The New Girl-9

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

We got dressed and I left the place and went to Prakash’s room. As soon as I entered his room we hugged and kissed like lovers. Prakash locked his door and removed his clothes and mine. We were on his sofa with him on top and his erect cock touching my pussy.

I asked him for a condom, he put one on mounting me missionary style and I guided his cock into my pussy and started fucking. He said “darling I am so lucky to have found you, you have an amazing body made only for sex and if I get a chance I can fuck you all day and night without getting tired”.

I loved the compliment because I already knew that if my lucky streak continued like the last few days then I would be having more sex than I can probably handle. Every few mins we were switching positions and fucking.

After nearly 15mins Prakash came inside me. He got off and disposed of the condom licking my pussy clean. I sucked his cock clean and we both got dressed. I saw I had 30mins to go before the final school bell. He opened his drawer and gave me an envelope telling me to keep it.

I opened and saw there was a lot of money, I asked him why he was giving me money, he said I had earned it and he was going to pay me every time I have sex with him. While I was thinking where to keep it, Prakash lifted my kurta and slipped the envelop inside my panties correcting my clothes.

I left from there and saw Pillai coming towards me. He signalled me to meet him and I followed him to his room. We got inside and he locked the door. He hugged me, I said told him we don’t have time today, can we please do it tomorrow.

He said he will fuck me only once quickly and made me bend on his desk pulling my salwar and panties to my knees. The envelop Prakash gave me fell out but he did not see it. He licked my pussy and ass nicely with his tongue.

He stood behind me dropping his trousers to his feet pushing his cock in my pussy fucking me full speed. He went on for over 10mins when he pulled his cock out and pushed in my ass resuming fucking. He went on fucking my ass for another 15mins saying he was going to cum.

I told him I wanted to drink it. He pushed his cock in my mouth flooding it with his cum. I drank it all and cleaned his cock with my mouth. I used his kerchief to clean both my holes and put my clothes back on including the envelop in my panty.

We smooched one last time and the bell went off. I went to my classroom packed my bags including the envelope and left. I met Hardeep on the way and he said he had some sports activities to complete and would take about 2hrs.

I said I will go home and meet him in the evening in the playground. After a long time, I was going home alone without him. I reached the gate and was looking for Khan because I had promised him a fuck before leaving.

I went to his room and did not find him there. I kept my bag in his room and decided to check the terrace room. I tip toed my way there in case someone was there. I saw Khan standing guard outside so was confident something was going on inside.

He saw me and came to me taking me to the other side to an isolated corner. I asked him “tum yahan kya kar rahe ho”, he said “Gudiya andar Lakshmi madam ki chudai chal rahi hai, isliye mai yahan pe hun”. I asked “kiske saath”?

He said “Vikas sir, Ramesh sir, John sir aur Sharma Sir ke saath”. I asked “Lakshmi teacher 4 admi se chud rahi hai”? He said “haan Gudiya, hafte mein ek baar yeh Lakshmi teacher ka regular program hai”. I was very curious to see how 4 men would fuck her together.

I already had sex with two and enjoyed it even though it got me tired. I asked him “Khan, please mujhe bhi dekhna hai ki woh 4 aadmi se ek saath kaise chud ti hai”. He said “Gudiya yeh nahin ho saktha, agar kisi ne dekh liya toh hum dono bahut mushkil mein padenge”.

I said “Khan, dekho tumhara lund bhi khada hai unko dekhte dekhte, sirf ek jhalak dikha do aur usi time tum mujhe chodna, bahut maza aayega”. He agreed and asked me to follow him quietly. He took me behind the terrace room to the other side to a window.

He said “Gudiya yahan se andar jhanko tumko sabh kuch dikhega, mai andar ho rahe program ko yahan se baith ke dekhta hun kyunki woh hume dekh nahin sakthe”. I sat on the jugad seat made by khan and looked thru the window.

Lakshmi mam was lying on the mattress naked and all four men were standing around her stroking their cocks. Khan asked me “Gudiya nazara accha hai”? I said “haan Khan, lagta hai ki abhi program shuru hone wala hai”.

