Sexperiences of Ammu 2

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ammu, of course, my name is changed. I am 3 years old now. To describe my family. I am from a family located in Erode.I have a brother who is younger to me.
I am short around 160 cms but I have curves in the right areas now. My stats now are 34-30-32. I have a near hourglass shape that is highlighted because of my short height.
This is what happened after my introduction to getting aroused at the tailors place.
To those who missed it, read it here to know about the spark (Sexperiences of Ammu) .

This feeling was new to me and now i started experimenting with it, every time i touched my breasts I was feeling weird, My nipples were getting erect and I was getting goosebumps, at times my vagina started contracting so much and oozed my cum, I then started feeling it with my fingers and eventually ended up learning to pleasure myself.

The days passed by and I liked it when people stared at me, especially the older men or Uncles, the way they stared at me when I went to the nearby store was really arousing and I was more aware to their stares and started enjoying them. I was longing for the day to visit the tailor again to collect my blouse, but those hopes were crashed when my mom came back home one day and handed me a cover and asked me to try it out. When I opened it, I was surprised to find my blouse inside it, she said she collected when she was out and now she wanted me to try it so that i can alter it if at all needed. I was disappointed and really hoped the blouse to need an alteration, but not surprisingly the blouse fit me perfectly. My mom asked me to try it with the saree and she really loved it. It felt really good, When i was about to change from the saree, my mother asked me if i would want to go to the temple, I wanted to go out in the saree and see how people react but something made me say , No i want to stay home.


I usually don’t go to the temple and as always my mom didn’t force me. She said that my cousin who is of my age and is doing medicine might visit, I was really close with her and her name is Shalini. So after sending my parents off, I was alone in my home. I started changing from the saree, after i removed my blouse I had a sudden urge to try my blouse on my naked body, with nothing beneath it or on my body. Just the blouse. So I shunned my inners and took the blouse and put it on me. when the fabric started brushing my skin I started getting the goosebumps, when i clasped the hooks and the blouse cupped my breasts, my nipples and my whole body reacted, it was as if I was with the tailor and he was measuring me again. I enjoyed it and started fingering in that attire and i cleaned up.

My cousin a bit later and after our formal talk, the topic diverted to my saree and I told i got my blouse, she wanted to see me in my saree and asked me to change. I went to change but she followed me, she said she’ll be there and help me in tying the saree. I hesitated to remove my tops and when she encouraged I removed it, I was not wearing any inners and she was surprised and she asked me why i was without inners, i said i just had a bath and she said my breasts are perfect which made me blush, I said chi and she was like i am a doctor and so don’t hesitate. So I started wearing the blouse again without inners and was getting aroused again. After seeing me in the saree my cousin was teasing me and she said flaunt your hips and brushed it, I almost jumped and she asked what happened, I said it felt ticklish, then I changed and while I was, she noticed my erect nipples and she asked me what happened, I generally am frank with her and I told her about my incident with the tailor, she said even she felt it arousing and wanted to ask me about it and just waited for the right time. She wore a saree before me and she wears a normal bra and so she was spared from those blushes, I was totally naked and she came and hugged me , and kissed me. I was so aroused that I reciprocated and she asked me if I wanted to see her naked and when I said yes, she stripped and we were naked. We hugged, kissed and fingered ourselves and that was the first time someone touched me naked and felt me. I really loved the time I spent with her, We then did a lot of kinky things by going out together and doing some crazy stuff. But that day with my cousin was special, and made us bold and closer to explore more. Further experiences will be shared more based on your feedback. For feedback contact: Ammu[email protected]

A sincere thanks to all my readers who have responded and liked it, I apologise to those whom i haven’t replied. Will try my best to reply everyone. These are my real life experiences and not fantasy. To those uncles

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