Sexy Cousin Jenny

It was a mid-semester Friday afternoon. I had just finished my last class of the week and normally I would’ve been in the mood to celebrate. Instead…not so much. I’d just broken up with my girlfriend, I didn’t have the energy to go hit a party, and both of my sub-optimal roommates would be around all weekend so I didn’t feel like going back to the dorm. With a heavy sigh, I shouldered my backpack and started the long trek to the library. At least I could get an early start on studying for my rapidly approaching mid-terms.

Just then, perfect timing, my phone buzzed with an incoming text.

Jenny: ‘Hi Jakey it’s your gorgeous cousin!’

I chuckled. Did Jenny, my absolute favorite relative, really think she had to identify herself? Like I wouldn’t have her in my address book. I decided to give her some shit.

Me: ‘Which one?’

Jenny: ‘Oh ha ha funny boy’

Me: ‘Lol. What’s up Jenny?’

Jenny: ‘Just lying around…slept in’

Well, that wasn’t a great sign. She was still in bed at 4:00 in the afternoon? I felt a pang of guilt, knowing I should’ve been checking up on her lately. I knew she got laid off a few weeks ago, and she wasn’t taking it very well. But I’d been preoccupied with my own problems and hadn’t reached out to her in a while.

Me: ‘Well get up lazybones. Dalia will be home soon. You guys got plans this weekend?’

Jenny: ‘She’s working late tonight, then taking the redeye home to see the family, I’m taking a me day, not even dressed yet.’

Well, this was starting to worry me a bit. I considered grilling her more about her state of mind, but with Jenny it usually worked better to approach things with humor.

Me: ‘Not dressed yet? So, you’re naked’

There was a pause, and for a moment I wondered if I’d misread her mood. Maybe she needed serious conversation, not flirtatious joking.

Jenny: ‘Pervert, lol. No not naked’

Jenny: ‘Not quite heh heh’

That caught me off balance. I was relieved because her tone sounded upbeat, but surprised because she usually wasn’t so flirtatious. Normally, I flirted, and she laughed it off. That was kind of our thing.

Me: ‘Hmmm….panties and bra?’

Jenny: ‘Will you stop!!! lol…yeah panties anyway’

Oh my god. I felt a throb as my cock woke up and decided to listen in. Jenny is one of the most gorgeous women I know, and my mind flashed a fantasy of sexy, slender Jenny in skimpy panties with her hands barely covering her full breasts.

Me: ‘Just panties????’

Jenny: ‘STOP lol pervert. No I’m wearing a little top sort of…what I sleep in wink’

Me: ‘Send pics”

Ouch. As soon as I sent it, it felt wrong. I was still worried I might be misreading her mood. Maybe she was hurting, and the flirtatiousness was forced. In any event, I was crossing the line. I dreaded her response.

Jenny: ‘If you want to see it you have to come over’

I paused. Was she kidding? What the hell! I stepped into a doorway in a classroom building, made sure no one was looking, and adjusted my increasingly awkward hardon.

Jenny: ‘Kidding!!!! lol well not about coming over’

Me: ‘You sure? I’d love to see you it’s been awhile’

Jenny: ‘Yeah… to be honest I have an ulterior motive…your mom told me you and Alice aren’t doing well…I thought you might want to talk.’

You guessed it; Alice was my brand-new ex-girlfriend.

Me: ‘Yeah…not sure where it’s going…we’re taking a break’

Jenny: ‘Oh shit. I’m sorry…you ok?’

Me: ‘I’m ok…a little down but I’ll live’

Jenny: ‘Aww baby boy…you better come over’

Me: ‘Yeah that’d be nice…give me like an hour and a half?’

Jenny: ‘make it 2 hours, pick us up some dinner’


Jenny was four years older than me. She was one of the oldest of a pack of eight cousins in our branch of the extended family who were crammed into a four-year age band. I was the youngest of the group. I had vague memories of seeing Jenny a couple of times when she was just a little girl, and I was still a toddler.

My first solid, distinct memory of her was from a family re-union when I was ten years old and all the cousins were there. As the youngest by at least two years, I was excluded or picked on the entire time. The worst offender was my own brother, Howie, who was the oldest of the group and the unquestioned ringleader. Well, unquestioned except by Jenny, who took pity on me and made an effort to include me and be nice. She even got into an argument about it with Howie at one point, and she was ferocious. She succeeded in getting him to treat me slightly better, and she was Wonder Woman in my eyes.

Flash forward to the next family re-union, featuring little Jake at thirteen. At that point, I was older and wiser and probably a little more able to stick up for myself and hang with the big kids, except…

Except gorgeous Cousin Jenny showed up with her brand-new woman’s body. Jenny at seventeen was already a goddess. I was just starting to notice girls and holy shit did I notice her. I was a stammering, blushing wreck. Howie and all the others couldn’t help but notice my noticing, and they were merciless. I was mocked, teased, and tormented like never in my life.

I spent that entire weekend hiding and wishing I was dead. I was desperately in love, I was humiliated, I felt like the whole world was laughing at me. Life couldn’t possibly be worse. Until Jenny, clearly understanding the problem, tracked me down and talked to me and said all the right things and even though it was horrible and painful, she somehow got me through the weekend.

Flash forward four years. Jake at seventeen was a rangy but muscled 6’2″ with a trophy on my shelf that said WATER POLO STATE CHAMPIONS. Heading into the family re-union, I wasn’t worried about being picked on anymore.

But I was worried about Jenny. The college junior had recently “come out” as a lesbian. Her unhappy parents, instead of keeping it in house, had blabbed to some other relatives, and they told others, and now the whole extended family knew. So now it looked like Jenny’s saga would be the major scandal at the reunion.

My parents, who were slightly more open-minded and enlightened than Jenny’s, or most of our relatives for that matter, took me aside a couple of days before the re-union. After my dad stumbled through a horribly awkward attempt to explain lesbianism to me, and after hearing my assurance that I knew what it was, got to the point.

“Just be nice,” he said. “Don’t give her any shit about it. If you don’t have anything nice to say to her, just keep your trap shut.”

“You don’t need to worry about me,” I said. “You might want to talk to Howie.” Dad rolled his eyes. By this time, wise-ass Howie was a fraternity king at a big university in the southeast and could be counted on to be a first-class dick in most situations.

“If your brother says anything out of line,” my dad said, “you let me know.”

Jenny had difficult travel connections and was one of the last to arrive in the evening of the first day of the re-union. Grandma, an old school bigot, made a point of ignoring her. Aunts and uncles, for the most part, were polite but chilly. Cousins shunned her and snickered behind her back. She was putting up a brave front, but sometimes I could see the pain in her eyes.

My heart ached for her. I wanted to be the one to go to her and hug her and tell her the family still loved her, even if they were being psychotically weird about it. I wanted to but couldn’t. Last time I’d seen her was four years earlier during the Crush Phase and looking at her now dragged me back to that time. I found that I was still afraid to approach her. Or maybe I was just afraid of being ridiculed again by Howie and the gang.

On the morning of the second day, a bunch of us cousins were sitting in Grandma’s basement, shooting the shit. I was enjoying not being the little tag along anymore. By now I was the tallest, even an inch two beyond Howie. I was the extended family’s most accomplished athlete, and I had developed some swagger and confidence. Except for Howie, the older cousins treated me with deference now.

Suddenly, Jenny showed up. I remember how beautiful she looked in cute jean shorts and a pink tank top, her legs long and gorgeous.

Beautiful yes; in my eyes, probably the most beautiful girl in the world. But also, sad and anxious and in pain. Surely my cousins would see that and open their arms and hearts to her.

“Hey guys,” she said with forced cheerfulness. I admired her courage. There were a couple of grunts in response, and then everyone just clammed up, waiting as always to follow Howie’s lead. I was on my feet, leaning against a wall, while Howie and most of the rest sat in chairs. I was surprised when none of the male cousins got up and offered Jenny a seat. I would have, if I’d been seated. That was just how we were raised. Jenny pretended not to notice the disrespect and sat awkwardly on the carpeted floor.

A few heartbeats of uncomfortable silence, then…

“Don’t munch THAT rug,” said Howie to Jenny.

Everyone burst out laughing. Everyone except Jenny and me. Jenny looked shocked and terribly hurt, and then I could see tears forming. She got to her feet and headed out the door. This was too much for me.

“Jenny, wait!” I said and started after her.

“Let her go, Romeo,” said Howie, and the room exploded in a new round of laughter. Which faded when rage seized me, and I stomped over to Howie. He rose to face me.

“The fuck you wa–” he began, and then SLAP.

It was the hardest I’ve ever slapped anyone, and probably the hardest I’ve ever seen anyone slapped. It knocked him back into his seat and it seemed to echo in the small basement room forever. A hot pain surged through my left hand, which I would still feel the next day. It must have really stung for him. I took two steps back, giving him a chance to decide his next move. He picked the wrong one, and exploded up out of his chair, fist cocked, fury in his face.

Unfortunately, Cousin Trish made the wrong decision as well. Even though I was backing up, she leaped into me, hands on my chest like I was the one that needed to be held back. She was yammering at me to calm down and get a grip and whatever. Howie was coming at us fast, still rising out of a crouch and winding up to throw a wild right-handed punch that seemed more likely to hit Trish in the back of the head than me in the face.

