My honeymoon trip:part-04

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Rima and Ankit have spent a day and night while visiting historical places as well as enjoying physical love inside hotel’s room (My honey moon trip – part 3). next morning ,after our refreshment as well as breakfast ,we both left the room as we both have booked a cab to visit more historical places.wearing a deep marron leggings as well as crop tops ,I have made my physical look vulnerable and we both moved Ramniwas garden to spend some nice time together ,now we are sitting on grass in its lawn full of bushes and trees.we can see too many couples there as newly married couples are making us hot ,as Ankit is sitting near me ,he asked……

“Rima ,one thing I want to know
(Rima)sure Ankit
(Ankit)if couples here starts their love making process ,what you will do?
(Rima smiled)I will leave this place ,I can’t make love at public places
(Ankit)oh but I can enjoy if all couples do so
(Rima)Ankit ,showing some one your private assets is a sin .”

As we both left the lawn and than walked towards gardens main gate ,now we both are in cab as driver drives the car and our next destination is Nahargarh fort ,nearly 10 km from here.we both are looking at eachother as our thighs are touching and Ankit have put his arms on my shoulder.Its 12:10 afternoon as we reached there and now walked inside as we are in the backside of fort ,place is almost we both sits there ,Ankit came closer to me and kissed my face as I turned my face to look there ,if anyone is looking at us ,but no one is there as I also put my lips on ankit’s face and than kissed his lips.He hold me in his arms as I sits on his thigh and put my arms on his shoulder ,pressing my left breast on his chest ,I put my lips again on his lips as he started sucking my lips with his hand moving on my back.we both are inciting eachother for physical love as I pushed my long tongue inside ankit’s mouth and he is sucking it harder as my palm is rubbing his back,I can feel my body in my eyes are closed,our breaths are fast ,his mouth salivas is coming in my mouth.after sucking my tongue for 3-4 minutes ,I pushed his head back as my tongue is out of my hubby’s I put my head on his shoulder as he rubbed my back and asked……..

“Rima ,no one is here darling
(Rima)than what to do Ankit?
(Ankit)you know it.” As I sit near him ,I can see pair of couples coming in our direction.Its the backside of fort as it’s safe for making love also,I am bit horny as I have planned to suck my hubby’s penis but in presence of couples ,not looking at Ankit…….”couples have made their presence ,so
(Ankit)let’s move toward different corner.”

As we both hold eachother wrist and moved towards opposite direction ,it’s a place where we can enjoy for a sitting on ground of temple shaped monuments ,it’s a deserted place as I put my hand on his jeans and started unzipping it.our face is in forts wall direction as I took out his long thick wheatish coloured penis and sits near his my mouth opened to have it inside ,his semi erected penis is in my mouth as Ankit put his hand on my breast to press it hard.I am sucking his cock as it’s getting erection inside my head is still as I took out his penis from my mouth ,it’s wet with his mouths saliva as I put my tongue on it to lick.ankit is massaging my breast hard as I am licking his long cock ,my vagina started itching but to have my hubby’s cock inside my vagina here ,is full of I took his penis in my mouth again as I started sucking it fast with my mouth giving it a nice jerk ,it’s 9 inches long and 3 inches thick now ,my hubby is screaming in joy….”oohh aahhh Rima suck it fast ,you are best in sucking cock.”

As he have put his cock inside others lady mouth also but I am enjoying his dick in my mouth as it’s glans is hitting on my deep throat ,later on Ankit pushed my face back as he is going to cum while sitting near him ,I kissed his face and moved my face in each direction to see if anyone is there to disturb our sexual proceedings but no one is I put my hand on my hubby’s penis and slowely masturbating it………

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