Three Sisters – Crazy dream or can life really be this good

Sex stories, incest, Three Sisters – Crazy dream or can life really be this good, Ricky was the youngest of 4 kids and was blessed or cursed with 3 older sisters all depending on how you look at it. From an early age he was treated with seeing 3 beautiful girls running around in various degrees of dress or undress. When they were young they would even bathe him, he was their own personal live doll. They would dress him up and he played along, not because he liked it but because they were nice about it. If he didn’t play along they treated him mean so he learned to get along.

As they got passed the doll stage they lost interest in him and he became a bit of a pest. He wanted their attention and would do anything to get some from them even if it was just chasing him out of their rooms.

After a while he decided that playing computer games was more fun and he started ignoring them. They would tease him from time to time to get a reaction but once he got that puppy dog look in his eye they would go back to ignoring him.

They were just having fun but it hurt and after a while he caught on and he swore that they would not get to him and it became a challenge to just tune them out.

If he happened to walk in on them in the bath he just ignored them. They would scream get out and such but he would just go stand at the pot and piss and then leave never once even glancing to see them.


They became invisible to him, or so they thought. Even his mom started noticing and would even chastise him, telling him to at least acknowledge them when they spoke but still he just tuned them all out. They assumed he was just addicted to his computer. But inside his head, oh no, he noticed everything.

He became so good at seeing things in his peripheral vision that he actually preferred it. Even if looking right at you to speak he would appear to be looking right through you. His mother even took him to the eye doctor to get his vision checked. She thought something was wrong with him. After a while they being teenage girls just dismissed him as weird and ignored him too. The would walk in on him while he was in the shower and take a piss and from time to time he noticed they would even take a dump.

By the time he was 18 it all became routine and maybe a bit too routine because being in his own little world meant he wasn’t paying attention. They may have felt invisible to him but they still noticed him.

Take the time he was washing himself a little bit too good in the shower and one of them walked in and after sitting on the pot she noticed and at first she looked as if too yell but then again thinking he was tuning her out she just watched. But he saw her, in fact seeing her, knowing she was watching brought him to the point a lot sooner than he expected. Soon he was spewing all over the shower walls. She must have shared this tidbit of information with the others because after a while he noticed that nearly every time he was in the shower someone would come in for some reason or another.

The more he ignored them the braver they got. One day after just getting in the shower the door came open and Rhonda, the oldest of the 3, pulled back the shower curtain and stepped in. She was totally naked and she just told him she was sweaty and need to rinse off real quick. So he stepped to the side and let her get under the water. She stepped up and brushed him on the way by. Her skin was warm and he felt it all the way to the explosion in his brain but he didn’t react. He just stood there.

She raised her hair above her head using both hands. This opened her up to him like a dream but he just stared right through her. She turned around and around and he knew this was all a test after she, all the while staring right at his face, reached down and spread her legs a bit and rinsed her pussy off.

He saw it all but never flinched; inside he was shaking. He was afraid he would blow all over her without even touching his dick much less her. But oh he wanted to touch her, he wanted to just grab her and slam her up against the wall and fuck her. Grab those beautiful tits and bite those nipples. Make her scream but he didn’t. He appeared to not even notice her. Just waited, much like waiting on an elevator door to open, never looking or really seeing the others around you.

She actually got a bit pissed judging from the look in her eye but he just stood there like a statue. After she got out he continued with his shower. He did refrain from washing too good, he didn’t want one of them to come in and catch him this time. He didn’t want her think he was thinking of her while doing it. He would be though, normally he thought of just random bits and pieces but this time he would be thinking of her bits in detail. But he didn’t want her to know.

After that it became common practice for one of them to jump in the shower with him. Always with the pretense of just needing to rinse off before this or that but he knew what they were doing.

Now don’t get me wrong, his prick was hard as a rock during all of this but hell it was hard as a rock nearly the whole time he was home. He couldn’t control it but he could control the rest of his body so he just kept at it and after a while he got it down.

His brain finally shut off his prick. He learned that if he found something to get mad about and focused on the anger his prick would stay down so he looked for things to make him angry. He kept the anger out of his voice and actions which were easy being as he seldom spoke to any of them anyway. And while this little trick pleased him it didn’t have the same effect on the girls. Now instead of teasing overtly looking at his face for a clue they just flat out stared at his little guy.

It got to the point to where he started going to bed early and getting up in the middle of the night to shower and clean himself really good and then he would leave before they were up. He enjoyed all the attention but it was getting boring. Hell his mom even got to the point of peeing while he was in the room. Seeing 3 or 4 naked girls walking around the house all day was hard on his concentration.

