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Hi guys ,Let me describe a bit about my self . Im vicky 25 staying in bangalore with a good tool in my pants.  Hope thats enough to know about me . Before diving into the story keep your dicks and pussies ready before jerking off .Please share your feedback as this may encourage me to write more. Any girls/ladies/aunties interested in no strings attached discreet affairs please welcome , and privacy is maintained for sure .

It was a day of joy because my cousins were coming from canada, and coming along with them was my aunt. Yes, my aunt! Her name is swathi. She is a beautiful 32-year-old goddess. Brown colour skin, standing tall at a height of more than 5 feet. Curvy lips, dimples on the side of her cheek and a perfect nose. She is a good example of beauty well defined with an adequate amount of sweetness!

My cousins arrived on an early saturday morning… And as usual, I was asleep, with the hangover of friday night! Swathi aunt has two children, arjun in his 5th grade and diya in her 4th std. Both the little kids barged into my room and jumped over me, trying to wake me up. They’re really fond of me. The hangover was killing me, and I was having a bad headache. So I told both of them that there was ice cream in the fridge and before I could say anything both arjun and divya had vanished. Lol! Little kids love ice cream the most! (next time you are trying to hit on a milf, try impressing her kids with ice cream and chocolates. Just a suggestion. Xp)

I went back to sleep peacefully. Moments later, I felt someone placing their hand on my right shoulder. I let my eyes ajar, and oh my god! There she was standing right next to me! My sexylicious swathi aunt! She wore a blue coloured saree with sleeveless blouse, aunt is quite fashionable and her blouse had a deep cut, which easily revealed the upper part of her breasts through her semi-transparent saree as she was bending over me! My eyes went wide open with joy and aunt noticed that. She sat beside me at the edge of the bed and started to stroke my hair.
Swathi: I knew u would be the happiest of all to see me.
Me: there is no doubt in that.
Swathy: ahhhwwww…Sweetie!
Saying so, she planted a kiss on my forehead! Wow, it felt so sweet. But do u know what was better? While bending over to give me a kiss, her breasts slightly brushed on over my chest. I had an instant hard-on, and before she could notice, I covered myself with a blanket. Now swathy aunt is really close to me, really very close, she is dads younger sister. I was her first nephew and I grew up under her love until my 11th grade, after which she had to shift to canada. It was almost a year since I had seen her last. We started having a casual conversation, amidst which she confessed she had a terrible back and shoulder pain post the long flight journey.

After a while, she went out to meet the other family members who had just woken up! We are a joint family and I was pretty sure she would be busy at least for the next 2 hours. But I knew one thing for sure, I had to somehow make love to my aunt by end of the day and I had a plan all set up and ready in my mind. Thinking of all this, I dozed back to sleep!


I woke up at around 10 am. I could hear all sorts of laughter and conversations taking place downstairs. I freshened up and went down to have breakfast with everyone. All 3 families of my house were there. I couldn’t get my eyes away from swathy aunt even for a second. She looked that gorgeous. We all had a good time talking and post breakfast I accompanied swathi aunt to her room to help her with her luggage. Both her kids were already asleep, clearly, they were tired. We arranged everything. And I never wasted even a single chance where I got a peak of her navel, her breasts and her ass. She maintains a slim figure and has a normal pair of ass, but her breasts looked really good in size. I asked swathy aunt to change her dress and have a good sleep. To which she refused to say that she was really tired to go change up and would change it later. After arranging all the luggage swathy aunty gave me a hug and went to sleep.
I didn’t leave the room for some time, pretending to search for my car key. I couldn’t stop thinking about her hug. I started to think as to how it would feel if our naked bodies hugged each other. Ever since a very small child swathi aunt would hug me every now and then. But this one felt special as it was the first hug she had hugged me ever since I started developing sexual tendencies towards her. A year back, it all started when she was in a hurry and forgot to lock the bathroom door before going in to take a bath. I didn’t know she was inside and opened the door. The next thing I saw was my aunty standing naked under the shower with water dripping all over her body! Both of us were shocked and I stood there frozen with my eyes wide open. I could clearly see her wet juicy nipples and her pussy lining! Woww! Her pussy looked really delicious and her boobs stood up so firm and nice. Aunt instantly covered her private parts and I walked out of the bathroom. Both of us never spoke about it. But 2 days later when I was going through her husband’s phone, which he had handed over to me for some work, I came across something that really blew my mind. Hidden in a separate folder were swathy aunt’s nude pictures! Oolala! It was my lucky day (I never knew uncle was this kinky, he had pictures of swathy aunt in various positions . But I did not transfer them to my phone . I swear . I used to masturbate on a daily basis fantasizing about how she would be in bed.

