Girlfriend ki bestfriend ko khub pela

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Things between my gf and I were tense and we weren’t talking for a while.

One day, I got a call from my girlfriend’s bestfriend Vaibhavee and she asked, “Why you both aren’t talking to each other?”

I said, “It’s nothing, just a small disagreement
she said, “But this doesn’t seems small.” And she asked repeatedly. So, after some time, I said that I want sex and my girlfriend don’t want it.

She started laughing and said, “Oh! This is the matter.”

I said, “Come on! Yeah, don’t laugh.”

She said, “It’s ok.” And asked me to meet her at a local cafe. And said, “Don’t tell your girlfriend about this.”

So, I went to the cafe and told her the whole story. She said, “I can help you.”

Me: How can you help me?
Vaishnavi: Oh! it’s easy but it should be our secret.

Me: What secret? I don’t understand.
Vaibhavee: Don’t act stupid. I know you like me too.

Me: So what? It was way back.
Vaibhavee: So, let’s FUCK! I want to have sex with you, and you can stay with your girlfriend.

Me: Are you crazy?! She will be mad, if she got to know that, and we will be in a big trouble.
Vaibhavee: That’s why I’m telling you, it will be our secret.

Me: Are you serious? Or you just testing loyalty?

After I asked this question, Vaibhavee pulled my hand and put it on her breast. Wow! They were so soft and perfect. I quickly removed my hand and said, “Are you mad?! Someone will see us.” And I took back my hand.

Vaibhavee: Don’t be afraid. I know you want to fuck me too. Do you remember how you accidentally touched my boobs and I didn’t say a word because I wanted to fuck you badly? Your girlfriend is really blessed to have you as her boyfriend, but she won’t fuck you. So, why don’t we fuck and have fun? She won’t know anything.

Me: Okay! But how we’ll do it and where?
Vaibhavee: You don’t worry about that. I’ll book an Oyo room.

Me: Ok! Then we will do it.

After that, my girlfriend’s bestie booked an Oyo room for Sunday. I made excuse to my girlfriend that I’ll be busy that day.

The day before that day, Vaibhavee sent me sexy photos of her in bra and showed her cleavage. I got instant hard and I masturbated imagining her.

I went to the Oyo hotel early. She came after me and we checked in. After going into the room, at first I checked the whole Oyo room for hidden cameras because I didn’t want to be a pornstar! I put my bag to the side and looked at her.

Vaibhavee was looking like a bomb shell. She wore a white t-shirt and black pant. She was looking sexy because of the curves she had. Her boobs were of 34B size, and they were prominently visible. Though my girlfriend’s best friend’s ass was not much bigger, it was thick and round, enough for me.

Vaibhavee came towards me, pulled me and planted a kiss on my lips. I became excited. I picked her up, threw her on the bed, and started kissing her like a beast. She was responding me with her tongue inside my mouth. I was passionately licking her lips, nose, chin, and cheeks.

I wanted her to do the same to me so I asked her to kiss me. She came closer to me licked my tongue and she took my lips in her mouth and sucked it for next 5 minutes. After that, I was on cloud 9.

I asked her to stop because if she had continued doing that any longer than that, I would have cummed in my pants!

Then I moved towards her neck where she was very sensitive. I started rubbing my nose on her neck, and then licking around her neck, and smelling her beautiful aroma. She got so excited by this and started the moaning as I licked her neck thoroughly from both sides.

I also licked her ears, nose, and put my tongue inside her ear. She got tingled from that and it worked. She said, “Oh my God! I like it very much. Please continue! Oh my God! Please don’t stop.”

Then I grabbed my girlfriend’s best friend’s boobs over her t-shirt and started pressing them badly. Vaishnavi’s boobs size was of 34. They were absolutely fitting in my hands. And I was so happy to squeeze them because they were so soft like a sponge. I wanted to suck them so hard. So, I asked her to remove her t-shirt. She did it like she was my sex slave.

And within seconds, Vaibhavee took off her t-shirt. After that, I asked her to remove her bra. She was wearing a black color bra and her nipples under the bra were also erected. I asked her if she is as excited as I am? She said, “Yes! Please continue!”

I went ahead and unhooked my girlfriend’s best buddy’s bra from behind and remove her bra. Now, her naked juicy boobs were in front me. I grabbed one of her boobs with one hand and started kissing to the other one. I was sucking her boob like a child feeding milk.