One morning he couldn’t find anything to keep his anger up and without the anger his prick would wake up so he gave up his computer games and left the house. He roamed around looking for something to entertain him and while walking in the park a few cute girls came walking by him talking and shaking their goodies and he stared right through them.

Now those girls were used to every set of eyes following them when they walked by and that confused them. It confused them so much they both looked at each other and raised their eyebrows in that questioning way. What was that all about they wondered did he not see us? So they stopped and one of them bent over to tie her shoe while the other casually watched to see his reaction. But he just walked right on by without so much as a glance.

Now without really meaning to he gave them a challenge. Most of the time every man they passed nearly tripped over his tongue so when this cute boy just walked right by without a glance, well he must be blind. Was he gay maybe?

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Now Ricky was in a quandary, he had never had much luck with the ladies. He had no idea how to talk to them, his sisters berated him for everything he ever did so he just assumed that all girls would do the same. So when these to 2 bouncing beauties came up to him and stopped right in front of him, looked him in the eye and started talking to him he was lost.

Actually he was just waiting for them to berate him for something but he noticed quickly that they were actually just trying to get his attention. Cute girls didn’t chase him so he was racking his brain trying to figure out what was going on when the realization hit him that his ignoring them was confused them.

“This was interesting” he thought to himself, girls got confused too? Well at home he ignored his sisters and by doing so he got to see them naked all the time. Maybe that worked with all girls. So he held his true feelings in check, he wanted so bad to just melt at their feet and lick the sweat off their legs but he just stared through them and waited.

The girls explained that they were freshman and the local college and they were both 19 and then asked him his name and what school he went to. Then to wanted to know his age and where he lived and blah blah blah so finally he just put his finger to lips of the one talking.

That age old shushing finger, he then looked her in the eye and told her to hush. He then explained, “I have no idea what you’re talking about or why and frankly I don’t care, if you want to get my attention you will have to stop giving hints and just flat out ask me. I don’t do hints. Do you want me to notice you? Do you want me to desire you? I will not be teased, if you want me then tell me, if not then leave me alone.”

Neither of the girls had ever been talked like that so they were in a state of shock just standing there. So he put his lips on them one at a time and kissed them. Then he just walked off.

Once he got out of sight he just about melted, his legs where shaking so hard he thought he would fall. He moved off the trail and wandered off into the thicker part of the park. He came up on a large tree lying on the ground so he just sat down and tried to get his brain back in gear. Had he really just kissed two beautiful girls and then just walked off? Where the hell did he get the nerve to do that he wondered. And telling them to let him know if they wanted him to desire them? How arrogant must he sound to them, geez, what the hell was he thinking?

He was just coming down from the adrenaline rush when he heard someone walking his way. Trying to appear calmer than he was he just leaned against a tree and waited. He wasn’t sure of what to do, who would have any reason to be this far back in the woods. Would they wonder the same about him? How would he explain his reason for being here?

Well talk about a surprise, it was the 2 girls from the trail walking his way. He was shaking inside but on the outside he put on his game face. Waiting was something he learned well at home so he waited.

They walked up to him and explained how they saw him heading off the trail so they followed him. They assumed he wanted them to follow so they did.

He sat quietly and watched them, never responded to them. They seemed very nervous yet he could tell they wanted to say something, just didn’t seem to have the nerve to do it. So he just kept his voice very calm and asked them if they had something to say.

They both looked at each other and he could see they were both hoping the other would do it so he stepped up and looked at the blond and told her to tell him what she wanted from him. Now he could see that she was shaking, maybe she was a scared as he was. Interesting.

“Do you want me to look at you? If so where do you want me to look? Is it your ass I’m supposed to stare at or your pretty face? Or do you want me to look at your tits? If you’re afraid to say it then just show me. If it’s your face then come stand right in front of me, if it’s your tits then hold them up with your hands and if it’s your ass then turn around and bend over,” he couldn’t believe he was able to say all that without stuttering but thru it all he kept his game face on.

She looked at her friend and they both giggled and then her friend asked for her, “What if it’s all three?”

He then replied “Well then if it’s all three then you need to come push your tits in my chest and kiss me while putting my hands on your ass.”

After plenty of giggles and looks between them she walked up to him and pulled her shirt over her head and undid her bra. She then moved close and pulled her pants down to her knees. Then she rubbed her bare tits on his chest and took his hands and put them on her ass and kissed him.

