the verge of orgasm and asked me to ram her hard. And finally she again let our her juices and collapsed on the bed. My dick was still hard and after a while she wanted to ride me.. I was lying on my back and she positioned herself over my dick and slowly started jumping up and down. She pinched my nipples to make me more excited and after a while I had her pussy filled with all of my juices.

So friends this was a real life experience of mine which I hope you would have liked. Any lady/couple who would like to have massage session can ping me on [email protected]. Your feedback are welcome. Thanx..

Added by Aarav Thakur

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