In any event, I wasn’t too keen on him hitting either of us. I brushed Trish aside and caught Howie square in the jaw with a hard right jab. It would have been harder if I hadn’t been a little off balance, but combined with his forward momentum, it carried enough force to drop him like a sack of potatoes. It didn’t knock him out, but he was lying on his side, propped up on an elbow, blinking and shaking his head and looking at me stunned and cross-eyed.

I glanced around to see if anyone else wanted to step in. The only other serious threats were the twins, Robbie and Richie, who were up out of their seats but wisely hadn’t made a move toward me. When I was ten, they had terrified me, but I was half a head taller than they were now. They sat back down. I stood over my brother.

“If you want to be a douchebag and ignore her, that’s your problem,” I told him. “But you make another comment like that, and I will seriously fuck you up. YOU HEAR ME?”

“Yeah,” he mumbled. I spun away and headed for the door, and then stopped in my tracks. Jenny was there, eyes wide, mouth in a beautiful O. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but I was terrified she’d be angry and walk away. Instead, she managed a smirk.

“Come on, slugger,” she said. “Let’s take a walk.”


“Did you ever get in trouble for that?” Jenny asked.

“Nope,” I said. “Howie is a dick but not a rat. He never told mom and dad.”

“I’m surprised the twins or Trish didn’t squeal. But I guess I shouldn’t be. They were all terrified of you after that.”


“Yeah. Trish told me later. Richie especially was shitting his pants. He picked on you so much when you were little, he thought you were going to come after him to get your revenge.”

“I thought about it,” I said, and we both laughed.

Jenny was setting the table while I took cartons of Chinese food out of the bags I’d brought with me. She was wearing a fluffy pink robe, which I could admit to myself was a disappointment after her earlier texts about lying around in lingerie. Probably she’d been kidding all along, and I had no business expecting a naughty fashion show from my cousin. But her flirty texting tone had raised my hopes.

In any event, I noticed she was setting the table for three. Apparently, she was expecting Dalia soon, and Jenny wouldn’t have wanted her live-in lover to walk in on her displaying her charms, even if only to her cousin.

I looked up from the food and noticed Jenny was staring at me with a little smile on her face.

“What?” I shrugged.

“Nothing, just…remembering,” she said. “How it felt…” Her eyes started to tear up, and she came to me, and she was in my arms and she felt warm and wonderful and soft and curvy, and that crush that never really went away came roaring back to life.

“That’s the only time anyone ever actually fought for me,” she said, and we just held each other like that for a long time.

“Aww, look at you two! So freaking cute!” said Dalia as she burst through the front door and charged into the room. Almost as tall as me in her work heels, charismatic and aggressive and gorgeous. Her short hair and powerful body leaned slightly toward butch stereotype, but she was glammed out in a chic suit, and even after a long day her makeup was perfect.

With a guilty start, I tried to pull away, but Jenny giggled and hung onto me.

“Just catching up with my baby cousin,” she said.

“Baby cousin my ass,” said Dalia, “more like baby giraffe. Did you grow another inch, Jake? Oh thank god, you guys got dinner.”

“I know you have to rush,” Jenny said. “You go get changed while we plate everything.”

“Okay babe.” Dalia gave us each a peck on the cheek as she rushed by into the bedroom.

“How was work?” asked Jenny from the kitchen.

“The usual,” said Dalia. “Oh shit, Lyft’s going to be here in 10, I’m really just going to have to eat and run. Sorry guys!”

She’d left the bedroom door open partway, probably so the conversation could continue while Jenny prepared the food. It also gave me the chance to ogle her as her suit fell away and she stood tall and stunning in a black bra and thong set. She glanced over her shoulder and caught me staring, but just gave me a grin and wink. I blushed and turned away.

Dalia was in a rush, and I hadn’t realized how hungry I was, so we tore through most of the food in just a few minutes, and Dalia’s Lyft still hadn’t arrived. Jenny seemed preoccupied and was just moving her food around with her fork. Dalia looked at her with a concerned frown but apparently decided to give her some space.

“So Jake,” she said, “where’s Allison?”


“Whatever. She has to study tonight?”


“Uh oh.” A concerned look appeared on her face. “Did you guys…”

“Pretty much broke up. I think.” There was an awkward moment. I shrugged casually, indicating to her that I was past the heartbreak stage.

“Too bad,” said Dalia. “She was a cutie. Any chance I can I get her phone number?” She gave me a crooked but caring grin, and I knew she wasn’t laughing at my situation, but just trying to get a laugh out of me to make me feel better. It worked. Jenny looked shocked for an instant and then howled with laughter and threw a fortune cookie at her girlfriend.

“Slut,” she said.

“Bitch,” replied Dalia. She got up, walked behind Jenny’s seat and leaned over to give her a hug and kiss. “Going to miss you, angel.”

“It’s only a couple of days,” replied Jenny.

“I know.” But I could see a shadow cross Dalia’s face. I could tell she was worried about Jenny and really didn’t want to leave her. On cue, her phone buzzed.

“Well fuck. My ride’s here. Hey Jake, come with me, I can drop you off, you’re on the way.”

“No babe, he just got here,” said Jenny.

“Well, don’t keep him too late, the buses are dicey this time of night.”

“Well, I was going to ask him to stay over. Keep me company. What do you say, Jake?”

I was as surprised as Dalia, and I felt a guilty look flash on my face, even though I hadn’t done anything.

There was an awkward pause in the conversation. Dalia arched an eyebrow and Jenny chewed her lower lip as they exchanged a long look.

I felt some sort of tension between them. I didn’t understand it, but I felt like I’d somehow stepped into the middle of it. This wouldn’t do. I opened my mouth to tell Dalia I’d go with her, but she shrugged and looked away from Jenny before I could speak.

“Cool,” she said. “Well, you kids have a good time. Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Oh. So, we can use the strap on?” Jenny asked with a mock innocent smile. Dalia laughed and slapped her on the butt.

“Slut,” she said.

“Bitch,” Jenny replied. They melted into each other’s arms and did their goodbye hug and kiss.

“Okay, Goliath,” Dalia said to me. “Give me a hand with my suitcase?”

“Uh…sure,” I said. It was an odd request, since her bag was small, and she was a big, strong woman. I picked it up and followed her out the door and into the elevator. She was silent until we got to the car. After I tossed her bag into the trunk, she finally spoke up.

“Thanks for being here for her tonight,” she said, giving me a powerful hug. She had a big-boned, full-bodied beauty that I really found attractive. As her breasts pressed into me, I flashed back to my earlier glimpse of her in lingerie, and my cock stiffened.

When we broke, she wiped a tear from her eye. “She’s…kind of vulnerable right now, I really feel bad about leaving her. But it’s a family thing, I have to go.”

“She couldn’t have gone with you?”

“No. My family…really hasn’t accepted the situation. I can’t expose her to that right now.”

“Oh. Got it.”

“So anyway…just take good care of her tonight, okay?” Then she was in the car and gone, leaving me confused as hell. But also frightened and excited.


After my one-sided fight with Howie, Jenny had gotten me out of the house fast. Down the block and out of sight, she gave me a quick hug and peck on the cheek which made me blush but made punching out my brother seem worthwhile.

“So, I guess everyone knows about me,” she said.

“Yeah. Everyone knows.”

“I can’t believe my parents would do that. I figured they’d just keep it to themselves, and I could tell a few people at my own pace. But the second I walked in…” she started to tear up. I reached out and we shared a longer, more meaningful hug.

“You were the first one I was going to talk to,” she said. My pride swelled, knowing that she trusted me and viewed me as an adult. She pulled away but took my hand as we started walking.

“Listen,” she said. “There may be a shit storm when we get back. Let’s just tell the truth. Howie was being horrible, you stood up for me, then you hit him in self-defense.” Well, I thought, the slap wasn’t exactly self-defense. But, okay, the punch was.

“Whatever they say, whatever Howie says, I got your back,” she continued. A warm feeling spread through me when she said that. But as much I liked being a co-conspirator with her, I wasn’t that worried.

“Howie won’t say anything,” I said. “He’d rather die than admit he got his ass kicked by his little brother.”

“Hmmm….maybe…but the others?”

“They’ll follow his lead. They always do.”

But my confidence was tested a few minutes later when I saw my mom waiting for us in front of the house. Jenny nudged me with an elbow, which I knew meant she wanted me to shut up and let her do the talking.

“Hi Aunt Rose,” she said.

“There you are,” my mom said, but she was looking at Jenny not me. “I wanted to talk to you, honey.”

“Oh, okay. Jake and I just wanted to…get some air.”

“Oh, you poor thing,” she said with a sympathetic smile, and I realized that what she was worried about was how Jenny was being treated by the family. So I was right, nobody had told the grownups that I’d put Howie on the floor. Instead, my mom was actually beaming at me, apparently pleased that I’d gone walking with Jenny instead of shunning her like everyone else.

“Come on, dear,” she said, hooking arms with Jenny and steering my cousin toward the front door.

“Oh, Jake,” she said, glancing over her shoulder. “Is something wrong with Howie? He’s sulking in his room and won’t come down for lunch.”

“I think he said he had a headache,” said Jenny.

“Oh well. Probably jet lag, we’ll just let him nap this afternoon.”


Jenny was putting the last of the dishes in the sink when I got back to the apartment. She turned to me, and for millionth time in my life, took my breath away with her devastatingly beautiful smile.