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Now he damn near forgot to breathe, he hadn’t meant for her to do it naked but then again he wasn’t stupid enough to complain either so he kissed her, he even took his hands off her ass which was hard to do and moved them to her face. He then held her face in his hands and kissed her softly and put all the passion he had in that kiss.

He damn near came in his pants. After a minute her arms wrapped around his neck and held him tight so he lowered his hands back to her ass again and gently squeezed both cheeks and pulled her crotch into his and ground her against his prick.

How he stopped from cuming he didn’t have a clue.

After what seemed like a lifetime she leaned back from kissing him. His hands were still holding her ass so she just leaned back into his hands and arched her back. She then cupped both her tits in her hands and held them up for him.

He wanted to hold them but he also didn’t want to let go of her ass so he just leaned his head forward and sucked first one then the other and then back again. About the time he was on the 2nd trip across he felt hands on his. They were pulling his hands off her ass but they weren’t her hands, she was still feeding him her tits.

He looked up and her friend was pulling them apart. She never said a word, she just pulled them apart then she stood there and stripped down to her socks and shoes and then she stepped up and started tugging on his shirt. So he lifted his arms and let her take it off and then she reached for his pants.

Where the strength came from he didn’t know but he told her to wait. She stopped and looked at him with a questioning look. So he told her, “If you take my pants off and lean up against me like she did then I’m going to fuck you. If you lay your pussy against me then I’m going to take that as an invitation. If you leave my pants on then I’ll just kiss and fondle you. Again, I don’t take hints.”

Now the blond was looking flustered so he asked her what was wrong and she explained that she wasn’t through yet. It was still her turn, she had wanted to do more.

So he asked her what else she wanted to do.

She didn’t say a word; she just dropped his pants and then dropped to her knees and put his cock in her mouth.

Now there was no way he was going to last and he didn’t want to look like the virgin he was by cumming too soon. He wanted to stop her or at least slow this down but it was too late. He grabbed her head to pull her away but instead he just gripped her head and hunched his ass and quickly face fucked her for about 3 strokes and blew.

Oh damn did he blow. He thought his eyes were going to cross all the way around to the back of his head. And give the girl this, she never stopped sucking. He just knew she wanted more. Thankfully the tree was there to lean on or he would have fallen right on the ground. He finally pulled her off and then stood her up and kissed her, really kissed her. He didn’t care who’s dick she just sucked she deserved a kiss.

While he was still kissing her he turned her a bit sideways and reached down and ran a finger up her slit. He thought she was going to pull his tongue out of his mouth when he did that. Her hips bucked and before he knew what was happening she came right on his hand. Well at least he wasn’t the only one quick on the trigger.

Now she backed away as fast as she could with her pants around her ankles and then started fixing her clothes.

Now the dark haired girl looked a bit flustered, she kept looking at his dick which was by no means limp but it had lost its hard.

He motioned her over and pulled her close. He explained to her that if she wanted to finish what she started to not worry, in fact now that the first one was out of the way he was hoping he could last a lot longer this time. Now that her friend had dropped his pants all she had to do was help him get them off from around his ankles and then he was all hers.

Now she hesitated a bit so he bent over and started pulling his pants back up. He had them up but not buttoned when she reached out and touched his hands. She slowly moved her head from side to side signaling him to stop. So he stopped and reached for her face. He then took her face in his hands and pulled her to him. He then kissed her and slowly she melted into him. He knew then that she was his to do with anyway he wanted but that wasn’t what he wanted.

After a long kiss he pushed her to arms length and told her the way it was going to be. She was going to tell him what she wanted. Not show him, tell him.

She didn’t think it was fair; her friend got to just show him. “She just got on her knees and started sucking you,” she said.

Well he said, “She caught me off guard, sorry.” Then he reached out and to her face and pulled her close and told her “This time he would let her have a break.”

She sighed in relief and then he finished by saying “A break meaning I will let you close your eyes when you tell me. If you want me to suck your tities then tell me, if you want me to rub your clit then tell me. I will probably do whatever you want (what a joke, I’d use my tongue to wipe her ass after a dump if she asked but I’m not telling her that!!) within reason but you have to tell me.”

Oh to be able to read her mind. He could see the turmoil all over her face, she was biting her lip so hard he though she would draw blood. He leaned forward and got close to her and moved his lips to her ear and told her to just whisper what she wanted him to do.

She said “Fuck me” and he could feel her shiver when she said it so he told her “No”. Now she just backed up and looked confused so he told her “No I won’t fuck you but I will make love to you. I will eat you up and ravish you but no I won’t just fuck you, but again you will have to ask. Do you want me to eat you, do you want him suck your tities and lick your pussy?”

