His sex with his stepmother and then mom

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Sex stories, family taboo, mom and son, stepmother and then mom,  “Ok Mom. I’ve got all my stuff packed.” I said as I made my way to the steps. I could tell my mom wasn’t happy about my decision to spend my summer vacation with my father and step-mom in Indiana. But I was now 18, and I think she was worried I would just move out there to live if she made a big of fuss about it. You see, my parents divorced back when I was 12, and from what Mom had told me she caught dad having an affair.

That’s why Mom didn’t care for Dad now, and I did my best not to show my excitement. I was especially over anxious to meet my step-mom for the first time. I had never met her since Mom was dead set against me visiting Dad. But from the pictures I had seen of her, she was a total fox. One photo, in particular, would cause my dick to twitch every time I looked at it. It was a picture of them standing arm in arm on a beach. Dad was in red swim trunks and Bethany, my step mom, had on this super sexy hot pink bikini. I swear it barely covered her perky sizeable breasts. The material was so thin it was easy to make out her huge areolas as they jutted out from the fabric. Bethany looked much younger than Dad in the photo and had long black hair. Her eyes were brown, and her lips were full. I’m not sure of her height yet, but her head was just about to my dad’s shoulder.

I never could understand why Dad would have an affair since my mother is the sexiest 42-year-old woman I know. Mom is about 5’2 and a slim build. Her chest size isn’t as large as Bethany’s; she’s about a C cup. Her hair is straight, blonde, and just below her shoulders. Her eyes are blue, and like Bethany she has full lips.

From time to time, as Mom cleaned and moved around the house, my eyes would catch her firm and circular bum as she bent over. This would always cause a rise in my shorts. I would even on occasion wonder what she would do if I just reached out and grabbed her ass. I never considered my erotic thoughts of Mom nasty, or thought of it as improper getting turned on by my own mother. She limited my dating experiences so as to be virtually nonexistent. So my only relief would be to jerk off to images of her as I laid in bed.

“You are sure you packed your underwear and socks” I heard from the other room.

“Yes I’m sure. Mom, when are you going to treat me like an adult. I am 18 now.” I said in a huffy voice.

“Never… You’re always going to be my little boy and there’s nothing you can say or do to change that.”

I just rolled my eyes and made my way to the car. I opened the trunk and tossed my luggage inside. Just then I felt a soft hand upon my shoulder.

“I’m sorry Tyler. I know you’re an adult now. I’ll just have to accept the fact that my little boy has grown up.”

I could see Mom’s eyes tearing up which made me turn and give her a big hug. She wasted no time embracing me tightly, and I could feel her soft breasts press firmly against my chest. My dick began to strain against my blue jeans as we held our embrace for more than the usual time. Quickly, I broke away before it was evident I was getting hard.

“You want me to drive Mom.” I said when I noticed her tear filled eyes.

“Yes I think that would be best.”

As we drove toward the airport, I could see Mom getting more and more depressed, so I tried to say something to make her feel better.

“Mom… It’s only for the summer”

“I know sweetie. It’s just that I’ve never been alone before.”

“You know I’m only a phone call away.”

Mom just smiled and patted my leg.

Leaving Mom behind was harder than I thought, and we hugged one last time before I got on the plane. However, once again, I became aware of Mom’s breasts as they squished between us and sent my dick into full hardness. Then I felt this strong urge to lower my hands down and grab her ass. Thankfully, Mom pulled away before I could actually act on my perverted impulse.

The flight to Dads wasn’t long, and I was greeted by him and Bethany.

Holy fuck! I thought. Bethany was even younger and sexier than the photos I’d seen.

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