The way to take revenge from cheater husband

Yes, I am a 22 years old pakistani girl and from a rich family. My husband is business man and he used to have sex with many girls every night but he think I am unaware about his deeds. So for to take revenge from him I fucked many men. Once my husband was out of city so I mada plan to enjoy the holiday. I called my famliy doctor who is in his early 30s and is very handsome same like my husband. Door bell rang and I walked to open the door, i wore transparent clothes Intensionally and wore yellow bra. He came inside and I prepared tea for him and for me and we enjoyed some time while talking. So he asked “why you called me home” so I said that I have pain in my belly so he asked me to lay down, i followed and laid on sofa. He put stethoscope on my belly then he ask me to turn, I turned and he checked my back as I was wearing no panty so he could have clear view of my beautiful white butts. Then again I turned back and he put stethoscope under my left breast but due to tight bra he was unable to do it so I said him “let me take it off” so he agreed I did not hesitate and remove my shirt off in front of him as he was sitting on a chair beside bedin front of me. First he turned his face but couldn’t control when I removed my bra. He said me to hide it so I wore my shirt againbut as it was transparent so he could see my boobs clearly. I have light brown nipples with white skin and my boobs are medium in size which are very attractive.

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So he put stethoscope ajd started to check. I noticed that he was staring on my boobs and his face was turning red so I just grabbed him towards me from his neck on my bed. It was surprise for him, he asked me if someone was at home or not? So i replied that no one was at home so he also agreed for sex. I kissed his lips and he also responded. Then I removed his shirt then made him naked and I kissed every part of his body. So then he came on me and removed my panties and started licking my pussy. We did oral sex for almost one hour as I had much free time, whole room was fullfilled with our moans then I tooked his 6 inch cock in my mouth and gave him blow job, he cum inside my mouth and I drank it all. Now we came in missionary position and he pushed his cock in me which was painful for me but later it was pleasurable. We fucked almost for 45 mins and tried many different positions and he cum on my breasts and he slept on me naked. After two hours sleep we took shower togather and he left. And I never regret about it as my husband also fucks stranger women. If any man wants to chat with me so I am available to fullfil your desires. [email protected] it is my husband’s gmail but is under my use from last many years

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