The Memorable Anniversary Gift..

Hello Friends.. I am Arnav, a 23 year old handsome guy from Pune. So this story is an adventure of mine which turned into a Memorable Erotic Experience. So any interested ladies/ couples who are seeking massage or sexual pleasure drop me a mail

So let’s begin with the story.

I was casually surfing the internet and came across a Site where you can place some ads in the personal section. So as I was having some experience about massage, I thought to give it a try. Truly speaking I never expected a reply, because on this site most of the people are just glancing through the ads and never reply. But to my surprise, the next day I had a msg from someone named Peter. At first I thought he may be a gay, but still decided to reply. And then the conversation began. He was a 38 year guy and his wife was 36. They were having their 15th marriage anniversary the coming week and they had decided to explore their lives. Since they were not that much confident about a sexual encounter, they had settled for a massage experience for the lady while the husband watches. At first, this was strange for me as I was expecting a massage to the lady all alone. We fixed a coffee meet as neither of us had seen each other.

The next day I was waiting at Starbucks on FC road. I was told to wear a white tee and blue jeans so that it would be easy to identify me. But it had been half an hour since I was waiting but still no sign of their presence. Just as I was leaving, I heard a couple calling my name. A man in a shirt with his little Belly showing up while a mature milf in her tshirt with her caged breasts looking as if they were gonna tear the t-shirt. After exchanging pleasantries, we discussed some things and it seemed we all were liking each other. They were more than happy to meet a handsome young guy and I was having seeing such a milf. We fixed the session for the next week at 9 P. M.

The D- Day arrived. I was standing at a Spot where the hubby would pick me up to avoid all hassles while entering the society. At 9.30 we were all sitting in the living room getting eased a bit. Then I asked the lady to change in something comfortable while I started making arrangements for the session. Some warm water, warm oil and a few towels. And we were all set. The lady entered the room wearing a night gown which was just a cover up. Her heavy breasts and ass cheeks could be easily guessed. And I guessed it to be 36-33-38. A perfect milf.
I asked her to sit on the bed and then slowly started wiping her feet with the warm water. She had so smooth feet that just feeling them I started to get a hard on. Slowly I started wiping her calves and now her knees. I could feel her breathing get heavier. Then I asked her to untie her night gown so that we could proceed further. She slowly removed her night gown as if teasing me and her big assets clad in a red bra and panties were clearly visible. I had a hard time controlling and My junior had already formed a tent in my shorts. She just looked at it and gave a naughty smile. Then I made her lie down on her stomach and gently wiped off her back and thighs. Then I slowly turned her and wiped off her stomach while lingering a little at her navel part. Her breathing was heavier and the sight of her large breasts moving up and down was clearly a sight to see. Later I asked her if I can take out her inners and she shyly looked at her hubby. With him giving his approval, she asked me to remove it and now the gorgeous MILF was in her birthday suite.

Now I started wiping her breasts and I could see her nipples getting erected. I gently brushed them and a little moan escaped her mouth. Then I proceeded towards her inner thighs and I could feel the heat in there. Now I turned her over and sitting on her ass cheeks poured some oil on her back and started giving some sensual rubs on her back. In the meantime, my dick was just pressing her bums through the shorts. Her hubby was busy rubbing his dick in his shorts seeing his homely wife being naked in front of her stranger and getting massaged.

Later I moved down and poured some oil on her ass cheeks and started giving them a tight rub. I would also press them a little giving a pleasurable feel to her. Slowly moving down, I started massaging her inner thighs and my fingers would brush her pussy lips. Everytime they brushed a slight moan would escape her lips. I knew she was getting wet down. Then I turned her and made her lie on her back. Slowly I again massaged her thighs and this time I made sure my fingers linger near her pussy for long time. I could see from her facial expressions that she was ready for some more. I just pulled her down a little and sat near her head. Slowly massaging her neck, I started giving some strokes near her cleavage. Her big breasts we’re waiting for my touch and I didn’t deny them. I was sitting on my knees and as I moved down to massage her breasts, the tent formed on my shorts was near her face. She could easily see my hard dick trying it’s best to come out of the shorts. As I started caressing her breasts harder, I could hear the moans getting louder. And in a split second, I pinched her hard nipples and she was like ‘ahhhhh’ and she just caught my dick in the shorts. I was startled and so was she. But when we looked at her hubby, he already had his dick out of his pants and was masturbating seeing such a lively scene. He gave his wife the approval to proceed and she started caressing my dick over the shorts. I too started pressing her melons like anything and pinching her nipples hard.

I got down from the bed, threw up my tshirt and shorts and she had already pounced upon me. Her oily body was rubbing all over me and our lips met like anything. She was a horny tigress who needed to be tamed and so I kissed her vigorously that when we broke the kiss we were finding difficult to breathe. But we weren’t there to be stopped. Our lips again met but only this time I had one of my hand starting to finger her pussy while she was busy playing with my dick inside the short. She just got up and started removing my shorts and my hard dick was out hitting her cheeks. With her hungry look in her eyes she started taking my dick in her mouth while maintaining the eyes contact. Jeez that was awesome. She would caress my balls and lick me harder. I was feeling pressure getting built inside me so I asked her to stop. She stopped only to ask her hubby to join in and starting sucking his dick hard. In the mean time, I was getting inside her thighs and slowly gave some licks and bites. And then moment I inserted a finger inside her, she just gave a small bite on her hubby’s dick.

Ahhh.. What a sight. I was finger fucking a milf while she was blowing her hubby. I could feel she getting tensed and so as a final nail on coffin, I started tongue fucking her pussy. And that’s it!! She just cummed like hell and her hubby too splashed his load on her face. Ahh.. She looked so amazing.

She went to clean herself while her hubby brought out their anniversary cake. It was ten minutes to their anniversary and they wanted it to be different. I was gonna fuck her while she was gonna cut the cake. She came back and we started kissing hard again. Then I made her lie in a doggy position with her heavy ass cheeks asking me to spank them hard. I put a condom on my dick started rubbing it near her pussy lips while she was pleading me to fuck her. It was 2 minutes to 12 and I pushed a hard and my dick was inside her. She wasn’t that tight as many story tellers say but the ways she was moving her ass cheeks..

Ahhh.. Slowly I started increasing my pace and while I was fucking hard the clock strucked 12. She just cut the cake while I was ramming her from behind and her hubby gave her a piece to her. She caught her hubbys limp dick, put a little cake on it and started licking it. Ahh.. What a scene!! A milf getting fucked hard by a young dick while she sucks her hubbys dick smeared with cake. That’s one way of celebrating the anniversary. After a few minutes we both realized we were gonna cum and with a loud moan I released my juices inside the condom. She too let her floodgates open and we both just collapsed on each other.. Only for some more pleasurable moments to come in the night. So friends, do msg me on [email protected] for feedbacks and services. Bbye..

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