Nagaveena’s Goa trip with Anjana, Jaya and Smita – Part 1

Anjana and Jaya had never experienced a Fuck Weekend like the weekend at their place with Nagaveena and Smita. A trip to Goa was Planned and it was planned very well. A Large family room was booked in the Biera Mar Resort in Benaulim. It was booked in Smita’s Name.

Anjana and Jaya, planned their wardrobe on their own and they were quite conservative in their purchases. Shorts, Skirts Tee’s, Sandals etc. Jaya wanted to borrow my older breast forms. Smita and I were in a more outrageous mood. We shopped and purchased Six sets of Thigh High Kaftans, and six sets of String bikini’s in very bright colors. Smita and i were similar in structure and we decided to use a common wardrobe in Goa. We also purchased 3 sets of Sunglasses to match the bikinis and kaftans. Smita also packed an assortment of sunscreens, and two dildo’s .. one a strapon and the other a double header.

Flight Tickets from bangalore were booked in our feminine names. The week before the travel, Smita and I had packed all that we need in one cabin baggage sized suitcase. Two days before the travel, Nagesh and Smita, went to the parlour and waxed their arms and legs. Smita got a brazilian wax done. Someone was randy as hell to get to Goa !! Since the Parlour owner knows about Nagesh’s crossdressed avatar as Nagaveena, She also offered he special chest and back waxing package, so that Nagaveena remains squeaky clean on the beach. The Eyebrows were also tastefully done as were the nails.

The basic preprations on the travel day were simple. Nagesh shaved his face before his bath. He satdown on the dressingtable stool and put on a light makeup to hide his masculine features. He slipped on his Breast plate, and put on his regular white Cotton Panties and bra. Nagesh slipped on a Whisper pad to ensure that the airport security dont spend extra time examining Nagaveena. The 36D Silicone boobs sat heavy in his bra. Little Nagu was taped in and changu and mangu were nicely tucked in to form a flat front. Nagesh was getting into the nagaveena mode, while, Smita finished her bath and started getting ready.

Nagaveena applied a light makeup and put on a Flowery Kaftan that ended well above the knee. A Soft pastel lipstick and ear rings completed the Nagaveena Look. The wig with long wavy hair upto the waist ensured the wild look. Smita was wearing a similar Kaftan. Simple Sandals with a 1/2 inch heels completed the near identical looks of Smita and Nagaveena.

Jaya and Anjana met us at the airport. They were twinning in HotPants and Tees. We had an rather uneventful flight to Goa. We took a cab to the Biera Mar Resort.
We had lunch at a beachside cafe as we hit the beach in the late afternoon with a couple of beers each. The beers and the beach got Smita in a randy mood and she started to feel Anjana’s thighs. Jaya, on the other hand was feeling up Smita’s thighs. Nagaveena quietly told Smita, Jaya and Anjana, that they should get back to the room, as she didnt want any unnecessary incident at the beach.As the four of them entered the resort, thru the beach entrance, all inhibitions were left behind on the beach. Jaya was feeling up Smita’s boobs and kissing her. Anjana had her hand up Nagaveena’s panties and squeezing her butt.

As soon as Nageveena was opening the door, Jaya was pulling Smita’s Kaftan off her body, feeing her flat stomach and exposing Smita’s white matching undergarments on the patio. The Beach facing Villa had a couple of pool chairs on the patio and Jaya threw Smita’s Kaftan on the pool chairs. Smita was kicking off her sandals and was in a very randy mood. Smita was kissing Jaya and undoing her Hot pants. She pulled down Jaya’s Hot Pants and Jaya’s Painties also came off in the same pull, exposing her semi erect dick. Smita’s left hand was carressing Jaya’s balls and the right hand was squeezing Jaya’s butt.

Anjana on the other hand knelt on the door mat, and pulled me closer to her. She slipped up her hand on my thighs and pulled down my panties, freeing up Little Nagu and Changu and Mangu. She kissed little Nagu very suggestively and started sucking it. Anjana used both her hands to gently squeeze changu and mangu to send waves ot pleasure through Nagaveena. Nagaveena gently bent down forward as she was getting sucked and pulled out Anjana’s tee, over her head. Anjana released a wet sloppy dick from her mouth, for a moment to pull the tee out. Nagaveena unhooked Anjana’s Bra, while Anjana used her left hand to pull Nagaveena’s panties down to her ankles.
Nagaveena pulled off her kaftan and bra and gently led Anjana towards the pool chair where she laid down on the chair. Anjana pulled down her shorts and panties and was as naked as Nagaveena. Anjana pulled the doormat towards the pool chair and was kneeling down to suck Nagaveena’s wet and erect cock. The Slurping sounds made by Anjana, while sucking Nagaveena’s cock was very rhythmic and adding to Nagaveena’s pleasure. Their clothes were lying on the patio floor right where they dumped it.