“Thanks for walking her down,” Jenny said. “She’s okay?”

“Yeah…seems a little sad about leaving you. Maybe worried.”

“She worries too much. It’s nice to be loved and pampered, but I think she takes on too much stress trying to make everything perfect for me.”

“You’re lucky to have her,” I said. “Almost as lucky as she is to have you.”

“Aww….” She literally ran the four steps across the room into my arms. “You’re the sweetest person in the world.” She held me close for a few heartbeats, and I could feel her purr like a kitten, even through the thick bathrobe. And then she suddenly pushed away, stepping back and giving me a naughty smile.

“I almost forgot,” she said. “I promised you.” She fiddled with robe’s belt. Untied it. For a dizzying instant I thought she was naked underneath. Then I remembered, she had tempted me earlier by describing the lingerie she was wearing.

“Jenny, you don’t have to–“

“I promised,” she said, in a very flirty little girl voice. She flashed the robe open, and I got a glimpse of pale yellow material and bare skin. A lot of bare skin. She giggled, holding the robe shut, then opening it more slowly…seductively. It slid off her shoulders and fell to the floor.

“Oh my god…Jenny…” I breathed, and my voice broke a little.

The first thing I took in were those long, beautiful legs that were utterly, breathtakingly bare in the tiny yellow panties that looped high over her hips; panties sheer enough to hint at a dark triangle underneath, lowcut in front to allow a whisp of curly fringe to peek shyly over the top.

Her matching spaghetti strap top brazenly displayed her full, firm breasts; scandalously low cut to show generous amounts of cleavage, and sheer enough to hint at more. I could just make out the dark circles of her nipples, which were prominently erect. Most of her firm, fit tummy was delightfully exposed, as the top’s lower hem ended only inches below her breasts.

Those breasts jiggled enticingly as she raised her hands to fluff out her long, thick brown hair. She did a little pirouette, showing her almost naked backside. The top was held together in back only by a couple of thin, crisscrossing straps, and the little thong disappeared completely into her firm, curvy, delicious little ass.

“You like?” she asked. She was confidently sexy on the surface, but underneath was a hint of a shy little girl seeking approval. As beautiful and sexy as she was, that trace of vulnerability made her even more irresistible.

“Jenny…you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.” I said it like I meant it, because I did. She blushed, which made her girl-next-door beauty shift to heartbreakingly adorable. She was back in my arms, squeezing and purring again. Without the robe, I felt so much more of her…those breasts and nipples pressed into my ribs, that firm thigh against my leg, the bare skin of her back under my fingertips…I was achingly hard, and glad I had adjusted myself in the elevator on the way back to the room.

I was just starting to wonder where this was going, when she finally broke away, took my hand and led me to the living room.

“Sit,” she said, pushing me down onto the couch. “I’m going to put on some music and you need to tell me what’s going on with Alice.” She was fooling around with her stereo, bending slightly and flashing that little yellow thong strap at me. I groaned inwardly and readjusted myself.

She sat close to me on the sofa. We weren’t quite touching, not at first, but I could feel warmth from her body. She smiled and ran her fingers along my shoulder.

“So tell me what happened,” she said. I sighed. I didn’t really want to go into this, but I knew Jenny wanted to help.

“We had a disagreement,” I said. “We decided to…take a break from each other, I guess you could say. That was a couple of weeks ago, and we haven’t talked since.”

“Disagreement about what?”

“I guess the big picture is…sex.”

“Well,” she said, “a lot of couples go through that. Most of them figure it out. I’m surprised, though, she seems pretty sexual and very much into you.”

“It’s not like she doesn’t want to have sex. We’re usually on the same page about that. It’s just…well…something happened.”

“Uh oh,” she said. I sighed again. Here was the part I didn’t want to get into, because I had mixed feelings about my own part in it. But it was Jenny I was talking to, and she always had my back.

“We’re always careful…safe,” I said.

“You use condoms.”

“Yeah. Always. Except once. We just got carried away, and I went inside her…” I flashed back to the memory; we were just fooling around, slipping and sliding, and she was crazy wet, and the tip of my cock slipped in, and it felt so amazing, and there was that look in her eyes and she said okay and I just plunged in balls deep…

“It was so different…I can’t even describe it…she was feeling it too, and it was so intense…”

Jenny was staring at me, eyes wide, face flushed. Her mouth was open, then she closed it and swallowed hard.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “That’s too graphic. I shouldn’t-“

“No, it’s okay,” she said, touching my shoulder again, and the room suddenly felt way too warm. “Tell me everything.”


“Did you get her-“

“No,” I said. “Not pregnant. Thank God. She was worried about it for a few days though. And she was worried…that I gave her something.”

“But you didn’t.”

“No! Of course not! That was the first time I’d done it bareba– done it unprotected.”

“So…she was upset about it afterward?”

“Well…yes and no,” I told her. “Kind of back and forth. She liked it…she talked about going on birth control…but she kept going on about diseases, and it hurt me. Like she thought I was just running around having unprotected sex all the time, with other girls. But I wasn’t. I never cheated on her.”

“Well, you guys could’ve gotten tested…”

“Eventually we did, or at least I did,” I replied. “But before that…things got kind of weird. We tried to talk about it. She initially said she might go on birth control, but then she changed her mind, but she kind of went back and forth, and I got lost in the mixed signals.”

“Oh, baby,” she said with a sad, sympathetic smile, and leaned into me. Her body felt perfect in my arms.

“I tried not to pressure her about going on the pill,” I said. “I told her it was completely her choice. But the disease thing really bothered me, the way she doubted me and even seemed to be accusing me. We should have talked it through, but it was awkward, and we just left it out there and avoided it.”

“So…you decided to get tested.”

“Yeah. I just decided I’d do it on my own without saying anything, and just tell her when I got the results. So I went to the university clinic, and you know how it is, this is something they do well. Free test, quick results, and of course it came back clean. I never expected otherwise. When I showed her the results, I thought she’d be happy. Relieved it was clean, appreciative that I did it. But instead, she got all bent out of shape about it.”

“You’re kidding! Why?”

“She thought I was doing it to put pressure on her about going on birth control. Like all I cared about was convincing her to have sex with me…bareback.”

Something happened to Jenny when I said the word “bareback.” Her face changed, she looked away, and she seemed to shiver a little. I couldn’t quite read her reaction.

It hit me then that Jenny’s reaction might be an indication that she wasn’t completely sympathetic to my side of the story. As a woman, she might feel for Alice and her fear of being manipulated and pressured. And like I said, even I was confused and ambivalent about my role in this. My heart sank.

“She’s right, isn’t she?” I asked.

“Oh, my poor Jakey.” I looked in her eyes and only saw love. “First off…I couldn’t tell you who’s right or wrong here. Every couple, every situation is different. You two are the only ones who know what’s right for you. But, for what it’s worth, I think you tried to do the right thing, and I can understand her fears, but I think she’s sending you mixed signals and I think she’s kind of lashing out at you. And no matter what else, you’re family and you’re very special to me, and I’ve got your back no matter what.”

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I felt a heavy weight lift from my shoulders. There was a lot I could say, but I really only needed two words.

“Thank you,” I said. She smiled and we just looked into each other’s eyes. I felt such a connection to her.

“You told Dalia you’re breaking up with Alice. Aren’t you going to try to fix things?” she asked. I gave it a moment’s thought before answering, crystallizing the decision that had been forming in my mind over the last few days.

“I don’t think so,” I said. “One of the things she kept bringing up when we argued was that our relationship was too sexual. I mean, not enough besides sex. And she said that was why she was suspicious of my motives. It made me mad when she said it, and I denied it, but later when I thought about it…I knew she was right, in one sense. We didn’t have enough in the relationship; it was mostly about sex.”

“You really think so?”

“Yeah…I guess I do. The sex was great. It really was. And it made us feel close, but something was missing. We didn’t do very much else, and we didn’t have a lot of deep conversations. I wanted to feel like I had a special connection with her. Like I have with…”

With you, I almost said to her. And even though I didn’t say it, she knew. She blushed but held my gaze, then smiled.

“It sounds like you’ve really thought it through. I’m proud of you Jake. You’re…you’re so grown up now…” she choked up a little, blinked away a tear, then giggled at her own emotional display. Her brilliant smile was back.

“Want to watch a movie?” she asked.


After a long, difficult, emotional week, I was exhausted. As the movie started, Jenny snuggled up against me. The earlier erotic charge I felt for her had softened, and now her warm, sleek body felt comforting. The movie completely failed to hold my attention and I was asleep less than half an hour in.

“Meh. Err. Fuck…” Something was happening. Movement, light, words…

“I said, let’s get you to bed,” Jenny repeated.

“Uh. Eh. Yeah. I guess I fell asleep.”

“Yeah, I know. You snored through the whole movie. I let you sleep, but now we need to get you to bed.”

“Right yeah.” I stood up, then looked down at the tiny sofa. It looked like it was maybe two feet shorter than me, and not well padded.

“Uh…you got blankets, or…” I asked. Jenny just laughed.

“No way you’re sleeping on this,” she said. “You get the big bed.” She took my hand and started leading me toward the bedroom she and Dalia shared.

“Jenny, no, you can’t sleep out here on the couch.”