Now coming back to the present, I had already waited a year now, and it was high time I did something to get her. I looked at her sleeping peacefully, her saree had slightly moved and her navel was visible. I wanted to fuck her… Tear her blouse apart and rip that black colour bra of hers! I wanted to see her massive boobs bouncing as I fucked her in missionary style. All this going on in my head and I did have a plan to somehow seduce her.

Swathy aunt woke up at around 4 in the evening. Thou she had slept, it was evident that she was still tired. As it was a weekend, I was watching tv in the living room. She was in the kitchen with the other ladies for a while, after which she came and sat beside me to watch tv.

Me: slept well?
Aunt: yes, but I don’t know why I still feel so tired.
Me: it happens, you just need plenty of rest.
Aunt: I know, but my shoulders and my back hurt.
Me: oh! Fine don’t worry, I’ll gives u a message.
Aunt: (excited) seriously?
Me: of course! Why won’t I. I learnt it from you? I would love to return the favour.
Aunt: ahhhwwww… That’s so sweet of you!
Me: I shall go purchase the oils and then after dinner, I shall give u a message.
Aunt: sounds good.

My aunt is a professional massage therapist and ever since a little kid she had thought me how to give massages. I had learnt it pretty well and my massages were pretty famous within my relatives and my friend’s circle.

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As usual, families had dinner. Arjun and diya were going to sleep with the other kids in their room. Hence swathy aunty would sleep in her room all by herself. Exactly what I needed! I took the oils, a towel and a few tissue papers along with me to aunts room. Swathi aunt was sitting on the bed reading some random book. Surprisingly she hadn’t changed her dress and was still wearing the blue coloured semi-transparent saree.

Swathy aunty: I was waiting for you darling, had a feeling you had forgotten.
Me: how bad! Fine I’ll go sleep then
Swathy aunty: no no I was just kidding.
Me: I know
Swathy aunty: ok so I shall lie down facing downwards, and you can start with my shoulders. I haven’t even changed my saree. Because I felt it would be easier for you.
Me: your wish is my command

Swathy aunty giggled and blushed, which made her look so cute! She slowly lay down on the bed… Her bare hips were totally visible. She looked god damn sexy, especially those curvy hips. I sat beside her and started to apply the oil all over her shoulders and started the massage. Touching her felt so good. I’ve touched ladies before while giving them massages. But when you want to badly fuck the lady you are giving a massage to, the feeling is beyond comparison.

Her skin felt soft and on top of that, the oil was making it even more sensuous. I was loving it. I started to go south towards her hips bringing my fingers down in circular motions and slowly trying to hold the sides of her abdomen. Her blouse was a real trouble but I didn’t know if I had the guts to ask her to remove her blouse. I tried sliding my hand beneath her blouse and my hands couldn’t really go as it was tight. So I decided to reduce the intensity of the massage and acted as if I was having trouble continuing with her blouse on. Swathy aunt was able to identify the difference and understood my situation. What happened next, did come in as a surprise for me.

Swathy aunty: what’s wrong?
Me: nothing really… I just find it kind of tough to massage over the blouse, my fingers keep slipping over the cloth.
Swathy aunt: oh is that so! You wait then, I’ll remove the blouse.
Me: (acting with a surprised reaction) really??
Swathy aunty: yea, of course, you’re doing s really good job. How will I be able to enjoy your massage if you aren’t able to do it properly? Moreover you are my known to me very well. Its better than getting massaged by a total stranger. But just turn around for a minute.

I turned around and sat there! I couldn’t believe my luck and for no apparent reason, I could feel my body literally shivering with excitement. I was getting a bit nervous now. When I turned back, there she was lying down over there with just her bra and her lower saree. Wowww!!! She wore a black coloured bra, the sides of her bra which were tightly hugging her enormous breasts were clearly visible. I was on cloud nine. I placed my hands on her bra strap and resumed the massage. She looked incredibly sexy! I wanted to literally kiss her entire body. But I had to be slow and spontaneous. So I slowly continued to do what I had to.