He said “nahin Gudiya, ek round khatam ho chukka hai, abh doosra round ki baari hai”. I looked at all their cocks and Vikas, Ramesh & Sharma were almost the same size. Only John stood out with a big cock about 10” long and 2” thick.

I got wet instantly looking at his huge cock. Lakshmi got up and kneeled on the mattress and began giving a blowjob to Vikas while stroking Ramesh & Sharma’s cocks with her hands. During all this khan was running his hands all over my body.

I got up and lowered my salwar and panty to my knees. I stood bending forward looking thru the window. Khan liked my ass nicely for a while and pushed his cock in my ass. I stopped him and asked “condom lagaya hai”?

He said “Gudiya condoms mere room mein hain, agar mujhe patah hota ki tum yahan milogi toh mai saath leke aata”. I said “theek hai, abh jaldi se meri gaand ko apne lund ka mazaa do”. He was fucking my ass while I was watching live sex action thru the window.

I saw John lay down on the mattress and Lakshmi got on top of him guiding his cock inside her pussy riding him. Vikas came behind her and pushed his cock into her ass fucking her from behind. Ramesh and Pandey were standing on either sides and she was alternating sucking their cocks.

A while later Ramesh also got behind her where Vikas was already in her ass and pushed his cock also inside her ass. She screamed saying “bahut maza aa raha hai, mujhe aur zor se chodo”. I was amazed to see one cock in her pussy and two in her butt and she was sucking Pandey’s cock.

I had a powerful orgasm while khan was still fucking my ass and soon came inside me. He pulled out and sat on the seat and I sat on his lap with my eyes still glued to the window. Both Vikas and Ramesh pulled out and sprayed their cum on her back.

She got off John and Pandey lay down. Lakshmi was riding Pandey in her pussy. John came behind her and pushed his cock in her ass and resumed humping her. As I sat in khan’s lap I felt his cock become hard again. It was between my legs touching my pussy.

I raised my butt slightly and guided his cock inside my ass. I was riding him sitting in his lap. Khan was also giving occasional hard strokes from below. This position was making it difficult for me to focus on the action inside.

I stood up bending like before looking thru the window and Khan pushed his cock in my ass from behind. I saw that Vikas and Ramesh were already dressed while John gave a few more hard strokes and came inside her ass.

He pulled out while Pandey was still fucking her from below. Another 5 mins later Pandey also released his cum inside her pussy. Lakshmi lay down panting on the mattress and they called out to Khan. We suddenly stopped and Khan pulled up his pants. I asked him for his kerchief and he gave it to me and ran.

All the men put big bundles of money inside Lakshmi’s purse before Khan entered. All the men were dressed up while Lakshmi lying naked on the mattress. They told him something and left. Khan closed the door and sat with her.

She smiled at him grabbing his cock over his pants and pulled his face towards her kissing him. Khan brought his bucket of water and towel and began cleaning her entire body. After he was done Lakshmi began removing his pants.

She said “chahe mujhe jitney bhi mard chod lein, tumse chudwane ka mazaa kuch aur hi hai, jab tak tum mujhe nahin chodte mujhe poori santhusti nahin milti”. After removing his pants Khan quickly mounted her missionary style fucking her.

She was saying “aur zor se chodo mujhe meri jaan, is randi ko apne lund se khush kardo”. I was surprised to see Lakshmi mam using such language but I was enjoying it. Khan fucked her nonstop for nearly 10mins and released his cum in her pussy.

She collected Khan’s cum flowing out of her pussy and licked it all. Both cleaned up and got dressed. They left the room and Khan locked it and went towards the main gate. I think her husband was waiting to pick her up and I followed from a distance.

I was still very horny and went straight to Khan’s cabin and he joined after a few mins. I hugged him kissing him telling him “Khan mujhe jaldi se chodo, meri bhi gaand ki garmi apne lund se thandi karo”. I lowered my salwar and panties and kneeled in doggy style on the edge of his bed waiting for him.

He came and first licked my dripping pussy and ass. He took a condom and pushed his cock inside my ass and resumed fucking me. I was surprised that Khan has just fucked me earlier, then he fucked me & Lakshmi and now he was fucking me again.

