Sunday sex with stepsister (True story)

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Sunday sex with stepsister (True story).. Hi, I’m mark 16 years old. A normal teen boy with the usual teen interests. I’m about 1,8m tall, weigh about 75kg, blue eyes, dark brown hair. I’m no superman, but keep myself in decent shape.
I have a stepsister, Lisa who is 18. She is tall, slim, with long light brown hair, and beautiful C cup breasts and a nice round butt.

Its Sunday morning, the sun shining trough my window woke me up. I laid dozing in my bed like I always did when I had a free day. Our parents was away for the weekend, so there was no one bugging me to get my lazy ass out of bed.


Around 10 o’clock my step sister came into my room. Without knocking as usual, and smiling like she always do. I love that about her, she is always smiling and she has a beautiful smile too. She was standing in the door frame, wearing a set of black panties and matching bra, apparently just got out of bed herself. She looked incredibly sexy, and my cock started to harden as my thoughts drifted to last nights event. “Good morning lazy” she said, “morning, just got up?” I answered smiling back at her. “yep, I was just heading for a quick shower before fixing breakfast”. She was just about to turn around and leave for the shower when she noticed I starred at her. She took a couple of steps into my room “like what you see?” she asked. “yeah, you look stunning” I said. She stood there looking back at me for a moment, then she came forward and sat on the edge of my bed. “Want to join me in the shower?”, “I would love to” I answered.

She took my hand, and almost dragged me out of bed. We stood looking at each other for a second, then she leaned in and kissed me, “lets go”. We walked to the bathroom, still holding hands. Once in the bathroom, Lisa turned on the shower. While we were waiting for the water to warm up she turned towards me. “What do you think about last night” she asked “was it really your first time?”. “Yes it was” I said “And it was amazing, I cant stop thinking about it. I feel so lucky to have a sister like you”. “I’m glad you think so” she answered, smiling even broader now. “I only wish i had been sober” she laughed. “maybe” I said, “but would you have done it if you were?” “Probably not” she said giggling. She took a step closer and told me to take off her bra. I reached around her, fiddling with the clasp. It was the first time I had touched a bra, and my excitement probably didn’t help either, but eventually I was able to loosen it. Her beautiful firm tits felt so nice against my chest as we held each other and kissed. I let my hand drop down and I cupped her butt, before I let my hand trace over her covered pussy. “mm you’re getting confident” she said, “good I like that”. “Go ahead, take off my panties too”. I hooked my hands inside her panties, and slowly pulled them down over her hips and let them fall to the floor. I looked at her beautiful clean shaven pussy, her sensual clit just visible. My step sister is one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. She stepped away and told me to take off my own underwear. I dropped my boxers, and we stood there for a second. Both naked admiring each others bodies. “Come on” she said and stepped into the shower. Our shower was quite big, and could comfortably fit two persons. I have a suspicion that’s exactly why our parents had chosen it.

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