Nice Neighbours

Immediately afterwards, I too reached my climax. I thrust madly into her from underneath and squirted deep into her womb.

Exhausted, she sank down on me.


Once again our mouths merged in a long, deep kiss.

We stroked each other, heated as we were. I couldn’t get enough of her motherly round, soft and lustful body.

Then we fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to Christine sneaking out of bed.

It was already dawn outside.

When she saw me open my eyes, she came close to my face and kissed me deeply again.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she whispered happily to me, then rose and left.

I could still admire her desirable backside in the semi-darkness as she grabbed her clothes and disappeared downstairs. Shortly afterwards, I heard the front door slam shut.

I was just getting ready to leave in my bedroom.

I was running extra late today when I heard my neighbours talking through the wall.

Horrified, I realised how much could be heard from the other side.

Why had I never noticed that?

Karl must have overheard everything from his wife and me yesterday!

As loud as we were and there was only this thin wall between us!

I put on my ear to maybe catch something, but still I couldn’t hear the individual words clearly.

Could I trust my ears?

But it seemed as if Karl was asking his wife: “How was it? Did you get what you ordered!”

His wife replied something like, “Oh, it was so marvellous!”

And he: “Well, that’s good then…”

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