Actually, boobs are my most favorite part in a girl’s body and that’s why I wanted to suck them so badly that there was no tomorrow. I was chewing her nipples and making red marks with my teeth on her white milky boobs.

Vaibhavee was moaning in pleasure and pain altogether but I was not ready to leave them. She was moaning like, “Aaah… uhhh… Please! don’t stop it…You my baby… don’t bite mumma’s booby…..aaaah..”

After 15 minutes of boob-sucking of my girlfriend’s friend, I was on cloud 9 and she was also excited. She then asked me to show my dick to her. I was glad that she asked me to do so. I went ahead and removed my pant. She put her hand inside my underwear and took out my rock hard dick.

I got so hard that I thought my dick is going to burst. She held my dick and started moving it up and down. I was having the best pleasure of my life. I asked her if she can give me a blowjob. First, she refused, but when I insisted, she said, “Okay! I will give it a try. I don’t know how to do it, but I’ve seen it in porn movies. So, I’ll try my best.”

I said, “Go ahead baby, let’s do it!”

Vaibhavee went down and held my dick and planted a kiss on the top and started taking it slowly, inch by inch. My dick is 7-inches long. So, she easily held that in her hand and started licking its tip as it was an ice cream. My gf’s bestfriend was licking my dick from all the sides and also shaking it up and down at same time.

Though Vaibhavee was sucking my dick like a pro, I knew that it was her first time. Because she was my girlfriend’s best friend. She was very fair skinned, but her shape was a total miracle.

After the cock sucking, she lied on the bed and I started removing her pant. She was in a black panty. I asked, “Do you always wear the set of black bra and panties?”

Vaibhavee said, ”Yes! Specially for you my boy. To make you happy”

I started sniffing around her thighs. I wanted to give her maximum pleasure. So, I was trying to do everything to make her as much satisfied as possible.

I left her legs and I started kissing her from toes, then ankles, and went to her thighs. And then I went licking towards her inner thighs. I was continuously kissing, licking, and biting her thighs so she get that most pleasure she could.

Then I removed my lover’s best friend’s panty and saw her cleaned shave pussy. It was the pussy of my dreams, with no hair on it. I thanked her for shaving her pussy for me. I started kissing her pussy.

First, I put my tongue on the top of her pussy and licked it slightly. Then I parted her pussy lips and started sucking it thoroughly.

I put my tongue inside Vaibhavee’s pussy hole and then licked it from inside. Now, she started moaning so loud like a mad. So, I had to start TV and play some song to avoid the sound that was going out of our room.

After that, I went back and continued the pussy sucking. She had orgasm twice during that. I sucked her pussy for almost half an hour. The juices coming out of her hole had salty and savory taste.

She said, “I’ve never been this happy till now. Please fuck me now! I can’t control.”

I prepared to have sex with my girlfriend’s horny bestfriend. We were in missionary position. I lifted her legs, and I placed my dick on the entrance of her vagina, and started rubbing my dick on it.

Now, she was very excited and Vaibhavee’s pussy got so wet that she was begging for my dick. I took out a condom but she asked me to not use it because those was her safe days, and she said that she will take anti-pregnancy pills.

I was happy to go inside Vaibhavee’s pussy with my naked penis. My dick was so warm and her pussy was also throbbing. The AC was on, and we were in the blanket but still we both were sweating. It was the best day of my life.

I inserted my dick into her pussy, pushed it slowly and my dick went a bit further. Then, I jerked it harder, and all of my dick went inside, and she screamed in pain. I locked her mouth by mine, and started kissing her with open mouth, and stroking my dick in her pussy at the same time.

I was not very pro at that time. So, I thought to delay the climax as possible as I can. I was stroking her slowly and she was moaning with the rhythm of every stroke.

After that, my girlfriend’s bestfriend asked me to fuck her in doggy style. Then I made her my bitch, put my dick into her pussy, and started fucking her from behind. After 10 minutes of fucking, I came inside her.

Her pussy was throbbing and sucking my dick inside. It was so tight that my dick got red. After that, I took out my dick from her pussy, and hugged her tightly.

We got so tired that we fell on each other and slept for 2 hours. After waking up, I fucked her twice. After that, we left the Oyo room and went to our hostel.

Now, when we have to fuck, we just text each other, decide the timing, and go to the the nearby Oyo room. Now, we regular have sex, and my girlfriend have no idea that I and her bestie fuck each other regularly.

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