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She lowered it slowly again, and pushed me down till my head touched the ground. She started fucking my mouth with her cunt. She was rubbing it so hard against my mouth and nose as though she had gone mad. I realized that she is wild and will come at any time. I wanted her to along with me and climax at the same time.

I unzipped my pants and took my tool out. It sprung out, “oh my goodness, is this a dream….!! Sai you have a nice dick its so fucking thicker than my , damn I love your meat, but Im afraid that it will gonna tear my apart” saying so she put her right hand in my throbbing and tried wrapping her soft hand around my cock. She hardly was able to hold my dick. Slowly she licked my precum, I was in a paradise she licked my meat as if she licked an candy, tickling my testicles, which was hung in a sack, after a minute she opened her mouth wide and took the tip of my cock inside her mouth, “aahhhh…mini you are so good” I moaned, her mouth was hot around my dick, I felt only my head inside, I bend down to see whats she doing. Poor lady, she could not take my entire cock inside her mouth. I gave my torso a strong push, my entire cock went deep inside her throat, “mmmmggff” she gagged but licked it, and started to suck my boner. We were in 69 She still continued rubbing her cunt lips against my face, but started working with my tool also. After some time, while I was on the verge of coming, I lifted her body grabbing her ass and managed to slide my crotch under hers.

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We came to , and made My dick rub over her cunt, “oohhh, god sai u area so crazy don't tease me… take me over” she requested me. I was so delighted, and finally I placed my dick on her vulva, I had tough time directing it into her cunt, she was wet and tight. I gave my torso a gentle push my dick head went in. Fuck it was so tight like a virgin pussy. Her body shivered, When I entered she gave a deep sigh and moaned “uuhhhhh…aaaaahhhh….fuck your dick so thick sai” tears rolled down from her cheeks. I paused for a moment and made her pacify, I bent down and kissed her and slowly pushed my dick inside her cunt, she moaned in pain but this time little less, I hardly withdrew an inch and gave a final push and my entire 6.5” boner vanished inside her pussy. Her pussy was so tight and warm, I could sense her pussy squeezing my cock, She was moaning badly, after few strokes She started enjoying softly and slowly in the beginning looking right into my eyes, and calling me all sweet names. She opened her conversation after struggling for a minute “oh god sai, your dick is so thicker and wider than I thought, its much more thicker than my , u tore my pussy” She was so wet that, when I looked at the base of my cock, I could see the cum dripping at the opening and lubricating my cock.With her banging movements getting stronger and stronger, I could feel my balls shuddering. She clenched her teeth and had her 2nd orgasm, and relieved a sigh of relief, I continued to fuck her in medium pace. We shifted to , she was humping me up and down, She was very good at the art of fucking I was lying down and enjoying her body working around my cock. Sometimes, she just reduced the speed of fucking and looked deep into my eyes, and whispered, “Sai you are a very nice guy, meera is lucky to have you as her husband”.
It was harldly 20 minutes of , she got accustomed to my thick dick, She even made her cunt a bit tight, at times and made it a difficult for my cock to slide through. But the feeling of her cunt tightening and loosening around my cock was heavenly….i almost dozed off I could feel her movements becoming stronger and moaning became louder. My hands were fondling her tits, which had become as hard as metal.

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