Three Sisters – Crazy dream or can life really be this good

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Sex stories, incest, Three Sisters – Crazy dream or can life really be this good, Ricky was the youngest of 4 kids and was blessed or cursed with 3 older sisters all depending on how you look at it. From an early age he was treated with seeing 3 beautiful girls running around in various degrees of dress or undress. When they were young they would even bathe him, he was their own personal live doll. They would dress him up and he played along, not because he liked it but because they were nice about it. If he didn’t play along they treated him mean so he learned to get along.

As they got passed the doll stage they lost interest in him and he became a bit of a pest. He wanted their attention and would do anything to get some from them even if it was just chasing him out of their rooms.


After a while he decided that playing computer games was more fun and he started ignoring them. They would tease him from time to time to get a reaction but once he got that puppy dog look in his eye they would go back to ignoring him.

They were just having fun but it hurt and after a while he caught on and he swore that they would not get to him and it became a challenge to just tune them out.

If he happened to walk in on them in the bath he just ignored them. They would scream get out and such but he would just go stand at the pot and piss and then leave never once even glancing to see them.

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They became invisible to him, or so they thought. Even his mom started noticing and would even chastise him, telling him to at least acknowledge them when they spoke but still he just tuned them all out. They assumed he was just addicted to his computer. But inside his head, oh no, he noticed everything.

He became so good at seeing things in his peripheral vision that he actually preferred it. Even if looking right at you to speak he would appear to be looking right through you. His mother even took him to the eye doctor to get his vision checked. She thought something was wrong with him. After a while they being teenage girls just dismissed him as weird and ignored him too. The would walk in on him while he was in the shower and take a piss and from time to time he noticed they would even take a dump.

By the time he was 18 it all became routine and maybe a bit too routine because being in his own little world meant he wasn’t paying attention. They may have felt invisible to him but they still noticed him.

Take the time he was washing himself a little bit too good in the shower and one of them walked in and after sitting on the pot she noticed and at first she looked as if too yell but then again thinking he was tuning her out she just watched. But he saw her, in fact seeing her, knowing she was watching brought him to the point a lot sooner than he expected. Soon he was spewing all over the shower walls. She must have shared this tidbit of information with the others because after a while he noticed that nearly every time he was in the shower someone would come in for some reason or another.

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