“Don’t worry about me,” she said. She tugged hard and I followed. Once inside the bedroom, she pushed me toward the master bath.

“New toothbrushes, top drawer on the left. Clean wash cloths behind you. You want to shower now? I can get you a towel.”

“I worked out and showered earlier. I’m good.”

When I returned to the bedroom, she was just finishing up installing fresh sheets and pillowcases. I stood before her, and she gave me a funny look.

“You’re going to sleep in your clothes?” she asked.

“I, ah, I didn’t bring any–“

“Sleep in your boxers.” When I still hesitated to strip in front of her, she laughed.

“Don’t be shy,” she said. “I’ve been to your water polo matches, and I’ve seen you in those little speedos.” She was right, but that wasn’t the entirety of the problem. I undressed quickly and moved awkwardly into bed, trying to keep my hard on out of her line of sight.

She sat on the bed next to me and stroked my face and forehead.

“Sleep now, baby,” she said. “I have a few things to do, but I’ll be in soon.”

In soon? Was she…joining me? No…couldn’t be…just checking up on me, probably. I watched her beautiful body sway as she moved to the doorway, switched off the light and closed the door. I was still trying to translate the fluctuating signals I’d been getting from her all evening. My cock throbbed, and I took it in my hand, stroked it a couple of times…

And fell immediately into a deep sleep.


I awoke feeling disoriented but refreshed. My guess was I’d been asleep for a couple of hours, so it might have been around midnight. The curtains were open, and the full moon partially lit the room with a silvery glow. The covers were lifted away from me, and there was movement on the bed next to me.

“Are you awake?” Jenny whispered.


“Do you mind if I sleep in here?”

“No.” God no.

I was in the middle of the bed, and I started to slide over to give her more room, but she snuggled into me before I could move. Her head was on my shoulder, her breasts pressed into my side through her sheer top. Her nipples were quite hard. Her arm went across my chest, and her leg went across my thighs, just inches below my very hard cock. I put my hand on her back, touching smooth, bare skin. She sighed contentedly and I could see her smile in the moonlight.

“Can you hold me a little bit before we go to sleep?” she asked.

“Of course,” I replied. “Um…is everything okay?”

“Yeah…maybe…I don’t know,” she said.

“Aww baby.” I stroked her back, playing with the little straps. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“I guess I’m just feeling a little needy. Kind of lonely without Dalia. I’m just really glad you’re here tonight.” She slid up my body and her lips pressed mine gently, opened for an instant…a hint of tongue then she pulled away.

“Is everything okay with Dalia?”

“Yeah…it is…it’s just confusing sometimes…” She moved against me again. There was something sensual in her movement, the way her breasts dragged on my chest. We both felt it; she shivered, and her hips moved, her panties grinding lightly against my thigh. She was wet, I could feel it. My cock throbbed, but I took a deep shaky breath and forced my mind back to the conversation.

“I know she really had to go,” Jenny said, “but it’s…not very good timing.”

“Did something happen?” I asked.

“Sort of,” she said. “Nothing bad…it’s good really. I told you I got laid off at work…”


“Well, I was kind of down in the dumps about it, and it happened right after Dalia got a promotion and a huge raise.”

“Well, that’s good news.”

“Yeah,” she said, “but it hurt me. I felt sort of useless, like I wasn’t contributing anything. Dalia said it was okay, and I shouldn’t worry. I didn’t have to find a job, I could do something else. But I’m like yeah right, what else…”

“What did she suggest?”

Jenny looked up at me with those big, beautiful eyes…deep liquid pools in the moonlight, I felt like I was looking into her soul.

“She said we should have a baby.”

“Oh…wow.” I wasn’t sure what to say. At least I was tactful enough not to blurt out something like “but you’re lesbians.” I had a vague, high-level idea of how in vitro fertilization worked, and of course they could pursue adoption. They were two loving, wonderful people who would be terrific parents.

“Kind of caught me off guard,” she continued. “I mean, we’d talked about it happening somewhere down the road, and I think we both knew I’d be the mommy. But I just hadn’t thought about it happening for a few more years.”

“What did you tell her?”

“Well, not really anything. I just froze up. I think eventually I said uh yeah maybe or something like that. I think she expected I’d be happy and enthusiastic, and we’d be celebrating and planning…but my immediate reaction was completely wrong. And I could see this pain on her face. I really hurt her, and I felt terrible. It wasn’t a fight; it was just really awkward.”

“Why were you hesitant?”

“I guess I was afraid it wasn’t really what she wanted. I felt like she was suggesting it because it would make me happy, get me over my depression over losing my job, not because it was what she wanted. Anyway, that night I thought about it, and I realized what a great idea it is, and how amazing she is, and I realized she was completely sincere. I decided that I really wanted to do it.”

“She must have been really happy when you told her,” I said.

“Surprisingly, no,” said Jenny. “Overnight, she’d convinced herself that I didn’t want to start a family with her, and she was trying to deal with that. When I told her in the morning that I did want to have her baby, she thought I was only saying yes to make her happy.”

I groaned when I heard that. Having just been through a tragic miscommunication with Alice, I could feel the pain they must have been going through.

“You two are trying so hard to make each other happy that you’re tripping over yourselves,” I said.

“Yeah,” she sighed. “You hit the nail on the head.”

“So where did you go from there?”

“We’ve been talking about it. A lot. There’s still some sensitivity and hurt feelings, but I’ve convinced her I really want to do it, and she’s really happy and excited. When she gets back, we’re going to set up some appointments and move forward.”

“Aww, that’s great news!” I squeezed her hard and she squeezed back. “Congratulations, baby girl! Or should I say…baby mama!”

She laughed and wiggled against me. But then her thigh moved up higher against me, brushing most of the length of the steel pipe inside my tight boxer briefs. I gasped, she went silent and quickly moved her leg away. I was afraid she’d move away entirely, but her body remained pressed against me. Her mouth was open in surprise, and then she looked away. The awkward moment stretched.

“I, uh…” I began, but then Jenny was looking at me and the smile was back.

“So that’s where we are,” she said, her cheerfulness a tiny bit forced, but I felt a huge relief that she was going to pretend to ignore what just happened.

“Yeah, I can see it must be hard for you, uh I mean difficult for you, not to have her here right now,” I said, trying to follow her lead and jump back into the conversation. “You’re going through some emotional stuff. Not a great time to be alone.”

She regarded me for a moment. She seemed to be trying to decide something.

“Actually…that’s not the only reason,” she said. Her leg moved again, until it rested along the underside of my balls. Slowly, deliberately, she began moving it back and forth. Caressing me in the most intimate way.

“You know I was the stereotype good girl growing up,” she said. “Good grades, never in trouble, virgin till I was 18. But when I went off to college…let’s just say I took full advantage if my newly granted freedom.” I listened in silence as her smooth warm thigh continued its exquisite caress of my privates.

“I experimented with sex,” she said. “I liked it. I was with a lot of boys…only a few girls at first. A couple of times I was careless with guys and did it…without protection.”

“Mmmmm….” her sexy story and her movement against me had me moaning out loud.

“I liked it that way,” she continued. “A lot. It was…mmmm…scary and naughty and it felt so different. I was a little bit obsessed with it…that’s why I acted funny earlier when you were talking about bareback, it still affects me to think about it. Anyway…I went on the pill, but that made it even more difficult to resist the lure of bareback. I mean, you have to be responsible, because bareback is still risky, pill or not.”


“It became a problem for me. A lot of guys would push it, and I had a hard time saying no. I started to resent it, and it was one of the reasons I started to…swing toward girls. It was a confusing time, but then I met this amazing girl and I fell in love for the first time, and everything changed. Dalia was my soulmate right from the start.” She smiled. “I don’t know if I became an actual lesbian, or just a Dalian.” Talking about her love for Dalia should have cooled me down, but it was heating me up.

“I knew I could be exclusive with her, and I had lost interest in men by that time, so I went off birth control. There was no reason to be on it. Soon after that, I officially came out as a lesbian. I told all my friends. I told old my parents, which I thought was a good idea because I was going to see them at the re-union, so I figured we’d have a chance to talk about it.”

“Yeah. Didn’t work out though, huh?”

“Two things happened that I didn’t expect. First, mom and dad blabbed to everyone, so I walked into this tornado of scorn and negativity and weirdness at the re-union. I felt completely blindsided. And the other thing…my body went absolutely insane when I went off birth control.”

Jenny moved. Her legs, her hips…suddenly she was straddling me. Lying with her full weight on top of me. She slid her breasts across my chest. Her pussy pressed against my shaft, only two thin layers of fabric separating us.

“Jenny, we shouldn’t–“

“Shhhh,” she said. Her lips met mine, and we kissed. Our tongues met, but it was gentle and sweetly seductive. She giggled and pulled her mouth away. The weight of her slender body against me was absolutely intoxicating.

“Back to the story,” she said. “The day I was flying out for re-union, I started ovulating for the first time since I went off the pill. My body, my emotions, went out of control. I spent the whole morning fucking Dalia and crying about how I didn’t want to leave. At the airport, and later on the plane, I couldn’t stop crying, except when I went into a bathroom to masturbate. I felt like my whole body was screaming for a cock. I started questioning how I could be a lesbian if I was feeling that way.” Her hips were moving. She was grinding on me now. We both moaned this time. After a long shiver, she continued.

