My Story about Cuckolding

My story is not typical. I was married five years ago we didn’t have children. My wife was very attractive and I love her strong and passionate. We had every day, cunnilingus and sex two to three times a week. I was under the impression that she enjoys more when I kissing and licking her down than during sex.

Then she got a wistful look on his face, I was under the impression that the days she wants to tell me something.
One day, I poured the vodka to she and me.
-Tell me what’s on your mind. Something’s bugging you

-Why would you think that?
-I’ve known you for a long time, and you avoid having sex with me.
-I’ve got a lover, he’s an alpha bull. I poured another Vodka. I didn’t say anything.
-Say something, she said.
-Because of him, you’re avoiding sex with me?
-Yes. He’s a much better lover than you.
-Go to him, I got in the car and drove long into the night. She was sleeping on the couch when I came back in the morning.
-Are you okay? I was worried about you.
-Is a Bull care too? Cold shower I need now. I called the boss and told him I was sick and I’ll come to work tomorrow. When I sucked down smelled coffee.
-Why aren’t you with him?
-I worry about you.
-I’ll be fine. Then her phone rang. -Yes, he’s here. He is ok, I’ll call you back.
-How much time do you have for me? I asked her
-I love you
-Me or him?
-Both in different ways.
-Leave me now I want to be alone I told her and lay down on the couch. I fell asleep right away

… No, No …I don’t know when I will come to you. I worry about him, he’s in shock.

It was night when I woke up.
-What time is it?
-You are still there?
-Do you want to I go?
-Do what you want
-I expected anger, rage…
-Sorry to disappoint you.
-You do not disappoint me.
-Pour me a Vodka.
-You didn’t eat anything
-Pour me a Vodka.
-Now you tell me what you want, or let me guess. She is quiet
-Let me think about it. You want both of us. You live here, You’il be seeing him from time to time or permanently. I’ll lick your pussy and he will fuck you? Did I hit?

-Yes, that’s what he wants.
-What do you want? Same as him? She did not say anything.
-I’m going to bed, tomorrow I’m going to work, I told
-What do I do? I didn’t say anything.

I dreamt that I make love with my wife. I wake up, I was in her and pulsed. She sat on my face. I
-Clean up her and lick me to orgasm. I needed that closeness with her. I felt much better.
When I woke up, she wasn’t lying next to me. I took a shower, shaved…she was in the kitchen. I kissed her and hugged.
-Be here when I get back from work, I want to talk to you.
With her was her Bull.
-I just want to talk only with you, if is possible, escort Bull to the door. I sat in the living room.
-He got mad she said.
-That’s great I told.
-What did you want to talk?
-About our cuckold marriage, but Bull wanted to make a suggestion
-Yes He…
-He is not
-He doesn’t interest me. You interest me. I does not want to see Bull ever. You can see him when you want to fuck with him, but at the end of the day you’ve got to be in my bed. I want sex twice a week.
-He wants …
-I don’t care what he wants. What do you want?
-What if I don’t accept the proposal?
-Pick up things, so with him, do whatever you want.
-Sex once a week.
Every time when we have sex she could sit on my face, I must to clean pussy of cum and lick her to orgasm. This behavior was weird, so I started reading online about a cuckold marriage. Most of the stuff I’ve read we were terrible. It was clear to me now what she is doing.
-If you prepare me for Bull semen, forget it.
-She looked at me and didn’t say anything, After that sex is getting a bit thin up to once a month. I licked her pussy every day. It was the only sexual pleasure with her.

After five months, when I get to home from work heard a my wifes moaning. I opened the door to the bedroom. She was on a bull and shoved up on his cock.
-Hi Darling join us.
-Get dressed and go out of my house!!!
I sat in the room and poured the vodka. After five minutes the bull came, fully naked. I got up
-Get dressed and get out of my house!! I told him. He hit me hard in the stomach. I fell on my knees. He pressed my head hard with his hand
-Open your mouth Sucker and feel the bulls cock in your mouth. My mouth slowly opening by pressure. I felt the smell of a wife’s pussy on his huge penis. I hit him hard in the balls. He fell to the floor with moans.
-I kill you Sucker!! I took a gun from the writing desk drawer.Then my wife walked into the room naked.
-I’ve already told you to get dressed and get the hell out of my house!!!
-You must to suck my Dick! said Bull and rushed at me. I shot him in the leg. He fell
-I kill you Sucker!
-Shut up or I’ll shoot you and the other leg.
-Get dressed and get his clothes I told wife. I stopped bleeding and put a bandage. Anna brought his suit and dress him. In the study are all records. The recording of events is on my server. I called a cab and escorted them to the door.
-I don’t want to see you again, I told Anna.
-I thought you loved me.
-I love you, but I’m not sure that you love me.

After three months, Anna came to me severely beaten.
-Did you report an animal to the police?
-I did. I hugged her. She started to cry. I filled bathtub with water, brought her a glass of wine. We lay in bed for a long time, I was hugging her.
-Many bulls are violent. They’re great for sex, but not for common life.
-Go to sleep now. I’ll be here when you wake up.

After three months she found the new Bull. She says it’s fine. As soon as you start having sex with the bull stops with me/

-I lick pussy and he fucks?
-Yes, it is yours and his duties in marriage/
-Bull wants to meet you. What to say to him?
-Tomorrow night at the road bar.

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