My wife bought me a massage

My wife and me were on vacation in NYC. We were staying at a 5 star hotel with an overpriced spa. I had been training hard for an up coming Ironman race and did not feel like following her around the city shopping. She surprised me with a 2 hour massage at the uppied spa.

I arrived for my appointment and was greeted by a very pretty young lady. She showed me around the spa then took me to my room. Before she left the room she told me Tony would be right with me. I was wonder if it was Toni or Tony. A few minutes later in walks Tony. I very fit, tone, and handsome man in his early to mid 30’s. I was not expecting a guy massage so I was surprised but was ok with it. After all, I was an upscale hotel spa. Nothing was going to happen.

The massage started like all others I had had. Tony and I shared small talk about our workout routines. He told me I had a nice body for someone in their 40’s. That was the first time a guy has made my dick twitch. I was taken back a little and said something like I would trade bodies with him. I had lifted my head when I said that and I was at eyes contact with his crotch. I then looked up and noticed a smile.

This time my dick got hard as rock. I could feel the head sticking out the side of my hip. I was thankful I had a towel over my midsection. I was sure it would go down soon. 20 minutes later it was still not down and his hand brushed up against it by accident. He immediately said he was sorry. I told him no problem it was not a big deal. A little later he touched it again. This time his finger seemed to go back to it again and again.

My cock had not been this hard since I was 14 years old. I was confused. Why was my dick so hard. Tony had move to the other side. I picked my head up and noticed his dick was hard as a rock. What was going on. I could not keep head in the donut. Out of no where I said I am glad I am not the only one that can’t control his hard on. He kept massaging me like he did not here me.


I was beginning to think I was going to have to call for a bathroom break so I could go jack off when I felt his hard cock on my arm. I almost came right then. The heat of his cock was coming thru his thin pants. I let out a moan. I knew right then I was going to suck my first cock. I look straight at his cock at least 9″ and said I definitely would trade bodies with you. I told him even a straight guy like myself would suck his cock.

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The next thing I know without a word he pulls his cock out and said feel free to suck it. I put it in my mouth and thought about every great blowjob I have ever had. I must have been good because after 5 minutes of sucking I felt the first of 7-8 squirts of cum go in my mouth. I grab the towel that was covering my waist and spit the cum in it.

Tony said thank you, we still have an hour and ten minutes left so let me get back to work. My dick was hard still. I almost came just from sucking his cock. Was he not going to return the favor? An half hour passed my dick is still hard and I am wondering if I am going to get to cum. That is when I felt Tony’s finger touch the outside of my virgin ass. He kept going back to my hole. More oil and the next thing I know his finger is in my ass. Then his dick is back in my mouth. I am I gay? Am I going to let him fuck me? I am trying to say no but I can’t. Now I got two fingers in my ass but his dick is so much bigger than 2 fingers. How will I be able to take it. Then like magic my ass opened up. I now wanted his dick more than anything in the world. He laid a 5 minute deep French kiss on me and told me my ass was his. He took his time getting it in once it was all the way, at least most of the way, he started slowly making love to my ass. He flipped me over and the next ten minutes was a long French kiss while he made love to me. The next thing I know my dick is shooting cum every where. I could not believe I came without my dick being touched. I am just about to say I can’t take anymore when I can feel him explode inside of me. He laid on the table with me continuing the kiss. I was in love. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door telling Tony his 5 O’clock was there. I got dressed and while Tony was starting his 5oclock I was making an appointment for two days later. The next time was more of the same but instead of spitting the cum I drank every drop of it. It has been two years and I am still hopping to find another Tony.

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