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hello everyone my name is ashwin i am from india but i live in germany this is a true story how my girlfriend became a slut in front of me
me and my gf we used to live in seperate apartment well her name is neha ,indian ,age 24 , size 32 30 34 ,
well my gf and me we used to have lot of sex but she was never stisfied by me she always used to tell me about her past how her exbf used to share her and with his friends and he was a german guy but now she cant sleep with other men because of me

one day i told her that she can be like before but only if i am included in that sex ,she was really happy that day and after two days i gat a call
me:hey , what happend?
gf:hey , i wanted to tell you that i am bringing some friends over today so be early at home
me : ok i will be at your place.
gf :bye love you
me : love you bye

i went to her place thinking that it might be some dinner plan so i went with some wine ,when i reached there i was shocked to my gf kissing another guy i was still in shock she came close to me and told me that “thank you for giving me permission honey”
and one big black guy told me your gf is so nice , i asked her that where did she meet this guy and she told me that they me in the cafeshop and my gf invited them to have sex with her , those guys were black africans and they were big ,i was scared but my gf was so happy so i thought its ok, and they started undressing her and my bitch went to her knees and started deepthorating their 10 inch dicks all of them and they told me also to get naked and i was the only guy with 7 inch dick then they started telling her bitch suck our cock by looking at your bf and laughed i was humilated but ok and i started strokeing my penis while one guy ligted her up and put his dick inside her pussy she was screaming and surprisingly the other gy came an put his dick inside her ass i was surprised that she let him have her glory hole because when i wanted she told that my dick is big so she will feel pain but now she was enjoying the 10 inch dick and she started moaning “ahhah ahahahh fuck me i am you slut i will be your bitch for lif ahahahah fuck me fuck me” the other guy was feeding her his dick and after some time they stopped and asked my gf that can she handel 2 dicks in her pussy and one in her ass i thought she would say no but she said yes and it was more shocking for me but i actually enjoyed it because it was fun watching my gf like slut and after the session they cummed all over her face body everything and one of the guy he told to go and kiss her but i told no then they raised their voice so when i kissed her mouth which had four black me semen and they also commanded me to lick her completely clean and they went after that each two days they used to come fuck her in front of me and used to command me to clean her by my tongue they did like this for 8 months and after that my gf figure completely changed 34 32 38 size and now she is whore but still we love each other ,
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you can send me your comments on email or if you are coming to germany and you need a whore for more than 10 also ok my gf is here mail me ,thank you for reading my story and thats how she got big ass

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