He fucked me for a very long time and then released his cum. We both lay on his bed panting. He got up and gave me many packets of condoms with 3pcs inside each. He said “agar kam pade toh mujhe pehle hi bata dena”.

I got dressed and left the school thanking him. On the way home I met the colony boys and stopped. They openly complimented me that I was looking very sexy and I smiled at them. Mahesh, Amir and Vivek took me to the side and surrounded me.

They were taking open liberties touching my body in various places. Seeing them all together I suspected the inevitable. Amir asked me why Hardeep did not come with me today, I said he was going to be late. Amir asked if we can all go to your house as no one will be there, we can all enjoy with you.

Mahesh was already grinding his cock in my butt while Amir was rubbing my pussy over my clothes and Vivek stood watching. Since I had taken him home yesterday, now all of them wanted to come together. I said I will go now and they should come after 10mins so we are not seen together.

I rushed home and ate something and changed into my nighty without bra and panty. I decided to not wear underwear because they were coming only to fuck me and not appreciate my clothes. I took enough condoms and kept them under the pillow.

Today I was not going to let them fuck me without a condom. I decided that I will have sex with them only one at a time and not all three together. The doorbell rang and as soon as I opened the door letting them inside Mahesh held me from behind pushing his cock into my butt.

Amir also jumped on me cupping my boobs and pressing them hard pushing his erect cock against my crotch and Vivek just stood there. I broke free telling them they had to follow my instructions if they wanted to enjoy with me.

Both of them obliged and sat on the sofa. I put three chits in my hand with 1-3 written on them and asked them to randomly pick one. They did and Amir came 1st followed by Mahesh and then Vivek. I asked Amir to follow me to the bedroom.

Once inside I bolted the door and covered all the keyholes. He hugged kissing me all over my face while his hands were all over my butt. Amir removed my nighty and threw it on the bed. I went and lay on the bed and he removed his clothes and got on top.

His cock was already touching my pussy while he was squeezing my boobs and sucking my nipples. I felt him trying to push his cock inside my pussy. I told him to stop gave him a condom telling him to use it. He tried arguing and I said what if I get pregnant then who will take responsibility.

He put it on and inserted his big cock in my pussy. He began fucking me slowly for a few mins and then he went full speed. He fucked me for nearly 10mins and then asked me to get in doggy style. I was expecting him to fuck my ass but he didn’t.

He inserted his cock from behind in my pussy fucking full speed holding my waist. He was really good in bed and a long while later I had an orgasm and he too came inside me. He lay on the bed besides me. I removed the condom from his cock and kept it aside and started sucking his soft cock.

Within minutes he was hard again and I asked if he wanted to do it again, he said yes. I got in 69 position pushing my pussy in his face making him eat it while I sucked his cock. He ate my pussy for a while. I took out another condom from under the pillow and gave it to him.

I guided his cock in my pussy and began riding him cowgirl style. I did not ride him for too long because I wanted to save my energy for the two more cocks waiting outside. I got in doggy style and he entered my pussy from behind fucking for a long time. He took his cock out and started inserting in my ass.

Once he was fully inside he increased his pace and went full speed. After about 15mins he came inside my ass and gave me another orgasm. I cleaned and put on my nighty. I rolled the used condoms in an old newspaper and told him to dispose it on his way.

He got dressed and I escorted him to the door and locked behind him turning to Mahesh and Vivek. I signalled Mahesh to follow me and winked at Vivek. I somehow had developed a soft corner for Vivek and wanted to give him lots of special attention today.

As I bolted the door Mahesh jumped on me almost tearing my nighty. I stopped him pushing him on the bed and reminded him with me it was my rules and to behave himself or get out of my house. I removed my nighty and stood facing him.

He got up and hugged me. I told him to be gentle if he ever wanted another chance to enjoy with me. He kissed my boobs like crazy and sucked my nipples giving me pleasure which he did not do the first time. I was happy that today he was giving me some foreplay.

I reached out below opening his trousers and dropped them to the floor. He pushed me on the bed and climbed on top of me about to insert his cock in my pussy. I stopped him and gave him a condom but he refused.

