Big ass slutty girlfriend 2

hello readers its me ashwin in case you remember me i live in germany and in my last story i told you guys that how my gf became a slut, and i also told that in case you people wanted a whore for gangbang, BDSM etc you can send me a mail n this story

Big ass slutty girlfriend

hello everyone my name is ashwin i am from india but i live in germany this is a true story how my girlfriend became a slut in front of me me and my gf we used to live in seperate apartment well her name is neha ,indian ,age 24 , size 32 30 34 ,

How i fucked my maushi (part 1)

Hi everyone, I am Ashwin. I am 24 years old. I live in Kolkata. In this story I am going to tell u how I watch my maushi nude and how I fucked her. Now lets come to the story. After my final exam was over I was dying to visit some places. Then my