Sexy, sweet Cheri loses her virginity on babysitting job

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It was the spring of 1971 and Cheri was an 18 year old senior at a small high school in a little river town in the Northern Mid-west. She was also everyman’s fantasy of what a hot 18 year old girl should look like too; long blonde hair, clear blue eyes and a killer tan body from hanging out at the river beaches all Summer long. Nothing excited her more than throwing on a skimpy bikini and flirting with all the boys on the beach. She always enjoyed seeing the bulges grow in their swimsuits! Her ” girl next door ” wholesome looks belayed the steaming vixen lying right under the surface.

The sweet Cheri had already begun experimenting with lesbian sex with a couple of her high school girlfriends, but had decided it was time to lose her virginity to a man. A real man that knew what he was doing, not just some high school boy fumbling around. Cheri was fairly sophisticated with kissing and foreplay from her lesbian episodes with her friends Katrina and Katie. Now she wanted a real cock between her legs instead of a teenage girl’s tongue!

Cheri had known the Fisher family since she was a very little girl. Bob and Gina Fisher had moved a few houses down from her folks right after they had been married at 18. They had two kids by now and Cheri had been their regular baby sitter since she was 12 years old.

Bob was the classic ” tall, dark and handsome ” and had almost an Elvis look to him. Bob and Gina were both in their early 30’s. Gina had let herself go the last few years, while Bob was better looking in his 30’s than he was at 18. They didn’t look right together as a couple anymore and Cheri always had the feeling that Bob was sexually frustrated. Turned out her hunch was right on!

Cheri had noticed the last couple of years that Bob had been nervous and tense around her when she arrived to baby sit. Once in awhile he would drive her home during bad weather and it was almost like he was dropping off a date. She always had the feeling that Bob was fighting the impulse to kiss her goodnight. Cheri also had to fight the same impulse to kiss Bob goodnight too. She found it an exciting prospect to roll around her head. Making out with a married man…

Bob had called Cheri and said that Gina and him were going to an overnight marriage retreat and if she could stay the night at the house with the kids the next week. He offered Cheri double time and that was a good chunk of change that she needed right now. She had been saving for a car. She always had a crush on Bob and he always had a soft spot for her too. Plus, Cheri was enjoying dressing up sexy for her baby sitting sessions and flirting a bit with Bob lately. She could tell that Gina was a little jealous and pissed at her too.

Cheri went over to the Fisher’s house on the appointed day for her baby sitting job dressed in a little ” naughty ” school girl’s plaid skirt and a tank top with no bra. Bob looked her up and down with hungry eyes as he gave here instructions and contact information for the night. Cheri bid them a good night as they left for the retreat. Sally and Ben were great kids and never any problem. Cheri played some kid’s board games, watched a little TV and sent them off to bed by 9 PM. They always slept like logs and Cheri had the whole house to her self and was getting paid to boot!

Cheri was dozing on the couch at about 1 AM when she was suddenly awoken by somebody unlocking the front door. It was Bob and she could tell he had been drinking a bit. He explained that he and Gina had gotten into a fight and he just left her at the retreat and headed for a bar on the way home to lick his wounds. He told Cheri that his marriage was going through some hard times and he didn’t know what to do.

Bob set down next to Cheri on the couch and spilled his guts out about how Gina wasn’t the same woman he had married, how she had let herself go and their sex life had dwindled down to nothing. The he started to sob. Cheri felt so sorry for him that she gave him a big hug right there on the sofa. He instinctively put his arms around Cheri and laid his head on her shoulder. Bob made Cheri feel like a real mature woman helping him through a tough time.

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