Again he told her to whisper in his ear what she wanted and gently licked her ear and lightly stroked her pussy at the same time. She melted and told him to eat her, to suck her all over, to treat her like a sex toy but just do it and stop talking.

So he finished striping and then he pulled her close and told her he would treat her like she deserved to be treated, like a queen and then he started kissing her all over. It didn’t take long and she was begging to be fucked. In fact she was begging so loud her friend had to come over and put her hand on her mouth.

He lied on his back and urged her to crawl on. His cock was as hard as it could be and if she wanted to fuck then come show me. She jumped on, damn near broke it she slammed down so hard. She didn’t want to be a queen, she wanted to be fucked and if he wouldn’t fuck her then she was going to fuck him. Her friend was trying to keep her quiet she was moaning and gasping so loud.

While she was riding him he reached out to the first girl and started tugging on her clothes which she had just put back on and she finally got the hint and took them off again. Then he tugged her till she was sitting on his face facing her friend.

She was able to hold her hand over her mouth and look into her eyes and when she did she saw a crazy woman. She was so wild in her desire than reason was gone; she wasn’t going to be quiet.

So she pulled her face to hers, and when her nipples bumped hers she just lost it and kissed her friend. Stuck her tongue in her mouth and kissed her. While doing this he reached out with his tongue and stuck it in her pussy. He was in fantasy land, two girls sitting on him. Two naked girls sitting on him, one on his cock and one on his face, that alone would get him off for years to come but what was even better is they were into it.

They were not just going thru the motions, they were grinding him. The pussy on his face was flooded and dripping and he could tell she was cumming over and over. Buried under her pussy he didn’t even know about the kissing going on between the girls all he knew is one was making love to his cock and the other was grinding her pussy in his face.

After a short bit she pulled off his face to take a break and get her breath and he was able too look around and see them kissing and rubbing their tits together and that finished him off. He grabbed the hips on his dick and started fucking back. She had her time now he was going for his. It didn’t take long and he was cumming. He came so hard it hurt. She started grinding on his pelvic bone and right about the time he was going to pull her off, he was so sensitive he actually wanted to stop, she stopped, got real still and started shaking all over. Then she shuttered and thankfully her friend was still tongue fucking her mouth because even then she was loud. She screamed and screamed and then she just melted. Then both just melted together.

After a minute he told them that as much as he was enjoying this, them sitting naked on him and all, they were in fact outside in a public park and it might be wise if they all got dressed. He then kind of rolled them off and got up and started pulling clothes on.

The girls didn’t move so after he finished dressing he started finding their clothes and trying to figure out how to dress them. Taking clothes off of girls was hard enough but geez, putting them on with them just lying there was tough.

Finally after much prodding they got the hint and got dressed although they still didn’t make any effort to get up. He pulled on them and said if you want to crash then at least go to your car or go home but don’t crash in the park its not safe. You might get raped or something.

This seemed to get thru to them because they looked at each other and started laughing. Laughing so hard they started crying. Being a bit confused he started pulling on them, leading them out to the main trail. The whole time they are laughing, he didn’t get what was so funny so he just ignored them and walked. They saw the confusion on his face and laughed even harder.

After hitting the main trail he was at a loss of what to do. Here were two giggling females, one of whom he had just fucked and the other one had sucked him off and then sat on his face and basically fucked it.

Now that he thought about it he decided he wanted to fuck her too. So he moved closer to the girl and looked her in the eyes and told her in a quiet voice, “I’m going to fuck you next. You pick the time and place but know this, I’m going to fuck you for a long slow night and when I’m done with you I’m going to sleep in your arms and when we wake up I’m going to fuck you again.”

Geez, who am I he wondered. How the hell did he get the nerve to say all that and how the hell did he think he was going to pull it off. But while all those thoughts were running thru his head she said “OK, can you come to my house Friday night at 10?”

Before he spoke his brain was flying, he was having an out of body experience, looking down watching it was like a porno movie. This doesn’t happen in real life, at least not to mere mortals like him. But in a trance he pulled his phone out and said “Give me your number and I’ll call and get an address.” She put her number in the phone and then her friend grabbed it and did the same. Then they both looked at him and said see you Friday.

Confused he looked back and forth between them, both of them? The blond smiled and said you get to fuck me all night, but she gets to watch and maybe help out a bit. She then told him her name was Beth and her friend here was Andi and for him to try not to get mixed up. He responded with a smile and grinned while looking at his phone.