The best part about erotic massages is that you get to hear the lady moan. Like always, even swathy aunty was moaning in relief. “Aahhh”, “Ooohhh”, “Keep going sweetie” etc. Etc. 15 mins into the massage and I could say that aunty was feeling really good.

It was time for the next move now. I told aunt that it was time to let the oil get soaked in and till then I would massage her legs, to which she readily agreed. I slowly started pressing her thighs from above the saree. They felt really good and firm. I then continued down to her calf muscles and then further down to her legs until I had reached her toes. It was time for the oil now. Once I had applied it all over her feet, I slightly lifted her saree and started to massage her around her ankles and knees.

I had to somehow reach her pussy. But for that, I had to get through her thighs first. Without asking her and with lots of courage I slid my hands under her saree and felt her bare thighs. Wow, they felt so smooth and silky. I continued to massage her. I had no idea as to why I was breathing fast. Probably scared plus excited at the same moment. My hands kept going upward slowly, searching for her ass and finally I had reached her ass! Fuck! She wasn’t wearing a panty! I could literally feel her skin! Oh, my god! I couldn’t believe it! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

All this while swathy aunt was being silent. It didn’t seem right, so I slowly raised my head to see her and that’s when I realised that swathy aunt had dozed off. Woww! What a stroke of luck! And this is why she hadn’t spoken anything or at least wriggled. I grabbed swathy aunts ass as slowly as I could. And started to play with both her ass cheeks one at a time. So warm they felt. With lots of courage I slowly made my way down to her pussy!
“This is insane!”, “How is this happening?”, “Is this a dream?” were the things that were going in my head, but I chose to ignore them and enjoy the moment.

I touched her pussy lips for the first time ever. She was completely shaved down there. It felt really good. Waowww! That was one hell of a soft vagina! I continued to rub her pussy lips and then slowly tried entering my finger into it. Aunty slightly moved. I freaked out for a second and instantly took out my hand from her saree. I looked at swathy aunt and she was deep in her sleep. I was completely frightened. But that didn’t stop me. I tried another time. Slowly sliding my hand along her legs and thighs and reached her pussy and once again tried to slowly insert my fingers into her love hole. My fingers went in smoothly. The feeling was sensational and epic. Using my other hand I started to jerk off.

My left hand was inside her saree playing with her pussy while my right hand was stroking my hot rod! I got very engrossed in the moment. I played with her pussy for around 5 minutes. I was literally enjoying it and boom! Out of nowhere swathy aunts hand comes flying over my hand like a bomb! She holds my hand and moves it away from her vagina. I knew I was fucked! I was fucked inside out! I looked up and saw swathy aunts eyes staring at me in shock and disgust! A moment of disbelief in her face was pretty evident and I so badly wished this was all a dream! Xp

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“What the hell do you think you are doing vicky!” is the next thing I hear from her.
“How dare you! I’m your aunt. We’re blood relatives. How could you have even thought so?”
Saying so swathy aunty tried to get up. But I didn’t let her. I moved over her body and held her arms down to the bed. This move came as a surprise for her and me.

Me: wait! Just a minute. Give me a chance and I will explain everything to you.
Swathy aunt: I don’t want to hear anything vicky, just get off.
Me: no, I’m sorry you’ll have to hear me out.
Swathy aunty: oh you think so?

Saying so, swathy aunty tried struggling in order to let her hands free. But couldn’t! This is when I realised that, swathy aunty was just wearing her bra. The black colour bra. Remember she had removed her blouse during the massage? Wow her boobs kept jiggling as she struggled. I literally wanted to bite and kiss them. But I knew I had to wait.
Swathy aunt: vicky leave my hands, or else I’m going to shout and that might wake up everyone in the house.
Me: yea go ahead and try because I have locked the door and this room is pretty far from the others. There’s no chance, they will be able to hear it. First, calm down and just listen to me and I will let u go.

Swathy aunt thought for a minute and finally relaxed. I let go of her hands as promised and she began to calm down.

Swathy aunty sat up and covered herself with the blanket. I moved and sat beside her. Aunty wasn’t looking at me. Both of us were silent. My heart was beating like a horse. I was that scared but I knew I had to talk.

Me: I’m really sorry aunt. I couldn’t really control myself. I tried a lot but couldn’t. I can’t stop thinking about you.

