Tamil friend’s Mom and Me – part-4

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To continue ….

“After yesterday’s Hot movie time rani maa was sexually aroused , she wanted to know about my feelings on her”

“Next day morning about 10 am I went to her home ,I rang door bell ,she came and opened door”

Me: Hi maa , saptingla ?
(Hi maa, had your food?)

Rani: sapten da , ulla va ..
(I had da ,come in)

“Rani maa was in dashing RED colour saree, looked very fresh, hot and beautiful”

Me: Innuma uncle varla ?
(Did uncle not yet came?)

Rani: Moonu naal agum nu sonnaru , therla epa varuvaruu nu ..
(He said that it takes 3 days ,but don’t know when will he comes back)

Me: Enna ma etho padam pakkanam nu sonninga? Pathingla ?
(You said that you will watch a movie ? What happened?)

Rani: pathen da , petta padam , nalla irundhuchi..
(Ya da I saw petta movie , it was good)

” I was confused because I had kept the CD right above , is she pretending as not seen? Let’s see”

Me: Apidiya maa ,ok ok
(Oh ,ok ok ma )

Rani: Edha sapdriya , enna venum?
(Do you need something to eat?)

“As I wanted to check about the CD , I asked some water”

Me: konjam thani mattum venum maa.
(Ya maa ,just some water)

Rani: seri iru eduthutu varen.
(Ok wait ,let me get it)

“Quickly I went near TV table and checked the CD , it wasn’t there at the place where I kept”
Suddenly , a voice ..

Rani: Ennaaa da pakra…
(What are you looking for ?)

Me: summa TV on panlam nu ,maa
(Just switching on TV)

Rani: Indha thani…
(Drink water)

“I got relaxed, drank water,but I have dought about the CD ,I definitely beleived that she watched it , otherwise it wouldn’t have missed from that place”

Rani: Enna da yosikraa ?
(What are you thinking ?)

Me:onnum illa maa, na bank poitu varen.. (Nothing ma , have to go bank..)

Rani: Seri poitu va , passbook avan room la irukum paru..
(Ok ,take passbook from his room)

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“I left to bank , thinking in all prospective while going …..later finished work , I came back after 20 mins”

Me: maa vela mudinchurichi , panam innaiku evening kulla vandhrum..
(All work done ma , money will be credited by evening)

Rani: Seri da kanna , romba nanri , andha book ah mela vechitu va , onnum kekanam…
(Ok da kanna ,thanks,Keep the book in his room and come ,want to ask you something.)

Me: seri ok maa, vechitu varen.
(Ok maa, cominggg)

” I was very tensed , whether she is going to ask about that CD ,if she didn’t like it ,she might scold and tell my parents , I was afraid about it , I kept the passbook and came back , she was in kitchen ,but I controlled myself and behaved normally ”

Me: Sollunga maa ,edho kekanam nu soninga..?
(Ya tell me maa, you wanted to ask me something?)

Rani: Onnum illa da oru varum ah Inga valikudhu(Vairu ku killa ) ,enna nu therla , ne dha doctor Singam ache ,free ah treatment pannuven nu(siruchite sonnanga) ..
(Nothing da , having kind of pain in this region [below stomach] ,you are my doctor lion na ,so you will give free treatment)

Me: Ada ungalauku illadhdha maa, onnum irukathhu , pakkalam vanga…
(Anything for you maa, you will be ok ,let’s see what it is)

“Oohhh shit, I was afraid inside till then….. , now ok , back to normal breath , as rani maa always asks me dought in health , so I didn’t take it seriously”

Me: Room ku polam maa ,enna nu paklam ..
(Ok let’s go to room maa ,let’s see what it is)

Rani: va da ..
(Come da)

Me: Bed la normal padunga , light ah podavaya down pannunga ..
(Just lay down in bed , slightly down your saree)

Rani: seri da kannaaa…
(Ok da kannaaa)

“I got anxious, but I don’t showed a bit out , behaved normally”