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He set it up to take a picture and pointed it at each of them one at a time and then after giggling like a 12yr old he said now he couldn’t forget. He put each pic with their names then he turned to phone to selfy mode and moved in between the girls, pulled them all close and said smile. Then he sent them both the pic on their phones with the name Ricky in the text. Then he gave each girl a kiss and after a pat on her ass told Beth “I’ll see you Friday!”

Walking away he wondered how his legs worked. He should be a puddle of melted goo about now. At least get out of sight before you lose it he thought to his self, don’t let them see you implode. Some how his legs worked well enough to get back home and somehow he made it to bed without any of his sisters seeing him. They would know something was up, no way could he keep the smile off his face and that would defiantly raise eyebrows. He didn’t smile at home and he wasn’t sure but somehow he knew his home life was about to change.

How right he was. He had left the house about 7 that morning and it was now about 11. He couldn’t hide in his room all day and at the moment he was hungry so he went in the kitchen. Sure enough Kate the middle sister came in and noticed him, now normally she didn’t start too much without the others around but when she walked past him she slowed and turned her face his way a bit. Then with a start she stopped and turned back toward him. She turned her nose to him and sniffed.

Shit, he thought I should have gone straight to the shower. She got closer and even bent down, moved her face right in his crotch. He was backed up against the counter with bread in one hand and peanut butter in the other so he couldn’t really do much.

She then reached out and pulled his shorts down and now he was lost. What the fuck was she going to do?

Well what she did just blew his mind; well actually she blew both his mind and his dick. Teasing was one thing, he was used to that but they didn’t just come up and start sucking his dick. This was new. What they hell was happening to his life? Years of no sex at all and now enough from 2 different girls to nearly kill him and then Kate starts sucking his dick for no reason?

Well she didn’t do it long thank goodness, (really? I’m thankful my sister STOPS sucking my dick?) just long enough to get a taste. Then she moves up to his face and starts licking around his lips. Then she gives him a kiss, a real nice kiss to tell the truth, and her tongue was all over the place. Then she pulls back and looks at him. Really looks at him, right in the eyes and says simply, “They taste good, want to share?” Share? They? He stood there with a blank look although it was fading fast.

His control was slipping; here he was, pants around his thighs, his prick wet from his sister’s lips and his mouth still tingling from her kiss. And she asked him a question. How was his mind supposed to work well enough to form an answer?

“I can smell more than one girl on you. One you fucked and you ate at least one of them because I can smell her on your chin. I have no idea how you did it. I have never noticed you on the phone. I had no idea you had a girlfriend much less two” she said.

He simply replied, “They’re not my girlfriends, I just met them.” Oh shit did he really just say that. He needed to end this conversation and quick, it was time to shut up and run so he turned and left a shocked Kate with her mouth wide open in a daze while he slapped some peanut butter on the bread and took a bite.

Without even looking at her he pulled his pants back up and reaching in the fridge he grabbed a ‘Dew’ and headed for the living room. He knew she was going to ask questions and he needed time to figure out what he was going to say when that happened.

Well, no such luck, she didn’t waste any time. She was right on his ass and when he sat down on the couch she actually curled up beside him and with one arm hanging on his shoulder she told him to tell her all about it.

“All about what” he replied, trying to act as if it was nothing new. Maybe she was learning from watching him all the time but she just sat there and stared right at him without saying a word.

After a minute or two she let him know that she was not going to take no for an answer. “Details” she said, “I want to know every juicy detail, and I want the how to go along with the what.”

Now he loved Kate, she’s was after all his sister and where she has never been cruel to him she has never seemed to care either. Now she was nearly sitting in his lap with her face inches from his and she is looking right in his eyes.

Her stare got to him. He couldn’t pull his game face up. He was so damn happy at the moment and couldn’t find anything to get angry about which was how he normally managed his game face. He was helpless. No way could he tell her anything, hell he shouldn’t even talk to her. For years he was the invisible man to you and now she wanted him to spill his guts?

He tried to get up but she held his arm and leaned into him. She moved her face so close their lips touched. Not hard but touched and he could feel her breath. Add to that her eyes, those beautiful eyes. They didn’t look threatening, they actually looked loving. Loving? Loving eyes from his sister? This is weird, too weird but it got to him, he couldn’t hold it in. In truth he wanted to share with someone but didn’t have anyone to share with.

But by opening up he would give all his secrets away and he figured she would share them with the other sisters and then he was toast. But what the hell, he was a month away from finishing school and he figured he would get a job and move away to college so he could deal with it.

So he spilt his guts. Yes he told her everything and not just the sex part but the feelings. Oh he knew he was being stupid, all these years he had been tough and boom, she melted him like butter on a hot griddle.

