Nervous girlfriend shares first time anal experience

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When we got I excused myself to the with a bottle of room temperature water and the douche and ran myself a warm shower. I put my hair up as not to get it wet and filled the douche to the brim. I squeezed lubrication on the nozzle and inserted it into my anus letting the water fill my cavity. I squatted in the shower and waited for my to naturally expel the water. It felt like my backdoor was spitting. I repeated this as directed until the water was clear, and honestly until I felt clean enough to do it. Already I was feeling more confident going into my next sexual encounter with anal. I took some of the Tushy-Tamer and rubbed it both around and as deep inside my anus as I could. I wanted to give it a chance to work before it was time.

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I sauntered into the room lit by a dull lamp wearing only my nightgown. Sam greeted me by slipping his hand under the lace and cupping my plump breast. He squeezed it so my protruded out further before pushing the fabric to the side. He began sucking on my nipples. I sucking his so I sat down on the side of the bed and slipped his boxers down to reveal it standing upright. I put one hand around it before taking it entirely in my mouth. I hit the back of my throat over and over again so it felt like it was about to bruise.

He pushed me further onto the bed and I lay on back pulling my knees up higher to reveal my anus. He took his thumb and rubbed inside my soaking wet cunt while he reached over to the nightstand where the three anal trained were lined up by size, waiting to be inside me. He went to grab the first one and I stopped him. It wasn't much bigger than his thumb or my first butt-plug, I was sure that I would be able to take that one no problem and I guided his hand to the larger one. He looked at my like he was asking if I was sure and I nodded.

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He smirked took his thumb out of my to grab the lube and started lathering the medium sizes trainer up. He gently put it against my hole and slid it in slowly. It only hurt for a second and it was in. He then saddled up between my legs and grabbed his hard cock. He slapped it against my pelvic region in anticipation before putting inside my warm pussy. He whispered about how badly he wanted his cock inside my tight little while pumping inside my pussy. He didn't cum.

Instead after a few minutes he slid out and I flipped over into doggy. He took the medium sized trainer out and I asked him to put a bit more of the Tushy-Tamer in before filling me up again. He complied. After a moment I felt the trainer insert back into my rectum. I cringed a little as it felt like it stretched more in this position but I took the entire thing.

“That was the big one,” he said.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” he assured me “and I'm not much wider than this, so you'll be able to take me once you're ready.”

I let him work it allowing the muscles in my ass to adjust to the stretching from the movement before he pulled me down onto the bed in the spooning position. He handed me a blue vibrator with a nub for clitoral stimulation and I turned it on starting to work on myself with the largest trainer still inside me. He took it out, it making a popping down as it quickly exited me. It was barely a second before he thrust his cock into my slightly more gaping backdoor. The sensation was different than the trainers. It wasn't painful like the first time we tried but it was still uncomfortable like it was rejecting it. It felt my asshole was a cobra squeezing its prey. He moaned whispering how tight I was and started to pump. I cried between heavy breaths and my body couldn't decide between pain or pleasure. As he went faster I turned the vibrations up on my toy until I came first a hollow feelings in my pelvis creating rippling waves throughout my body as I loudly expressed my . Seconds later he began to cum. I could feel it more than in my pussy if cock feeling like a subtle hum inside me while it hot cum exploded inside me.

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