“When I got to Grandma’s house…the whole family was just horrible. I was trying to keep it together. If you hadn’t been there, I would have just died. You kept me together the whole weekend. You were ca, and sweet, and caring. You fucking fought for me, but then you became so gentle and caring after that. You centered me, you calmed me down. Just being there, your energy…you’re so sweet and amazing and you don’t even know it.”

She pushed her upper body away from me, so she was sitting up. It out more of her weight on my cock.

“Close your eyes,” she said, and I did. There was a rustling of fabric on skin, then her body came back down to me. The first thing I felt were her nipples, harder and sharper…then her breasts, smoother and warmer…my hands touched her back and felt nothing but skin. She had taken off her top.

“Jenny,” I breathed. “What are you–” She hushed me again with a finger to my lips.

“Shhh baby,” she said. “It’s okay. I just need you next to me…just need to feel you, all of you, it’s what my body needs right now. This is what I’d be doing with Dalia right now…not fucking, just…just feeling her against my body…her warmth…her skin…her strength…”

“But I–“

“Shhhh….don’t worry…I know I can trust you.” Her smooth beautiful skin, touching me everywhere, gave me chills.

“Dalia and I came to realize that my body would just go crazy every month when I became fertile,” she continued. “It’s not uncommon for women, but kind of extreme in my case. I don’t know if I’d be like this anyway, or if going on and off birth control changed my body somehow…anyway…so now it’s like this every month. Twenty-eight days a month, I’m a content, happy, satisfied lesbian. Two days a month, I’m an insatiable, cock-craving whore.”

“Oh, Jenny…”

“Do you know what we do when that happens, Jake? Do you know how Dalia takes care of me?”


“Let’s get these off and I’ll tell you,” she said. She started peeling off my boxer briefs. I should have resisted. I couldn’t. When they were gone, she straddled me again. As her panty-clad pussy settled back onto my now naked shaft, I felt the slick wetness of her juices soaking through.

“She uses the strap on,” said Jenny. “We don’t use it that much normally, so it’s tight at first. But she shoves it inside me, and it fills me and it’s big…oh my, Jake, you’re a big boy too…mmm….so she fills me and fucks me and she pounds my little pussy until she finally settles me down. And she talks dirty to me, Jake…she knows about my naughty bareback fantasy, so she tells me she’s going to fuck me raw and deep and fill me with her seed and knock me up…doesn’t that sound hot Jake?”


“Do you know what we call it Jake? We call it breeding. We say it’s my breeding cycle, that she’s my stud I’m her little virgin filly and she’s breeding me…”

“Oh my god Jenny…”

“Can you guess where I am in my cycle right now Jake?”


“Normally I’d be starting in a couple of days. Right when Dalia is getting back. But sometimes I’m a little off, especially when I’m going through intense emotions. I felt it coming on early. My breeding cycle, Jake…it’s here…But I didn’t tell her, I didn’t want to make it harder for her to go.”


“And I was just going to try to tough it out by myself. But this afternoon I just felt so lonely and needy, and I broke down and I texted you…”

“Jenny, we can’t–“

“Shhhh, I know, baby boy. We can’t…we can’t fuck. Not tonight, not ever. We’re cousins…I’m in a relationship. I just need you tonight…just feeling you here with me. Can we do that, Jake?”

“God yes, but–“

“We can’t do more, baby, we both know that…but I just wanted you here tonight…to be in your arms…feel you so close to me…”

“Oh Jenny…”

She was sliding her wet panties up and down my naked shaft. Long, slow strokes, my cock getting slippery with her leaking juices and my precum. Underneath the drenched fabric, I could feel her starting to open. Suddenly she rolled off me. I felt devastated yet relieved she was stopping.

And then I saw she was sliding the panties down her legs…

She straddled me again, deliciously, irresistibly nude. I felt her heat and wetness way down low on my shaft, almost on my balls. She moved her hips, grinding her bare clit on me. Then she began a slow, slippery, sensuous upward stroke.

“Oh Jake,” she breathed. Her long stroke neared the tip of my cock. I groaned as her wet clit touched there…she wiggled, the opening move in a dangerous game as she lubricated her sensitive little pearl with my slippery precum. She moved side to side, and I could feel her hood opening and the harder flesh inside sliding on me. The pleasure was almost excruciating. I held my breath while she explored.

Then another long, slow downstroke. At the bottom, the base of my shaft, she shifted her weight and ground hard. A deeper, grittier pleasure engulfed me, and my balls seemed to be coming to a slow boil.

Upward again…this time undulating her hips, rolling her pussy back and forth along the shaft, causing her lips to spread and more liquid to flow from her. It almost felt like she was using her hand to rub lotion on me.

At the top of her stroke, she stopped just a fraction of an inch beyond where she ended before. Her clit slid over my tip, and then just beyond. The head of my cock was at her entrance. She gasped. I throbbed, causing the head to swell, thicken and stand out further from my body. She started her downward slide, but this time the tip of my cock didn’t clear her clit and allow her to slide safely past. Instead, the inside edge of her clit hung up on the backside of the head of my cock.

We both froze and stared into each other’s eyes. The tip of my cock was just inside of her entrance. She shifted; I slid in another half an inch. My entire cock head was inside, my crown caressing her clit from the inside. I could feel the different textures of my precum and her vaginal fluids, and they were beginning to mix.

She began rotating her hips in little circles, not creating any downward pressure, but with each twist, I seemed to sink deeper into her, like a screw following threads to penetrate deeper with each turn.

“Jenny, we can’t,” I whispered, but my protest was so weak it sounded more like a question.

“I want to feel you,” she replied. “Just a little bit…” Slowly, deliberately she lifted her chest off of me, putting more weight on the place where our bodies joined. She was tight, and at first her pussy held out against my invading member, but very slowly, I felt her opening and my cock moved forward into her. I was almost halfway in when it seemed I could go no further.

“You feel so huge in me,” she moaned. In the half light, I got my first look at her naked breasts. They were full, firm and large for her slender body. I took them in my hands. They felt as spectacular as they looked. I caressed them, squeezed them, massaged them. Her eyes closed; her pussy quivered and yielded another inch.

“My nipples,” she whispered. They were big and dark and swollen with desire. She flinched and missed a breath when I touched them. I could almost feel how sensitive they were.

“I’ll be gentle with them,” I said as I tenderly held them in my fingertips.

“No,” she said. “Harder.” I took each one between thumb and forefinger, and carefully added pressure. She made a whining, frustrated noise, then slapped her palms down hard on my chest.

“Harder!” she barked. I pinched harder and she yelped.

“Yes Jake!” she groaned. “More!”

I pinched even harder, and she closed her eyes and bared her teeth. I saw her body shiver and felt the quake inside her. I twisted them, rolled them between my tightly clamped fingers and tugged hard toward me.

“OH JAAAAKE!” she screamed. Her body heaved and shuddered. Her pussy clamped down hard on me, then loosened and I felt a wave of warm wetness pouring down over my cock, my balls, even down into the sheets beneath me. As the orgasm swept through her body, she yielded to my hard, thick, rigid cock. I felt her opening to me, and she slid all the way down onto me. I was balls deep in my beautiful, wet, orgasming cousin.

She lowered her upper body back down onto to me as I released my grip on her breasts. It took several long, wildly erotic seconds of thrashing and quaking for her to complete her orgasm. Then she lay on me, trembling with aftershocks, her breathing hard and ragged.

As exquisite as her tight, hot, quivering pussy felt around my cock, I wondered if I should disengage. We had assured each other we wouldn’t go this far. Now my naked cock was deep, deep inside her. I hadn’t come yet, but I knew I was producing generous amounts of precum, and the longer I stayed this deep, the greater the risk. And even greater danger lurked ahead; my entire body was tingling in ecstasy, and I felt like an unquenchable fire could start in my loins with little warning. I hadn’t had sex since breaking up with Alice weeks earlier, and I’d rarely had a chance to find solitary relief during that time. My scrotum was swollen, tight and full.

I made a slight movement, and she gasped.

“Don’t move,” she whispered. “I’m still getting used to your size. I’ve never been opened up like that.”

“Am I hurting you?” She just gave me a naughty smile.

“My college roommate used to say, ‘too big is just right,'” Jenny said.

“Jenny,” I said after a few more heart beats of ecstasy inside her, “I’m sorry, I should have stopped.”

“No baby, no sorries…it happened…we both did it.”

“Should we–“

“No…just stay like this…just for a minute.”

She held herself tight against me as the aftershocks faded. I caressed her smooth back, her firm ass.

“Jake,” she said after awhile, “you didn’t cum yet.”

“Not yet,” I said.

“Oh, baby. I feel bad for being so selfish.”

“It’s okay Jenny.”

“Baby…can we…can we do a little more? Can you hold out? You can’t cum inside me, but…I promise I’ll take care of you after.”

“Okay,” I said softly. “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you on top,” she said. “I want you to fuck me hard. I just…that’s really what I need right now. If you’re getting close, we stop, and you pull out…okay?”

“Yeah…okay…are you sure it’s best for me to be on top?”

“Yes baby…tonight, I trust you more than I trust me.”

We managed to roll into missionary position without taking my cock out of her, a tricky move for two people together for the first time, but we managed it. She looked beautiful and sexy and vulnerable beneath me.

