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The first rule of fight club is not to tell anyone about fight club.

We fought in a basement outside the city. No bets, no videos, just a fistfight. ..anyone could challenge anyone to a duel, the only thing was that no one knew who challenged whom, everything was anonymous. I got a call last week. I have not fought for a long time, more and more engaged in one important matter. We robbed small credit firms. ..everything was clean, everywhere its people and its
share. I had one thing to do, and this fight bothers me a little. I prepared little by little, pounding a pear in my basement and pushing myself to exhaustion. friend Katrin, was my coach and sparring partner. We were somewhat alike. Both brunettes, with a good figure. Our business card was our breasts, such shapes were hard to hide. ..we created this club, and everything had to go strictly according to the rules.
The basement has already gathered decently people. I knew many, many knew me. People of different ages and positions. From prosecutor to hot dog seller. ..they shouted my name, who even sang the song. I love these girls.

Soon they formed a circle in which the participants were supposed to go. I went in first. I didn’t know who it could be, but I assumed it might be a beginner. ..another heroine who decided to challenge me on the very first day of the battle, and then hide from people for a month.
The rules were simple, the fight goes on until someone says stop, or the further continuation of the fight can bring severe injuries to the participants. no one beat anyone, they just fought until someone falls. Sitting on top and hitting those who were lying were allowed only up to five hits. Bandages were wrapped around the hands, and only shorts and a bra were left from the underwear.
..I was ready for battle, ready to crush anyone who would not step into the circle. And then my heart sighed, my sister entered the circle. She was younger and slimmer than me. With long dark hair and good breasts. ..her black bra fitted her beautifully, giving her even more sexuality. She smiled.

I didn’t know she was in fight club and how long ago. But by the bruise, which was almost gone on the temple, I realized that this was not her first fight. But why? ..Is it really so bad for her to live? We went up to each other and shook hands. She was of the same height and build, except maybe a little heavier. Her hair was loose, and I also removed the elastic from her hair. ..this could interfere in combat, but grabbing by the hair was not allowed.

We walked two steps away from each other and raised our fists. I didn’t want to beat her, but I didn’t want to let her beat me either.
..she sharply closed the distance, and I missed two of her straight on the nose, through the protection. And this little one knew how to beat! I dodged another straight one and put a hook in her jaw. She gasped, and raised her hands to protect her face, but I wasn’t aiming for the face. ..a double slid down her ribs, and then an uppercode to her jaw, forced her backward, her back buried in the crowd. They held her back and pushed her back at me. sister swung to hit the hook on the right, I dodged and punched her in the nose with a jab, then another … She dropped her hands, blood gushed from her nose. Two of my hooks went over her cheeks, and the third knocked her to the floor. ..she held out her arms so as not to fall face down on the concrete floor. I waited, while the crowd began to hum. Anna wiped the blood from under her nose with her hand and stood up slowly.

I smiled. I didn’t plan to beat my sister today, but I liked it.
..we met again. My straight line again went through her nose, I swung at the hook on the left, as she abruptly caught my hand and hit my liver with her fist. I groaned, then she bending me down slightly, drove her knee under my chest. ..she repeated the blow two more times … I did not have time to free myself when her knee hit my nose, and I was thrown back against the crowd from the blow. Hands grabbed me, and pushed forward, back into battle. I was slightly stunned by the blow, it was hard to breathe. ..this fool broke my nose!

I hit the abum and missed. I was punched in the stomach, then again. A fist hit my lips, and a strong blow from below in the jaw, knocked me to the floor. My sister jumped on top of me, but I quickly kicked her off. ..we again stood in a fighting stance, waiting for someone to take the first step. My sister had a broken upper noob and state. She answered me almost the same. Anna went forward, she was drawn to victory. She carried a couple of punches which I parried with difficulty. ..sister was not bad, but not experienced. I blocked her punches, waiting for her to make a mistake.

She swung hard from the side, furious that she could not penetrate my defenses. I crouched down and punched her hard in the gut. ..she doubled over in pain and was hit in the kidneys. She screamed, either in pain or in anger. I grabbed her by the neck and drove my knee into her nose. The blow leveled her, blood spilling from her face onto her sexy breasts. ..she looked somewhere through me, and I realized that it was time to end. Two hooks passed down her cheeks. I hit hard, I wanted to teach her a lesson. Blood splattered on the sides. ..I applied an uppercode, and my sister collapsed to the floor, blood from her mouth splashing around the sides, falling on her face, chest and floor. She lay on the floor and did not move. It was all over. The sister was moaning on the concrete floor, her face covered in blood. ..the crowd quieted down, I won. I just turned around and left the basement, the girls lifted my sister and took her to tidy up.

The situation pissed me off, but rules are rules. There was a feeling that something was wrong

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