Meanwhile, Smita pulled off her Bra and panties and was standing with her legs wide apart. Jaya was quick to remover her Tee and Bra and was pulling Smita down on the patio floor along with herself. Jaya was fully erect and laid down on her back. Smita laid down on Jaya, with her boobs pressing Jaya’s fake boobs. She clasped her legs around Jaya’s erect cock, squeezing it between her thighs. Jaya was sucking Smita’s tongue, while carressing Smita’s butt with her hands.

Jaya let go of Smita’s tongue and told her, “turn around, let me suck you sticky pussy.” Randy Smita didnt need another word. She got up on all fours, changed positions to take Jaya’s cock in her mouth, while gently positioning her hairless crotch right above Jaya’s face. Jaya slowly raised her head to lick Smita’s pussy. Jaya was lashing Smita’s wet pussy with her tongue, while using both hands to squeeze Smita’s 34B Boobs. Smita was rhythmically moving her hips in tandem with Jaya’s hot licks. Her Head however was steady as she was gently sucking Jaya.

Seeing all this, Nagaveena whose cock was about to explode, stopped Anajana and got up from the pool chair. The warm afternoon breeze was wafting on her wet and sloppy dick on balls. Nagaveena was gently pushing Anjana on the pool chair. As Anjana sat down on the pool chair, Nagaveena spread Anjana’s legs and climbed over Anjana, positioning her head over Anjana’s crotch. Anjana gently helped Nagaveena lift her legs onto her shoulders and continued sucking Nagaveena’s cock. The Pool Chair was creaking with the combined weight of the two girls.

Smita was moaning with building pleasure as Jaya was digging deep into her cunt with her tongue. Smita felt her thighs and belly tremble as she hit her orgasm. Jaya meanwhile, whose eyes were closed, felt as if she was in seventh heaven as her her balls were getting ready to pump her jizz into Smita’s warm and loving mouth. Smita saw Jaya’s thigh tighten, and she wrapped her lips a tad tighter while slipping Jaya’s cock deeper down her throat. Seconds later Smita felt the warm salty cum being shot into her throat as Jaya emptied her balls. Smita slumped on to Jaya’s body, unable to take the pleasure while on all fours.

On the Pool chair, Anjana’s pussy was being licked. The pleasure was rising as she spread her legs while bending her knees. Nagaveena’s 8 inch boner was deep in her throat and Nagaveena’s weight was on top of Anjana was making her breathless. Anajana opened her mouth a little to breathe, and at that moment, Anjana’s pussy decided that it was time to cum. Nagaveena continued licking all the juices that Anjana’s pussy was offering. The Beers and the orgasm had their effect on anjana, who could not control her bladder, and made her pee right out on the pool chair catching Nagaveena on her eyes and face. Nagaveena moved slightly to suck up the last few quirts of Anjana’s pee, and continued licking Anjana’s pussy to fire up her second orgasm. Meanwhile, Anjana increased her love on Nagaveena’s rod and took in 5 to 6 squirts of Nagaveena’s cum.

Jaya and Smita had gotten up from the floor and put on their bra and panties. they pickedup Jaya’s Shorts and Tee, and Smita’s Kaftan and threw them inside the room. Seeing them. Anjana and Nagaveena did the same. The four of them were lounging about in the garden facing the ocean dreanched in the perspiration of their open air escapades. As the Sun set in the western skies, the glow of sexual satisfaction was very evident. Nagaveena wnated to chill in the resort pool, and asked if anyone else would join. Smita was ok to soak in the pool, while Jaya and Anjana just wanted a quick shower. So all four of them picked up their bath towels, and tied it round their waists and walked the 40 odd yards to the pool.

There were a couple of families at the shallow end of the pool, but Smita and Nagaveena went towards the deeper end of the pool, took off their towels, showered at the pool shower and used the ladder to climb down into the pool. Anjana and Smita were a little hesitant. Looking at the fun Nagaveena and Smita were having, Jaya and Anjana also entered the pool after a quick shower.

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