Sexy Cousin Jenny

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It was a mid-semester Friday afternoon. I had just finished my last class of the week and normally I would’ve been in the mood to celebrate. Instead…not so much. I’d just broken up with my girlfriend, I didn’t have the energy to go hit a party, and both of my sub-optimal roommates would be around all weekend so I didn’t feel like going back to the dorm. With a heavy sigh, I shouldered my backpack and started the long trek to the library. At least I could get an early start on studying for my rapidly approaching mid-terms.

Just then, perfect timing, my phone buzzed with an incoming text.

Jenny: ‘Hi Jakey it’s your gorgeous cousin!’

I chuckled. Did Jenny, my absolute favorite relative, really think she had to identify herself? Like I wouldn’t have her in my address book. I decided to give her some shit.

Me: ‘Which one?’

Jenny: ‘Oh ha ha funny boy’

Me: ‘Lol. What’s up Jenny?’

Jenny: ‘Just lying around…slept in’

Well, that wasn’t a great sign. She was still in bed at 4:00 in the afternoon? I felt a pang of guilt, knowing I should’ve been checking up on her lately. I knew she got laid off a few weeks ago, and she wasn’t taking it very well. But I’d been preoccupied with my own problems and hadn’t reached out to her in a while.

Me: ‘Well get up lazybones. Dalia will be home soon. You guys got plans this weekend?’

Jenny: ‘She’s working late tonight, then taking the redeye home to see the family, I’m taking a me day, not even dressed yet.’

Well, this was starting to worry me a bit. I considered grilling her more about her state of mind, but with Jenny it usually worked better to approach things with humor.

Me: ‘Not dressed yet? So, you’re naked’

There was a pause, and for a moment I wondered if I’d misread her mood. Maybe she needed serious conversation, not flirtatious joking.

Jenny: ‘Pervert, lol. No not naked’

Jenny: ‘Not quite heh heh’

That caught me off balance. I was relieved because her tone sounded upbeat, but surprised because she usually wasn’t so flirtatious. Normally, I flirted, and she laughed it off. That was kind of our thing.

Me: ‘Hmmm….panties and bra?’

Jenny: ‘Will you stop!!! lol…yeah panties anyway’

Oh my god. I felt a throb as my cock woke up and decided to listen in. Jenny is one of the most gorgeous women I know, and my mind flashed a fantasy of sexy, slender Jenny in skimpy panties with her hands barely covering her full breasts.

Me: ‘Just panties????’

Jenny: ‘STOP lol pervert. No I’m wearing a little top sort of…what I sleep in wink’

Me: ‘Send pics”

Ouch. As soon as I sent it, it felt wrong. I was still worried I might be misreading her mood. Maybe she was hurting, and the flirtatiousness was forced. In any event, I was crossing the line. I dreaded her response.

Jenny: ‘If you want to see it you have to come over’

I paused. Was she kidding? What the hell! I stepped into a doorway in a classroom building, made sure no one was looking, and adjusted my increasingly awkward hardon.

Jenny: ‘Kidding!!!! lol well not about coming over’

Me: ‘You sure? I’d love to see you it’s been awhile’

Jenny: ‘Yeah… to be honest I have an ulterior motive…your mom told me you and Alice aren’t doing well…I thought you might want to talk.’

You guessed it; Alice was my brand-new ex-girlfriend.

Me: ‘Yeah…not sure where it’s going…we’re taking a break’

Jenny: ‘Oh shit. I’m sorry…you ok?’

Me: ‘I’m ok…a little down but I’ll live’

Jenny: ‘Aww baby boy…you better come over’

Me: ‘Yeah that’d be nice…give me like an hour and a half?’

Jenny: ‘make it 2 hours, pick us up some dinner’


Jenny was four years older than me. She was one of the oldest of a pack of eight cousins in our branch of the extended family who were crammed into a four-year age band. I was the youngest of the group. I had vague memories of seeing Jenny a couple of times when she was just a little girl, and I was still a toddler.

My first solid, distinct memory of her was from a family re-union when I was ten years old and all the cousins were there. As the youngest by at least two years, I was excluded or picked on the entire time. The worst offender was my own brother, Howie, who was the oldest of the group and the unquestioned ringleader. Well, unquestioned except by Jenny, who took pity on me and made an effort to include me and be nice. She even got into an argument about it with Howie at one point, and she was ferocious. She succeeded in getting him to treat me slightly better, and she was Wonder Woman in my eyes.

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