After he explained everything she just sat there quietly looking at him and then she laughed. Laughed and then hugged him and laughed some more. She kissed his neck right below his ear and then between gasps she said “You win. We couldn’t figure you out, nothing we did bothered you. We really thought you hated us and that was your plan. We couldn’t figure you out so we stopped pestering you as much and started being nice. When that didn’t work we started teasing and then the whole shower thing started and it became a bit of a challenge. We even started talking about crawling in your bed one night and fucking you while you slept.”

Whoa there! His sisters were plotting to have sex with him? Thank goodness he was sitting down. His jaw was still resting on his chest so no worry about it falling off. But she continued. “You didn’t ever see us and while that made us mad at first after a while it became fun. You couldn’t have planned it any better if you were a mystery writer. In a matter of months you had 3 girls running around naked all the time and even rubbing you in the shower. What guy could want more?”

Well he told her, “Yes there was some fun in all that but it was very frustrating. It got to the point that I couldn’t even get relief in the shower anymore. With all that visual stimulation I was constantly horny and where I normally took care of that in the shower the fear of being interrupted kept me from doing it so I was hanging on the edge all the time. You girls may be my sisters but geez, your bodies are beautiful and while I may think its wrong, I still lust after you. My body doesn’t have the same moral compass as my mind and it wants to jump you every time I see you. So no, I didn’t win; if anything I just managed to add to my torment. You just didn’t see it. I managed to hide it but inside I’ve been in hell.”

She looked at him for a while, he assumed she was sorting all the feelings she was feeling. Then she stood up and grabbed his hand and pulled him. He followed her all the while wondering “What next?” She surprised him by going into his room. She pushed him to the bed then turned and shut his door. Now he was past curious, he was nervous and scared at the same time. He started to speak but she shushed him and told him to strip. His mouth opened but she shook her head no and said; “Trust me. Don’t talk, trust me and you will understand.”

Before their talk he would have been able to just strip and stare her down but now he was a nervous wreck. But he did it, he just stripped and his mini me stood up ready to take a bow. Again all his self control was gone. She smiled at him and quickly joined him. Damn she was hot.

He was now sitting on the bed and she came over and pushed him back and lied right down on top of him. He could feel every inch of her and every inch was so hot he thought his skin would burn. She spread her legs and reached down and took his prick and put it between her legs. She didn’t put him in her pussy but laid it between her lips and then she closed her legs and wiggled a bit. She then kissed him and whispered in his ear very softly, “I’m going to fuck you and I don’t want you to argue or to question me, I know what I want and I’m positive I won’t regret this later”.

So he took her face in his hands and kissed her with all he had. Softly and gently he made love to her with his mouth. As he was doing this she reached down and twisted her hips and with the tip of her fingers she pushed his prick up in line and then she slowly sank her pussy all the way down.

He couldn’t breathe it felt so good. He felt two different pussies this morning but this was a whole different world. Maybe it was the emotional part or the taboo, whatever all he knew is he could die right now with no regrets. He didn’t think life will ever bring him more joy than he was feeling right then.

She slowly rotated her hips up and down and her pussy ate his dick like candy. She melted all over him, moaning softly and he could tell she was in heaven too. He knew he would never again be able to feel anger at her. His wall was torn down and she owned him. He wasn’t sure how he was going to deal with the fall out and at the moment he flat out didn’t care. He was too high in bliss to care about anything other than the feeling of her skin on his.

He let her set the pace and he could see her building towards her finish and he just prayed he could hold out that long. Then it hit her, he could feel her jerk and hear her moans and could swear her eyes rolled back into her head. She stopped moving and just melted all limp.

He held her tight to him and rolled her over onto her back. She didn’t protest or ever wiggle at first but after he made the first stroke or two she looked at him sorta like she was dreaming.

He smiled at her and said “Now you trust me” and started fucking her. He started off slow similar to the speed she was going at a minute ago but then he picked up the pace. She had this slack look on her face but she never took her eyes off him.

“Yes” she said, “yes, yes”. Her words matched his stroke; every time his pelvic bottomed out against her she would say it again. He got faster and faster and her words slurred into one long “yeseseseseseses” and then he died. And yes I mean died. His heart stopped and he just crashed down on her. He had an out of body experience and he could see himself from the ceiling. His pale white ass lying between her legs and his limp body just crushing her. He felt so bad for her though. How she was going to feel? How would she explain it to everyone? And the guilt she would carry the rest of her life man this sucks for her but then another part of him was smiling, what a way to go, right?

