Wife has sex with lover while husband sleeps

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Derek, Angie, and Goran laid together in a naked heap of sweaty sexual satisfaction. Angie lay on her side in the middle of her two drained men with her left hand on Derek’s chest, his right hand on top of hers, and his left arm pressed between her breasts, across her flat stomach, ending with his hand on her inner thigh. Goran was on his side facing Angie, his left hand on her hip and his head sharing her pillow. Angie was passed out between them. Not from the alcohol, but from the multiple orgasms over the last two and a half hours of non-stop teasing, foreplay, and sex in almost every way imaginable way. Content to stay in their collapsed positions, someone managed to pull the top bed sheet over all three. The steady sound of the hotel air conditioning and the slow heavy breathing led the three of them all to sleep.

Pressed between a sleeping Derek and Goran, Angie’s dream began reliving the final moments of the evening. Her pussy clenched at the memory of Goran and Derek, the feeling of their cocks pulsating inside her, the volume of their cum filling her up deep inside. Her hand reached down to her still slick pussy, finger sliding across then into her. She didn’t know why she loved cum inside her so much, her fingers slick with cum, gathering the wetness around her and pushing it back in. She shuddered. Her dream was so real her body felt like it moved.

Goran was drifting in and out of sleep. Sleeping in a hotel bed with Angie and Derek was hot, fun, and exciting. However, it was not a recipe for a heavy night’s sleep. Not that he wasn’t tired, he was. A night out of sexy dancing followed by hours of rockstar sex wore him out. Ten hours of solid sleep would be great. But, he was restless, probably a mix of the sexual high and the awkwardness of sleeping next to a naked married couple. Lying next to Angie’s naked body probably had an effect as well. He was lightly pressed against her, his thigh pressed against her sexy ass, his face inches from the back of Angie’s head taking in her scent. Fading in and out of sleep and short dreams, he wasn’t always aware of what was real and what was a dream.

Derek had no restless issues. He loved threesomes with Angie. He knows how much she likes to get fucked hard. Deep repeated hard pounding. Derek really enjoyed fucking Angie that hard. As a bonus, a two hour session with her was like running a half marathon. Goran was the perfect relay fucker. Derek and Goran had an unspoken routine when Angie was ready for the hard fucking. They would each pound as hard as the could for a minute or two, then switch. It was like running a 10k, sprinting two minutes, resting two minutes, and repeat. Angie loved it. Minute after minute of rolling orgasms. By the end of the night, Derek was wiped out, sexually satiated, and high on endorphins. Derek’s sleep was deep.

Goran felt Angie’s shudder. His hand on her bare hip, he knew her sexual shudder when he felt it. Angie’s breathing was heavy, she seemed to be asleep, but maybe she was reliving the night in her dream. The thought of what happened that night, the feel of Angie’s naked body, and his imagining her dream that made her shudder, caused a twitch of his own. The more he thought about it the firmer he became. Not wanting to wake Angie, but wanting to get closer, Goran gently inched his body toward her. He pressed his chest against Angie’s back, his nose against the back of her neck still damp with sweat from their earlier session. He eased his hips toward her bare ass and pressed the tops of his thighs against the back of Angie’s legs. His cock was slowly gaining thickness as he moved closer to the feel of her sleeping body. His pelvis pressed against Angie’s ass cheeks. The tip of his dick slid between her upper thighs, which were still slick with Derek and Goran’s cum.

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