I pulled part way out, then eased back in. She shuddered and moaned. Out, then in again. She writhed in pleasure and grabbed my ass and thighs to pull me harder. I picked up the pace. We found a comfortable rhythm; she seemed to be ramping up nicely, but I still felt in control of my own desire.

Then she started talking to me.

“You like that little pussy, don’t you,” she whispered in my ear.

“Yes,” I hissed.

“Nice and tight and wet for you baby…you like pounding my tight little pussy with that big hard cock?”

“God yes…”

“I’m so fucking wet for you. I’m going to cum all over that big hard dick.”

“Oh god, Jenny…”

“That’s so naughty, fucking your cousin’s tight little pussy…such a bad boy.”

I grunted and against my will I started pounding into her harder and faster.

“Fucking me bare,” she said. “My tight little pussy…raw and naked and bare…with your big hard cock…”

“Jenny…” I wanted to tell her to cool the talk, it was winding me up too fast, but I felt like part of my brain was shutting down. I couldn’t talk, all I could do was grunt and fuck her like beast.

“You bad boy,” she taunted. “You just want to fuck your slutty little cousin’s pussy…open that tight pussy up and fuck me hard and deep and raw…”

Her eyes had a crazed look, a hard intensity that almost looked like anger.

“That’s my cock tonight, baby,” she growled. “My big dick cousin’s gonna fuck me hard and deep…you’re going to fuck your naughty slut cousin…”


“Do you know why that tight little pussy is so slutty for your big cock? Because it’s a fertile and ripe and ready and it wants your seed…it wants to breed, baby…”

“Argh, Jenny, what the fuck…” Her dirty talk was like crack cocaine; it was powerful and intense and addictive and deadly. My cock was swelling, my balls were hot and full and starting to boil.

“You want to fill me up, don’t you, baby boy…fill my naked pussy with your thick hot cum…shoot your seed way up into me…”

I felt like an out-of-control truck racing toward a cliff. Jenny’s dirty talk had disabled the breaks. Disaster was approaching fast.

“You want to, but you can’t,” she taunted. “Don’t you dare come inside me. Don’t you dare shoot your hot cum inside your slutty cousin’s tight, naked pussy.”

My balls tightened and a hot, sharp twinge raced down the length of my cock. I was out of time; this was going to happen.

“Jenny, I’m gonna–” I was bottomed out in her when the first pulse happened. I tried to pull back, knowing it was already too late, trying to fight off the animal part of my brain that was desperately screaming at me to just keep thrusting and thrusting into my beautiful cousin.

“NO!” screamed Jenny, and for a second, I thought she meant ‘no don’t cum in me’ but her legs squeezed hard around me, and her ankles locked behind my back and her arms were tight around my neck and we were one body.

My knees were pressing down on the bed, as I tried to lift myself so I could pull out, but with her legs locked onto me I simply lifted her with me. Her weight, added to mine, caused my knees to slip, and we slammed back onto bed together, pushing me even deeper inside her. My cock swelled, ready to pulse again, and I was so huge and hard, and I went deeper than I had been, and I felt brief, solid resistance deep inside her, but then even that yielded to me as my cock broke through and reached some new, previously unconquered territory inside her.

That’s when the floodgates opened, and I fired pulse after pulse, jet after jet of thick, rich cum directly into her womb. She wailed in a feral, animal scream, her nails digging my back, her teeth sinking hard into my shoulder.

“YESSSSS!!!” she screamed. “Fucking cum inside me fucking fill me give me every fucking drop oh JAAAAAKE!!!”

My orgasm seemed to last forever. My body disappeared into a white cloud of ecstasy and all that was left of me was a powerful, throbbing pulse that just kept going and going…

I could feel her containing me, surrounding me, her movements synchronizing perfectly with mine; caressing me, teasing me, squeezing me, milking me of every drop my exhausted, aching balls could produce. Somehow, her pussy seemed to know how to slow me down, give me more time between pulses to recover, making me feel that although I was gradually slow down, I could ultimately keep pulsing my seed into her until the end of time.

When I came back to my senses, she was somehow back on top of me, whispering to me, kissing my eyelids, stroking my forehead. I thought my orgasm was finally over, but her body shivered, I felt a fluttering in her pussy, then a hard convulsion, and my aching balls tightened and fired off another round.

Nothing in my life had ever felt like this. Nothing could compare. I felt like I was floating in an ocean of pure pleasure. Her liquid eyes stared into the depths of my soul, and she smiled and kissed me, gently at first but then more insistently, and then her pussy quivered again and clenched and I groaned and pulsed once more, deep inside her.


Jenny had starred in my erotic dreams many times before, so I wasn’t surprised to find myself lying in a grassy field with her as she straddled me and took my cock in her hand. The ground underneath me felt wet, so my dream mind added a waterfall that looked like the one in a park near Grandma’s house, a place where Jenny I used to walk to escape our toxic cousins. I now lay in a shallow pool, but the water was an unnaturally pleasant temperature, not icy cold as it was in reality, and the ground looked hard and rocky but felt soft and smooth.

Jenny lowered herself onto me and felt warm and wet and tight and wonderful. She began rocking back and forth on me, and I felt hard and ready. She moaned my name, which was strange because I didn’t remember her voice in my dreams before. The earth shook…I was fucking Jenny in an earthquake…

No…I opened my eyes, and she was riding me hard, the bed shaking and her boobs bouncing in the moonlit bedroom. The sheets beneath me were wet and clammy and sticky as I lay in the middle of the dreaded wet spot that had been a pool below a waterfall in my dreams.

“Oh, Jake,” she moaned. I didn’t remember falling asleep and I didn’t know how long I’d slept, but apparently long enough to recover from our earlier lovemaking. I was rock hard, and her pelvis was slamming hard into me making a slapping noise that started sounding wetter with each stroke.

My earlier dream sex had been a proxy for our real-life fucking. Jenny was breathing hard, and her body was tensing in what I recognized now as her final approach to lift off. I realized I was surprisingly close as well. After our drawn out, slow-paced dance of ecstasy before, now we were just plain balls-out fucking and it felt just fucking great.

I got my hands on her wildly bouncing breasts and secured a good grip, way down where they met her rib cage. On her upstroke, I lifted higher with my solid grip, then slammed her down harder on the downstroke as I thrust upwards to meet her. She gasped in exhilaration as my hard, almost cruel grip allowed me to hijack her rhythm and seize control.

Now I was simply lifting her and slamming her at will. She submitted to the speed and power of our new motion. The sound of our impact got louder and deeper, now a heavy THUMP each time our bodies crashed together.

“OH MY GOD I’M GONNA CUM I’M GONNA CUM OH GOD OH GOD!!!” She brought her hands up to where my own hands were caging and squeezing and dominating her breasts, and she grabbed her own nipples, twisting and pulling and that really turned me on, and it opened the door for my orgasm, and I blasted my seed up into her. She felt me and it put her over the edge, and she shuddered and gushed, and her body tensed so hard that she overpowered my rhythm, pressed her clit hard down onto me and held herself there as she rode out her climax. We both came violently and quickly and when we were done, we were done, unlike the floating eternity of pleasure we had occupied before.

She lay on top of me, both of us drenched in sweat and gasping for breath. Finally, my breathing evened out to where I could speak.

“What the fuck was that?” I asked. We both burst out laughing and she finally groaned and rolled off of me.

“You fell asleep still inside me,” she said. “You were kind of semi-hard, and it felt really nice, so I stayed on top of you like that and then I fell asleep. And we stayed asleep for a while, and I think you stayed inside me the whole time.”

“Yeah, it feels that way.”

“But then I guess you were dreaming…you got really hard inside me, hard like before, and that’s what woke me up. And you were groaning and moving and…I got turned on and started fucking you.” She giggled. “It was so hot…like we were fucking in two different worlds at the same time.”

We kissed then, and then she laid her head on my chest and closed her eyes. Very soon after, her breathing became soft and regular, and I knew she was asleep. I felt myself drifting after her. Somewhere far back in the depths of my consciousness, dark clouds were gathering. We would have to talk about what we had done…but not now.


When I awoke again, I was lying on my side and spooned into her back. My cock, amazingly, was hard again, and it was in the classic wedged-up-the-butt-crack position. The long curve of Jenny’s ribs, waist, hip and ass was so beautiful in the dim light that I just had to caress it. She purred as I touched her, and I was mildly surprised she was awake. She took my hand and placed it on her breasts.

We snuggled, but she kept wiggling her butt and giggling as I sighed with the pleasure she was giving me. I shifted positions and suddenly the shaft of my cock was clear of her, but the tip found a soft spot and I pressed forward.

“No you don’t,” she giggled. “Not in there.”

She repositioned herself slightly, reached back and took hold of my cock, and lifted her top leg. My cock came alive as I felt her heat and wetness on my cock head. I pushed my hips forward and gently entered her.

“Mmm,” she purred. “‘Lovers’ Position,’ I think is what this is called.” It was a soft, gentle position that didn’t allow deep penetration or rapid movement. That was fine with me. My cock had taken a pounding already, and even though it stubbornly insisted on getting hard again, it felt kind of numb. I didn’t feel like I had another orgasm lined up any time soon.

We got into a nice rhythm. After a while, her intensity picked up, and finally she pushed back hard, shuddered and had a very sweet and romantic orgasm.