Rani maa mind voice:
Aaah ennnaa pannaa poraaanu theriyaalee..
(Aaaaah ,don’t know what is he going to do)

“I just inspected , palpated her hypogastric region ,it was soooo soft and clear whitee skin tone , I wanted to rule out HERNIA ”

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Rani maa mind voice: Aaaah kaiii ah vechi theikaaraneee en chellammm….
(Aaaaah , my baby is putting his hands on me)

Me: maa ,konjam erumbunga …
(Maa, just cough)

Rani: seri da…
(Ok da)

“There wasn’t any cough reflex ,no bulge so concluded with normal slight muscle tension”
“I saw her unshaved hairs and got a bit arousal , it was hard to control ,but I controlled myself”

Me: maa onnum la , muscle edha cramp madhiri agi irukum ,seri aidum..
(Might be some muscle cramp ,it will resolve soon)

Rani: seri da kanna… Ippalam onnume mudiyala ,vela seiya ve mudiyala ,odumb valikudhu…
(Ok da kanna.. nowadays I can’t able work much ,full body pain)

Me: Light ah daily exercise or yoga madhiri panna dha maa odambu nala irukum…
(Do some yoga or exercise regularly ,so that you can maintain good health)

Rani: Ennnna panradhu ?, edhalam yar sollukudupanga? , firstu time enga iruku adhelam seiradhuku , ivlo periya veetla kalaila ezundha night verikum vela seri ah iruku…
(What to do da? ,who will teach all these? , Firstly I don’t have time only ,in this big home since morning till night full work only)

Me: na evening konjam exercise and yoga solitharen ,adha mattum oru 15 mins pannunga podhum , Namma odamba Namma dha pathukanam..
(Let me teach you simple exercises in evening ,just do it for 15 mins daily , we have to take care ourselves maa)

Rani : Adhuvum correct dha da , seri ne sollikudu na daily panna try panren..
(Ya that is correct only , ok you teach ,let me try to do regularly)

Me: Seri maa , na approm varen…Bye
(Ok maa, let me come after sometime ..Bye)

Rani: seri da kanna …Bye
(Ok da kanna .. Bye)

Rani maa mind voice:
Yen Vairu pathu edha nenachirupana ? Irrukadhu !!!…vali nu sonnadhnala dhane pathan … Seri evening varen la apo edha pani Namma mela interest iruka nu therinjikanam…

(Didn’t he felt something after touching my stomach ? He didn’t I guess..! …He saw because I said him it was paining ..hmmm….ok let’s do something and know if he is interested in me or not..)

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“After coming out of her home ,I felt very positive , because while touching her stomach, I saw her face , she was like half eyes closed and flexed her toes because of my warm touch ,she might have not known, but I noticed all these”

“And one more thing, Now I beleive something happened yesterday night….. ,she said that since 1 week it was paining ….,but she said this to me just today …., previously she will call me immediately when she has some issues …., so now it’s all just lies ”

“Now I’m thinking what to do in evening so that I can impress her indirectly…!!! Ohhhhh running out of ideasss…ok let’s do something instantly”

“It was around 4.30 pm ,I decided to go to rani maa home now”
“Rang door bell, she opened door and greeted me in”

Me: Enna panringa maa…?
(What are you doing maa?)

Rani: Summa dha da iruken ,TV dha pathutu irundhen , hmmm….neyum ukkaru paklam…
(Just simply watching TV da ,come and sit ,let’s watch something)

Me: Indha time la ella bore dha maa TV la , exercise solli tharen nu sonnen la , vanga adhachum seilam..
(At this time all shows are bore only , atleast you learn some exercise as I said )

Rani: Apidiya seri iru bathroom poitu varen…
(Hmm ..ok wait let me go to bathroom and come)

Rani maa mind voice:
Nala vela avane correct vandhu ketutaneee, sema kediii payen dha , aiyooo ,enna panradhu nu therila ……., indha vasayula idha pannradhuku oru madhiri iruku …

(He himself came and asked , Aiyoo ,but it looks weird to do all these in this age..)

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