I wriggled myself free and told him if he wanted to have sex with me then only with a condom or he can leave. He put on the condom and I got into doggy style knowing what he will do next. He quickly pushed his cock in my pussy and began fucking me furiously like yesterday.

About 15 mins of fucking, he released his cum but my orgasm was still pending. He sat down panting saying I had the best body and he really enjoyed fucking me. I removed his condom and kept it aside and made him lie on the bed sucking his cock.

I sucked his cock for about 10mins and he did not get hard again. I asked do you want do once more, he said yes. I will fuck you again when you come to the ground today evening. I rolled his condom in a paper and gave it to him to dispose it on his way.

I wore my nighty and he too dressed. I escorted him to the door and locked it after him. I turned around and Vivek came running and hugged me. I held his face and we both smooched passionately for a while. When we broke the kiss I told him I purposely wanted him las, he asked why.

I said so that we have quality time. I told him to wait and went to the bathroom and cleaned up nicely and wore a red bra and panty only and went to him. I was facing him in just my bra and panty and removed all his clothes.

I lay on the diwan and called him. Vivek was very nervous, I told him to relax and kissed him on his lips. He was cupping my boobs with his hands over my bra and gently squeezing them. I unhooked my bra and removed it and he began sucking my nipples now.

I felt his erect cock touching my pussy over my panties. Vivek was like my crown Prince and just the thought of being in bed with him brought me very close to my pending orgasm. I asked him to remove my panties which he quickly did.

I spread my legs and I separated my pussy lips for him. He put his mouth to my pussy and was hungrily licking it like a child eating an ice-cream. I asked him how is it, he said very tasty. A few more mins later I made him sit on the bed and I came between his legs.

I took his cock in my mouth giving him a blowjob. I looked at him and his eyes were closed. I sucked him for about 5 mins and lay down spreading my legs and told him to come on top. He was sucking my boobs during which I held guided his cock into my pussy and he started pushing.

Vivek was fucking me slowly saying my pussy felt like heaven. I kissed him, he was still sucking my nipples while fucking me. He fucked me for nearly 10mins when he said he was going to cum. I told him to come inside me.

He gave a few more strokes emptying his balls and lay by my side panting. I collected all his cum flowing out of my pussy and licked it. I asked him how it was, he said simply out of this world and thanked me for the wonderful sex.

I kissed him saying I also really enjoyed sex with him compared to Amir and Mahesh. He was thrilled to hear. While talking I was still stroking his cock followed by a blowjob. His cock became erect and I got on top of him in 69 style.

I told him to eat my pussy while I was sucking his cock. Whatever said, he was really good at oral sex on my boobs and pussy and I was loving it. A while later I got in doggy style and asked him to fuck me from behind. He positioned his cock and I guided it in my ass instead and told him to fuck me.

Vivek said he never knew this was even possible, fucking my ass was feeling more wonderful than my pussy. We fucked for about 10minutes when he said he wanted to fuck me standing. He made me stand against the wall and pushed his cock in my pussy from behind.

He was fucking me standing and I was really enjoying this as it was a first for me. He pulled out from my pussy and pushed his cock in my ass resuming fucking. I saw the time and it was past 15mins since he started fucking me 2nd time.

I asked him if he was going to cum and he said no. I was very happy to hear that today Vivek was able to last long enough to satisfy me completely. He kept switching fucking both my holes every few minutes and I lost count of my orgasms.

Vivek increased his pace fucking my ass with powerful strokes giving me an intense orgasm and he also came right then. He continued giving a few more strokes before pulling out and sat on the diwan with me on his lap.

I collected all his cum flowing out of my ass and licked it. I asked him how his 2nd time was, he thanked me again and again for everything saying he wanted to fuck me every day. I told him whenever I get a chance I will surely call him.

I said we should clean up and go back. We both went to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. I told him from next time he should carry condoms because I don’t want to get pregnant. I said Amir and Mahesh also used condoms.

Today I made an exception for you and he agreed. We kissed passionately one last time feeling each other’s bodies and he left.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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