After the emotional roller coaster of our first session and the unexpected urgency and violence of our second, it was refreshing and relaxing and quite enjoyable. I was happy that she had cum again and I had no desire to push myself to another climax. I held her close, still inside her, and we drifted back to sleep.


It was still dark outside, but the faintest, earliest hint of dawn was peeking through somewhere.

“You awake?” she whispered.


“Please don’t be disgusted by this…I don’t usually smoke, but I desperately need a cigarette right now.”

“It’s cool, I could use one. You got some?”

“Dalia keeps an emergency pack. I think this qualifies as an emergency. We have to use the balcony though.”

The night was still dark and deserted enough that we didn’t bother getting dressed. There was only one cigarette left, but I enjoyed the intimacy of sharing it.

We leaned on the railing as we smoked. An early bird jogger ran by across the street. He might have been able to see us if he looked up, but he didn’t.

“I didn’t know Dalia smokes,” I said. I kept my voice low. It was a warm night, and nearby dwellers in the apartment-dense neighborhood might have left their windows open.

“She doesn’t. She used to, but she quit before we met. She smokes once in a blue moon, mostly times like now.”

“You mean…”

“Yeah,” she said with a quiet laugh. “After really wild sex. Stereotypical, I know. But post-sex nicotine fits are real. Sometimes I have a cigarette with her, and I really had the craving just now.”

Jenny took the last puff, snuffed it out on the rail and tossed it into the bushes three stories below.

“Anyway,” she said, “this will be the last one I have for a long time.” I assumed she was referring to the pregnancy she and Dalia were planning. A shadow crossed my mood as I was reminded about the very risky couplings Jenny and I had shared already and the conversation we needed to have.

“Dalia and I have fucked out here,” she said, successfully recapturing my attention.

“Where?” I asked. The balcony was small, and the only furnishings were two rickety folding chairs that weren’t likely to stand up to active coitus. There was also a low but long item that seemed to be some sort of footrest or small platform.

She gave me a naughty smile, then slid the platform near the rail. She stepped up onto it and leaned on the rail. It gave her a few added inches of height off the balcony floor. Her ass jutted out at me, and she wiggled it as she looked over her shoulder at me.

The purpose of the platform was now clear. Her pussy looked to be at the perfect height to be taken by a medium-sized man…or a tall woman with a strap on. It was too perfect; they must have bought the platform just for this. I chuckled as I imagined that shopping trip.

Since I’m well over six feet tall, she was still positioned a bit low for me, but I stood back from her and leaned forward, resting my hands on the rail next to hers. I had to adjust a couple of times, but then I found the right entry point and angle, and I slid right in.

She put her own hand over her mouth to stifle a moan as I entered. I felt her now familiar warmth and tightness engulf me. I started out slow, but she violently pushed back into me on each stroke, so I took the hint and began to pound her. I liked the roughness of it, so I wrapped her hair around one of my hands and jerked her head back. She moaned much louder, so I let go of her hair and used my hand to cover her mouth. She seemed to really like that, and she bucked even harder against me.

I was handling her roughly and she was responding with great enthusiasm, but we were still managing to keep quiet. That was a good thing, because a couple walked by below us, a man and a woman in jogging clothes. They were close to us, on our side of the street, and more of dawn’s early light was showing. If they’d looked up, they couldn’t have missed us, but they were deeply involved in a conversation that seemed rudely loud for that hour. We never slowed down as they passed below.

I didn’t have any doubt that I would cum this time, and Jenny seemed to be getting close as well. A car turned onto the street, approached the building and slowed to a stop below us. I felt a momentary panic that the driver was stopping because he or she saw us. But the passenger door opened, a girl got out and the car drove off.

She stood on the street for a moment checking messages on her phone (as I began fucking Jenny harder and felt myself getting close). The girl was three floors down and maybe twenty feet to my left. She was partially lit by a nearby streetlight, so I got a pretty good look (Jenny was very close to cumming as well, still silent but ramming hard back into me and apparently oblivious to the girl).

She appeared to be a mid-twenties black girl, slim and attractive and dressed in jeans and a tank top (Jenny’s pussy gripped me hard and her body tensed, and she reached her orgasm). The girl was walking toward the building entrance now, into a place of more shadows and less light but coming closer to us (my right hand had been on Jenny’s mouth, but her wild bucking threatened my balance and now I needed both hands on the rail).

When I freed her mouth, Jenny let out a little yip as her orgasm peaked. The girl froze. I couldn’t see her as well in the shadows, but I was almost certain she was looking right at us. My cock throbbed and I came hard into my sweet, sexy cousin. The girl’s eyes must have widened, because I saw the whites and now, I could tell were making eye contact. Having an audience was a hot new thrill and I came hard. I glanced down at Jenny’s sleek back and perfect ass as I finished cumming, and when I looked back at the street, the girl was gone. I heard a buzz and a slamming door as she entered the building.

As my erotic rapture ended, reality hit me like a bus. There was no longer any doubt that the girl had seen us. What if she didn’t find it hot or amusing, but took offense? She might be the type to complain or even call the cops.

“Someone saw us,” I whispered to Jenny. She was still shaky after our energetic activities, so she staggered a bit as I dragged her inside.

“What? Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yeah. She was right below us, coming in the front entrance. She was looking right at us.”

“What did she look like?”

“Black girl,” I said. “Young, in her twenties, maybe. Someone dropped her off.”

“Fat or skinny?”

“Skinny. Kind of cute.”

Jenny laughed and looked relieved.

“That’s Chelsea,” she said. “We don’t need to worry about her.”


“No. She’s kind of the building slut. She doesn’t spread gossip, she creates it.”

“Oh…cool. Can you introduce me sometime?” Jenny chuckled, but then yawned and stretched.

“Come on, stud,” she said. “Let’s get some sleep.”


The sun was well into its day when I woke again. It felt like late morning or early afternoon.

I was alone in bed. Jenny’s absence shouldn’t have concerned me, but it did. In my mind, I pictured her sitting alone in the living room or taking a lonely walk, distracted or even in tears as she thought about what we’d done and dreading the consequences. I wondered if I should go to her and comfort her or give her some alone time to process everything.

Then I smelled the bacon.

She was wearing my t-shirt and cooking up a storm, or rather had just finished. My timing was perfect. Coffee, orange juice and toast were already on the table, along with bacon, of course, and a huge bowl of eggs.

“Good morning!” she said with that gorgeous smile that just stole my heart every time. “I hope you don’t mind scrambled.”

“I love scrambled,” I said. “Wow, that’s a lot of protein.”

“You need it after last night,” she smirked.

We didn’t say much as we powered through the food, but it was a comfortable silence. At first, I was surprised at her appetite, but I remembered she hadn’t eaten much at dinner.

I sat back, stuffed and satisfied and sipping coffee. She reached across the table and took my hand.

“I think we need to talk about some things,” she said.

“Yeah. That’s what I’m thinking.”

“Ladies first?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“First off,” she said, “we can’t tell anyone about this. Especially family. This is our secret; it goes to the grave with us.”

“Agreed,” I said, “with one very important exception.”

“You mean Dalia,” she said. “Let me come back to that one.”


“So, the next thing,” she continued, “is…us. What happens to our relationship now?

I have to tell you, you’re more important in my life than you probably realize. As a best friend, as family, as someone who’s been there for me. Whatever else happens, I don’t want that to change. I couldn’t bear losing you, or even just having us be uncomfortable or awkward around each other. So, after this…we need to carry on and stay close and if anything feels weird or painful, we have to talk about it. Agreed?”

“Absolutely.” I gave her hand a re-assuring squeeze.”

“That being said,” she continued, “this isn’t the new us. We can’t have a full-on romantic relationship. I don’t think we should plan on having sex again, but I’m not totally ruling it out. But whatever happens…you can’t think of me as your girlfriend.”

“I understand,” I said. “I agree. In a different life…but not this one.”

“I know you understand,” she said, “and I’m glad you do. But I want to talk through the reasons, I think they’re important.”

“Sure, okay.”

“First, we’re different ages, different stages of life. You’ve got at least two years of school left, and I’m beyond that, at the stage where I’m trying to get my career going and get my life going.”

“Yeah…I get that. Not an impossible barrier, but difficult.”

“A bigger barrier is the family thing,” she said. “We’re cousins. First cousins. Leaving aside the legal issues, this is something that no one in the family is going to understand or accept. I know that family is as important to you as it is to me, and this would turn most if not all of the family against us.”

“I’d make that sacrifice for you if I had to,” I said. “Not disagreeing with you…just saying.”

“Honestly…me too,” she said with her big, warm smile. “But there are even bigger issues. Like sexual orientation. It might be hard to believe after last night, but I’m very comfortable with who I am: an ordinary, boring, monogamous lesbian. A couple of days a month my hormones take over and my ovaries start screaming to be hosed down with gallons and gallons of baby batter, but the other 28 or 29 days it’s long walks and scrabble and watching Netflix with my girlfriend.”

“I understand.”

“Which brings me to the most important issue. I’m in a relationship. A very, very serious one. Dalia and I are soulmates. We’re essentially married, and we might make it official. I’m happy with her, Jake. Happier than I’ve ever been.”

“And I’m very, very happy for you. And I genuinely like Dalia. And, in spite of what we did last night, I absolutely want the two of you to be together and happy for the rest of your lives. I hope you’ll consider me as best man or bridesmaid or whatever at your wedding.” She chuckled at that, but then we shared a more serious look.