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Next thing he knew he was taking a deep breath and he was back in her arms. Wow that was intense! Ok, this is where he belonged.

He wanted to live long enough to do that again. In fact he started stroking his dick slowly wondering if it might stay hard enough for him to get his second wind. It did, in fact he could feel the blood flowing back. He lifted up on his arms and looked in her eyes and the look she gave him back made the blood flow even faster. It was a look of wonder, of rapture. It was a look of pure lust. After a near death experience you would think he would be afraid but death didn’t scare him anymore. If he died then he would just die happy. He would be sorry for the grief she may have to go through but he was not stopping.

This is greater than life; this is the sweetest feeling in the world. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think it would feel this good. He set a nice easy pace and just kept it steady. Now she was flopping all around, head going from side to side. Her eyes glazed over and her mouth hanging open. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and her arms were stretched out above her head. She was so beautiful. He tried to kiss her but she was so lost she didn’t even notice. So he just kept on moving in and out of her.

He watched her cum at least three times and figured he had better get his before she passed out. So he pulled out and boy did that wake her up! “No” she cried, “put it back, don’t stop”!

So he just rolled her over and lifted her ass up and man what a sight that was. Her gorgeous ass all spread out for his viewing pleasure. Her cute little brown hole looked good enough to eat but he decided to do that some other time. Right then all he wanted was to get his dick back in that pussy so he moved up and rubbed the head back in line and pushed.

Now in this position she was even tighter than before. He knew he wouldn’t last long so he started pounding. He grabbed a hold of her hips and got after it. He was getting close; he was ready to let her fly when out of the edge of his vision he saw movement.

He glanced over and low and behold, if both of his other sisters were standing there watching. He never lost a beat. He figured if he was going to get in trouble the least he could do is get off first. So he just winked at them and kept right on pounding that ass.

He could hear his balls slapping her clit on every down stroke. He noticed movement again and although he didn’t want to lose his focus he glanced for a second and nearly lost his place.

They were stripping. He watched all the while fucking like there was no tomorrow. There were both as beautiful as Kate.

Both of them then leaned back on against his dresser and started playing with themselves.

Now that in itself was enough but then they reached out like it was a planned move and pinched each others nipples. No idea why but that finished him off. He slammed into Kate one last time and tried with all he had to push his whole body into her pussy. She in turn pushed back into him and moaned one long “aahhhhhhhhh..”

After a heartbeat or two he fell forward which pushed Kate down on the bed. He fell right on top of her and was crushing her but he was too beat to move.

After a minute or two he could feel his dick slip out of her and he rolled over and sprawled out on the bed.

Kate then rolled up on her side toward him and laid her head on his chest and said “I’ve never been fucked like that in all my life”.

Before he could reply or even think her sisters decided to put in their two cents worth. “We could tell”, they both said at the same time.

Kate took a deep breath and turned toward the voices. “Why are you two sluts naked?” was all she said to them. Sometimes a good offence is the best defense.

“Slut? Hell we didn’t just fuck our baby brother” replied Becca the middle sister. “We got so horny watching you two we decided to join the fun. But it looks like little brother is worn out, maybe we will just have to play with each other for now and see what happens.”

After which they both jumped on the bed and attacked Kate, licking her titties first and then Becca headed down to her pussy and started licking all around the tender lips.

Watching her lick his cum out of Kate’s pussy worked wonders on his libido. He could feel his dick filling up with blood already. He was 18 so running out of gas was not something he worried about. The idea of cumming 4 times in one day was crazy, but hell he probably beat his meat that many times in one night from time to time.

But where to start was the question. Should he grab one of them or let them decide? Funny, the thought of having to decide which of 3 naked girls to pick first was just beyond his comprehension. Before today the idea of having a choice of one was beyond him. What if he were to wake up and find out that this was all just a dream? Ah shit if that were to happen he figured he might just kill himself. Plus this dream was just too real, or unreal to be a dream. And anyway, he could smell pussy on his face and dreams didn’t have smell. And speaking of the smell of pussy, it was all over his room. With Becca on her knees eating out Kate her ass was sticking up in the air and looking so inviting.

He wondered if she would mind him having a taste. Only one way to find out he figured so he climbed up on the bed and rolled over on his back and squeezed in under her. It was a tight fit and his legs were bent in a funny angle but he managed. When he moved his face close enough to stick his tongue out and taste her he hesitated. Not sure of himself, he didn’t want to get slammed, but nothing ventured nothing gained so he gently reached out with his tongue.