Aunt: but vicky I am your aunt. Your father’s sister. How could you have not been able to control yourself? Moreover how could you have been blind to the mere fact that we are blood relatives and also this sole action would have changed everything for us?

Me: but aunt it’s not like what you think it is. I’m not a sex addict or something. It’s just that I’m attracted to you! Only you! And I’m not even as sexually attracted to my girlfriend as I am to you.

Aunt: what!?(amused) what do you mean vicky?

Me: yes swathy aunt. There’s, not even one moment when I cant stop thinking of you. I don’t know what I can do to stop it, but maybe right now the least you can do is to forgive me.

(and yeah guys, whenever you have an intense conversations with a woman…. Make sure to maintain strong eye contact and a confident exposure)

Aunt: since when did u start having feelings for me vicky?

Me: remember last year? It all started when I saw you naked in the shower….

Aunt: oh! (she uttered with wide open eyes….

(after which there was silence in the room for a few seconds… Actually about 45 seconds. I kept counting each second… I was that nervous… Was this finally the day I was going to fuck my aunt? I still couldn’t say)

Aunt: I thought so.

Me: really? I thought you would have forgotten it.

Aunt: no not really vicky. It was a really shocking moment for me. You had seen me completely naked.

Me: true.. And after I had seen you naked I realised that I had never seen anyone as beautiful as you.

(I could see she blushed a bit… But also made sure it wasn’t evident enough for me to know)

Aunt: but this doesn’t mean that anything like what you intend could ever happen between us right? Or could it?

(now that response shocked me to the core! She asked “Could it?” does this mean she wanted this too? I definitely had to find out)

Me: what do u mean?

(after a long pause)

Aunt: hmmm…. I still haven’t forgotten that moment vicky. I was standing there naked while u kept looking at me. I was shaken up. But only after you left did I realise that I was turned on. I couldn’t have imagined that I would ever get turned on just by my nephew seeing me naked and I felt ashamed of it.

(wtf! Waoooowwww….She was turned on? Holy fuck!)

Me: there’s nothing to be ashamed of aunt. Those feelings are real and its not our fault we feel that way. We just have to embrace it. This is life and we only get to live it once. Don’t we?

Aunt: but vicky that doesn’t mean we can go about doing what ever we want in life. It could be wrong and it could have negative consequences.

Me: I understand aunt… But we do have feelings, needs and fantasies right? I don’t think it is wrong to give your self that satisfaction, pleasure and joy… Everyone deserves that! Which includes both, you and me, right here in this moment.

Aunt: oh silly! You’re talking about fantasies huh? You know while I was on my way to india I did have a fantasy about you. But the moment I saw you. I knew I couldn’t do it. The nephew and the reality factor kicked into my mind.

Me: I guess we do have something common between us as aunt and nephew… Which is incest fantasies.

Aunt: (giggles) and only you can think of such silly things vicky!

(saying so swathy aunt embraced me). I hugged her back…. We stayed that way for a few moments, and I whispered into her ear
” just this one time, let me show you how much I love you and we’ll forget about it… Like it never ever happened and uncle will never know”.
Swathy aunt didn’t say a word. She just stayed quite. We were still hugging each other. I felt like I could proceed now.
I started to lower my hands slowly which were holding the back of her blouse till I reached her hips. Her bare skin felt so soft and warm. After which I started to move my hands towards her belly. Wow her belly felt even better. I started to caress her there. Swathy aunt increased her grip over me. I could feel her boobs crushing over my chest. Gently I raised my hands towards her breasts. Till I found her bra. But I couldn’t hold her boobs as she was still hugging me. So I held her shoulder and gently pushed her over the bed. She law down quietly. I moved the blanket which covered her semi naked body and there she was lying on the bed with her hair open and only a bra covering her melons. I sat there looking at her and removed my t-shirt. Then slowly moved over her and kissed her. We kept kissing and kissing till we ran out of breadth. Wow that sensation was awesome. Of course because the way my aunt kissed me was gracious. She did it so gently yet passionately. The way our tongues twisted within each others mouth also felt great and the best part? The lipstick she was wearing wasn’t gone and it tasted really good. I continued to kiss her and moved down to kiss her warm neck as I kept fondling with her navel.