“Which I think brings us to the question of what you’re going to say to her,” I said. “Or are you saying anything? I’ll keep it secret if that’s what you decide, but…”

“No,” she said. “I’m absolutely going to tell her. As soon as possible. Tomorrow afternoon, when she gets back and gets settled.”

“I can be here if you want. Or I can even be the one to tell her.”

“No. That’s sweet of you to offer, and very brave, but she and I need to have that conversation alone.”

“Are you worried about how she’ll react?” I asked. She paused for a moment to consider.

“Well,” she said, “it’s going to be a difficult conversation, and I’m not looking forward to it. I don’t think she’ll be angry, but she’ll be hurt. I hope I’m not way off the mark on this, but I don’t think this will seriously threaten the relationship. What we have…it’s a lot deeper than this.”

“This will be a real shock to her though.”

“Probably less than you think, Jake. She understands that there’s something between the two of us. She can see the connection; she knows it exists on many levels. She can see the physical spark.”

“And that doesn’t bother her?”

“She’s a very secure, confident person, so she’s not threatened by it. She even teases me about it sometimes. In fact…no, I better not say that…”

“What? Remember, you said no secrets.”

“Hmmm….okay. I guess you should know this, but don’t say anything to her, she’d be embarrassed.”

“Embarrassed?” I asked. “I don’t understand.”

“She’s kind of fascinated by it. She thinks it’s hot.”

“No way.”

“Way. She gets sort of turned on by it…watching us together, the way you flirt, the way I respond.”

“Are you sure you’re reading right? She’s not just messing with you?”

“Yeah,” she sighed. “I’m sure. Sometimes…oh god, this is embarrassing…sometimes we role play it.”


“Especially when I’m fertile and clawing-the-walls horny, and she’s pounding me with the strap on. We…talk dirty about…you and us and…” She trailed off and cringed. It looked like she was afraid I’d be angry, and she was visibly relieved when I burst out laughing.

“Oh my god,” I gasped. “I can’t even…I have no idea how to process this.”

“But you’re not angry or grossed out?”

“No, not at all. Stunned, flattered, turned on, overwhelmed. But…wait a minute, when you were talking dirty to me with all that, ‘pound your cousin’s tight little pussy with your bare cock…'”

“…I wasn’t making it up on the fly,” she finished for me. “I’ve said some of those words before.”


“Now don’t get all full of yourself or get carried away by the fantasy. To be clear, we NEVER talked about actually doing anything sexual with you. I’m only telling you this to ease your anxiety about her reaction. The idea is already out there.”

“Okay,” I said. “But there’s a big difference between fantasy and reality.”

“Yeah. And there’s a risk I could be reading this wrong. She might be really upset. But…it’s weird, I got this vibe from her, right before she left. When I said you were staying the night…I mean, I hadn’t decided to seduce you yet, I was just being hormonal, and my mind was all over the place…but she gave me this look…”

“I saw that,” I said. “I wasn’t sure what was going on, but she definitely reacted, and she wasn’t upset. In fact…I didn’t tell you this, but when I walked her down to the car, there was this weird moment, and she kind of teared up…and told me to take good care of you. I still didn’t think you and I were going to end up sleeping together, but it almost felt like… ” I paused.

“Like she was giving us permission,” she said.

“Yeah, exactly. Wow. Well, I hope that’s what she was thinking.”

“Me too. Either way, I feel like it’s all going to be okay in the end.”

“There’s one really important detail you may be overlooking,” I said.

“You mean the fact that we dumped a truckload of your thick gooey sperm right onto my steaming fresh little eggs?”

“Crudely put, but right on the money,” I said. “When Alice and I did this, she ran to the pharmacy first thing and got a morning after pill. I don’t know anything about this, but I think we have time…”

“No,” she said. “Jake, I…I know you have a say in this, but this has to be part of my conversation with Dalia.”

“You mean…”

“I mean, if I am pregnant, I’m going to tell her I want to keep the baby, and I think she’ll agree. We’ve already decided we want a baby, so why on earth would we not want this one? Jake…I know this is a lot to deal with so suddenly, but I have to ask you now…are you okay with that?”

I gave it some thought. The situation was sudden and unexpected, but the right path seemed clear.

“Yes,” I said. “Not just okay but honored. But…what would my role be in this?”

“The three of us would have to talk about this,” she said. “But I think you would just be Uncle Jake. You’d be in the baby’s life, but with no direct responsibilities. It would be our baby, mine and Dalia’s, legally and every other way. We wouldn’t tell anyone you’re the actual father, we’d just say we selected a sperm donor through an agency. Does that make sense?”

“Yes,” I said. “That’s what I assumed you were thinking, and I think that’s the right way to do it.”

I hesitated, and she gave me an anxious look. I think she knew what was coming next.

“I just have to ask something,” I said. “Not that I would be angry about it, but…”

“I didn’t set this up, Jake,” she said. “Neither did Dalia, or both of us. I hope you believe me, and I hope you don’t have regrets…”

“Nothing could make me regret last night,” I said. “To spend a night like that with you…shoot me now, I’ll die happy. And I believe you didn’t set me up for this. I trust you more than anyone in the world. I just had to know.”

“It’s a weird moment in our lives,” she said. “You, me, Dalia, all going through strange events and emotions…kind of a perfect storm. It just happened.”

“Okay.” I gave her hand another squeeze.

“And tomorrow will be the culmination, one way or another. I’m not looking forward to that conversation, but honestly, I think it’s going to go well.”

“In the meantime,” I said, “any big plans for today?”

“Oh, yeah, I have a very busy day. A lot to do.”

“Aha, okay,” I said, trying not to show my disappointment. I had hoped to spend more intimate time in Jenny’s bed.

“I started on this project,” she said. “I need to do a lot more work on it today.”

“Oh…what kind of project?”

She stood, took my hand and led me in the direction of the bedroom.

“Getting knocked up by my cousin,” she said.


One Month Later…

I pounded my hard cock into Jenny’s indescribably delightful pussy from behind. My balls were tightening, and I was getting close. The usually vocal Jenny was only emitting a muffled moan, but the increasing urgency in her body told me she was almost there too. She trembled, tightened around me, and I felt her trademark flood of warm juice engulfing me. That took me over the edge, and I began blasting wave after wave of my seed deep into her womb.

I looked up into Dalia’s intense stare.

Which lasted for only a heartbeat or two, before her eyes closed, and she cried out in ecstasy as Jenny’s nimble tongue caused her to share in our mutual orgasm.

As Jenny had predicted, everything did work out okay. The only hitch in the plan was that Jenny did not, in fact, get pregnant after our wild weekend together. What can I say? As my biology professor would say, humans are notorious in the animal world for being reproductively inefficient.

I was surprised but absolutely delighted when Jenny and Dalia approached me about using my sperm for their next attempt. They had considered getting a sperm donor, but during our false start they had become enamored with the idea of creating a little Jennyjake.

I told them I would happily report to whatever lab or doctor’s office or clinic they decided to use, ready and eager to fill a jar with my stuff.

That, Dalia told me, wasn’t exactly what they had in mind.

“So, Jake,” the big beauty asked me as the three of us lay next to each other basking in a triptych afterglow. “That’s not…you’re not done for the day, right?”

“Jesus, woman,” said Jenny with an eye roll. “Let the poor boy catch his breath.”

“Sorry, Jake,” said Dalia, leaning over to give me a sweet-sexy kiss. “I don’t mean to rush you. I just want to take full advantage of our opportunities.” Jenny’s partner was so into this, it was adorable. If anyone was ever born to be a parent, it was her.

“No worries, Dal,” I said with a grin. “I’m just getting warmed up.”

“So I see,” she said, leering as my cock began to harden. Jenny groaned.

“My god, you two are insatiable,” she said. “Don’t you ever get sore, Jake? I’m not quite ready for another pounding.”

“Sounds like we need the fluffer,” I said, smirking at Dalia. She gave me a sultry smile, then straddled me as I lay on my back.

“So fucking hot,” breathed Jenny as she grasped my cock and guided it into Dalia, who lowered herself onto me. She felt different from Jenny, not as tight, but warmer, almost hot, and a thicker, stickier blend of juice.

“Mmmm,” she groaned. “Fluffer girl reporting for duty.”

“Oh my god that feels nice,” I said.

“Don’t get carried away, stud,” she said, moving her hips in a sexy, seductive circle. “As soon as you feel the first tingle, you pull out of me and we get that cock into Jenny.”

“Yeah, I think he knows how this works,” snarked Jenny.

“We can’t waste a drop,” said Dalia. “Any one of those little fuckers could be the one.”

“Okay dad,” I said. Jenny laughed.

“Dad, huh,” said Dalia. “Yeah…daddy’s going to ride that big, hard dick.”

“Noooo,” I groaned, closing my eyes tight trying to squeeze that visual out of my head. “You did not just say that.”

WHAM. Jenny swung her pillow and slammed it into Dalia’s head.

“You are a sick twisted bitch,” Jenny cackled. “Oh my god.”

“And you’re my dirty little slut,” said Dalia tenderly. Jenny leaned in and their lips met. Dalia’s pussy squeezed me gently as she and Jenny shared a deep, loving, soul-melding kiss for the ages.

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