Well, he got slammed, just not the way he was worried about. As soon as his face hit her thighs she slammed her pussy into his face. Nearly brought tears to his eyes she hit his nose so hard. She lowered her pussy onto his face and ground his head into the mattress. Well the guessing is over it seems, no question about how she feels.

So he just started licking, he wanted to make it good so he teased and licked the lips on both sides. He sucked them and tried to tease but that didn’t last long, she didn’t want to be teased and she moved around until he was on target and she trapped his head with her thighs. She then rocked her clit on his mouth and let him know she was ready to finish.

So he started sucking and licking at the same time, trying to show some skill that would make her think he was a good lover. He felt he had her close and was focused on getting her there when he felt something warm on his dick.

He couldn’t move his head to see what was going on but based on the warmth he assumed someone was sucking his dick. Now Becca was eating Kate, he was eating Becca which only left Rhonda. Geez what more could possibly happen. Three girls and one boy, of course the fact that they are all brothers and sisters just makes this that more kinky. Next thing you know mom will join in and then it would really be a family affair.

Now why in the world would he be thinking of his mom at a time like this? With his dick in one sister’s mouth and his mouth nose deep in another ones pussy you would think he would be deep enough in fairytale land.

He noticed that Becca just got off again and when she did she rolled over off of him and Kate and when she did another body took her place.

Now he’s in a daze, his dick is being deep throated by Rhonda and he’s getting close to blowing his top again so he didn’t immediately click to who took Becca’s place. He thought for a moment that Kate had moved around but he could still feel her legs.

Hey, wait a minute here! Kate’s lying on her back getting eaten out by someone. Rhonda or at least he thinks it’s her is sucking his dick and now Becca is lying beside him catching her breath. So the question is who is sucking his dick and who is sitting on his face?

Here he was thinking of his mom and now an unknown woman or girl is in his bed. Surely not! How does he find out without being obvious? Can he tell a young pussy from an older one?

The one on his face is bald and sweet tasting, so does it belong to Rhonda? If so who is sucking his dick? Who ever they are they are doing a mighty fine job of it. Does he really want to even know? Ah geez, just thinking about it put him over the edge.

Now he’s squirting deep into someone’s throat and they are lapping it up and sucking like there is no tomorrow. He’s quickly falling into la la land but even in his haze he noticed the pussy on his face is getting up. Should he look and see who it is? He thinks about it a minute and decides to look up and when he does he notices 4 bare asses heading out his door. He was so distracted by all that ass that he didn’t look up to see if he could recognize anything else.

Too late now, they were gone. Maybe in a minute he’ll get up and go see who is who and where. Maybe in a minute he thinks and then the next thing he knows he wakes up and it’s dark. The sun was shinning when he last looked? He rolled over and looked at the clock, “oh shit is it really 9:42? Crap, as quick as he could he got up and grabbed his boxers off the floor, didn’t have time to waste looking for clean ones. Then he quickly headed down the hall to the kitchen and after turning the corner he stopped cold.

What the fuck? In the kitchen were 5 girls and there were 2 more at the breakfast bar. They are all dressed normally and here he was in his boxers. All of them turned to look his direction. Searching their faces he looked for reactions to help him decide the best course of action. Should he be cool and just head for the fridge, or should he be polite and say excuse me and turn back?

Yesterday he would have turned on his blank stare and got a drink from the fridge and then walked out as if they were all invisible. But after todays joyful encounter he didn’t think he had the ability to pull it off. He needed anger to build up his walls but after the last few hours he didn’t have any anger in him.

Quickly he decided to play it coy. He walked in with all the grace he could muster and got a Dew from the fridge. Turning to walk back out his mom popped off at him, “Hey sleepy head, I’m used to you being up and gone early every morning, what happened to make you sleep away the afternoon?”

Now did he detect a smirk in her voice? Did she know first hand or was she just in the wise? If she knew surely she would be upset, wouldn’t she? If in fact she were one of the group then being upset was probably a moot point. How should he respond? All these thoughts racing thru his head so fast he couldn’t think.

He couldn’t come up with a response worth saying so he just kept his mouth shut and sat down on the couch. What was going to happen next he wondered? 7 to 1 odds meant he was not going to win no matter what he did but then again losing wasn’t always a bad thing.

Who was the mystery girl? Who knows, in fact who cares at this point. His life will never be the same as it is. He doubted he would ever top this day. “Everything from here on out will be nothing in comparison. Or will it?” He wondered as 7 girls walked in the room with his mom following. All of them sat down and they were looking at him with a glint in their eyes. “Shit! What am I getting myself into here? Ah hell, who cares!” He said to himself and losing all self control he just sat there with a big smile on his face and waited.

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