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After which swathy aunt hugged me and pressed my face hard against her soft boobs. I lay down beside her. After a while I found my way towards her bra hooks and tried to open it. But failed to do so. Swathy aunt reached for her bra hooks and started to open them. I stopped her and told her that it was my job. She blushed and wrapped her arms around me. Finally I did undo her bra… It sure was a bit too tight. Out came her magnificent boobs!!! Woowww!!! Did I tell you she had the biggest breasts in the family? I kept staring at her breasts with wide open eyes. Aunty held my hands and placed them on her boobs. So warm her boobs felt! Her areolas felt really soft. I pinched her nipples and she laughed. Then I slowly lowered my head and kissed her breasts. I started by licking the sides of her breasts in circular motions wantedly avoiding her nipples. I wanted to get her wet till she couldn’t handle it anymore. I could hear swathy aunt moan. I dug my face right in the middle of both her breasts and continued to kiss her there. After a while aunt could not handle it anymore. She held my face and placed my lips right over her nipples. Finally I was sucking my aunts nipples and I could fit my entire mouth around them. A dream come true. Aunt started to moan even harder as I started to bite her nipples. After which aunt took off the remaining saree, she wasn’t wearing any panties. She was completely naked. I didn’t want to waste time… So I got up and stripped of my pants. Both of us were there naked facing each other. Swathy aunt looked like a gorgeous doll. I still have no idea how she maintains such a beautiful body. It was perfect.

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I moved towards her, held her cheeks and kissed her. We kept kissing as she wrapped her hands around my waist rolled over and pressed her body against mine. Our naked bodies touched for the first time. Her breasts over my chest. Awesome feeling. We kept cuddling till we knew we couldn’t hold on to the temptation.

We also knew we couldn’t wait for a proper foreplay. Which I always prefer. We both were in the moment and we had been waiting impatiently for a year now and that was it. I pulled out a condom, put it on. Meanwhile aunt lay down on the bed spreading her legs.

I made my way between her legs and proceeded to kiss her. Swathy aunt guided my penis into her vagina. And that was it! “All hell broke loose”. As the thrusts began, I lost control over my mind. There was only pleasure and that was the only thing I could feel! Pleasure! Pleasure! Pure pleasure! The way her boobs bounced and the way she moved her hips. She held my lips with her teeth as I continued to fuck her. I grabbed her hair and spanked her butt cheeks as we did it the doggy style. She sat over me the cowgirl way and looking at her boobs bouncing up and down felt so sensuous. But how many time I try… I am unable to recall what happened after that.
I was totally lost. But I surely do remember me getting down and licking her pussy. By the way the sex I had with my aunt was undoubtedly one of the best I’ve ever had and it was also one of my greatest fantasies

That day we had sex in the shower while everyone else were down watching a cricket match. The next day we did it in the terrace, a place where no one usually visits. The third day uncle arrived so we couldn’t really do it. Though we did have a quickie in my parents room. Lol! Xd

The fourth day was the best of all. Our family wanted to go to some amusement park. Swathy aunt said she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to stay back at home and as planned I said I would stay back with her. So everyone including uncle decided to let me stay back in order to take care of aunt. I won both ways. I could spend the day with swathy aunt and everyone had lots appreciations for me. As for me and swathy aunt…?? Well it was a day full of naked! I made her promise that we wouldn’t wear a single piece of cloth the entire day no matter what. She cooked naked as I fucked her from behind. We watched the tv naked. Wow! And as part of a promise she even answered the door bell naked. But yeah she hid behind the door while I fucked her just like in the movies. Xd

After a week and a lot of sex… Sadly aunt had to go back to canada. Not to forget we also did it once in my car when I took her out for shopping right in the basement parking of express avenue and it felt extremely kinky and I was completely turned on the entire time. And what more? It was the first time swathy aunt gave me a blow job!

Bottom line is that after a lot of thinking I thought… Maybe its time I started searching for a partner…. You know like a ‘fuck buddy’.
We could have lots of fun and a really great time together. I would like to keep things genuine and simple. . Lets have a cup of coffee together. Get to know each other well, get some sort of trust built. Give it a try.. And then if u like it or not just tell me… And I would do the same. Lets not have any sort of hassle between us. As simple as that. Age isn’t a factor at all I would say. I personally feel everyone deserves love and attention. Which I would love to give. I’ve never made such public announcements before but there’s always a first time to everything and you get to live life only once.

My email id is as follows: [email protected] for feedback, fling or chat
Feel free to ping me on hangouts. I would warmlynwelcome your feedabcks .

Last but not the least privacy is the main concern and maintained for sure

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