Sons banged their mom

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Hi iam ashok .iam writing my new story .His happened a three months ago. my family is a middle class family .Iam having a beautiful wife her name is madhavi she is 38 year old beautiful, she has a quite good boobs and hairy pussy, our sexual relationship was a good level I had no stamina to last more than 10 minutes, this made my wife disappointed always, I tried to give pleasure to her through oral sex but it was not fulfilling her desires, she had a immense sex drive, despite her age which I came to know every time I fuck her.

I used to see young guys starring at her sexy body. She had maintained her body very well right curves at right places we have two sons .my elder son is in his mid teen 20 years and younger son is 10 th grade he’s 17 years old he is very smart .Iam an IT employee my family situation is very good .I never doubt on my wife. But on one Sunday in afternoon when I was sleeping my wife went to bath both my sons are at home . Our bathroom is in balcony so my wife is bathing their .sudden I woke up and went to drink some water into kitchen bathroom is visible from kitchen .I was shocked to see my younger son peeping my wife while bathing .


I was boiled and surprised at the same time, probably he’s into his teen he has changes in harmones so he’s horny about his own mom after few minutes my wife came from that day I got bit doubt on my wife . After one week I went out of town iam getting msg from elder son clg that he was absent and I called my wife she said son health is not good .Nxt day youger son was also absent for same reason I got doubt. Any how I came after one week .My wife said she’s very weak I asked wat happened she said three of us health bus not good I said ok, I was burning inside something ws not right .i went to office next morning but today I got msg from clg that son is absent I decided to check out at home what’s happening. i called wife and said today iam getting late to home and went to home door was locked and I opened with my key and went in slowly ansd silently I could hear some moaning sounds from my bed room slowly I went there, wat I saw made me feel ashamed and guilty i was shocked to see my wife was totally nude on the big bed and her ass licked by my elder son .He almost buried his face in my wife ass she is shouting ha.. my son lick … while my wife was sucking my younger son’s dick.

My wife blurter out “My son your father never did this your long tongue makes me crazy and taking to height of pleasure, he was continuing to suck her trimmed pussy, my younger son had a nice dick similar to mine it was 6’ long and 4 inch thicker my wife was sucking his dick like a pro. She has not done it with me earlier, he was moaning “oh mom you are the best, u sucked it like lollypop, now they swapped their positions, younger one strted to roll his tongue over her clit while elder son was standing semi naked in front of his mom, he slowly undressed himself, he was very well built, tonned abs, biceps muscular shoulders I saw his tent in the boxers It was about to tear his vest and he took his 7 inch cock out bigger and thicker than mine. My wife was astonished to see such size dick she said “ayyo..!! un pool un appa vida perusa iruka da kanna” and my wife started sucking like a devil she sucked for 10 min and my son caught her hair pushed it against his dick and kissed her on her lips, she was responding vey well, just like she used to do with me .

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