My GF Discover’s Mike’s Huge Dick

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This story revolves around , both non-consensual and consensual, with a little bit of . If these are not your kinks, do not read this story and do not bother commenting.

I was in my dorm room with my girlfriend, Natalie, and things were getting frisky between us as we lied underneath my bedsheets. My dorm room was extremely small and had two beds parallel to each other that were only about 5 feet apart — the other bed was empty since my roommate was currently out drinking at the bars. This gave my girlfriend and I some much needed alone time since she lived with her parents and they were strict about having boys over.

We were making out as things got hot and heavy between us. My dick was hard as a rock as I started to slip her blouse down, when, suddenly, my roommate stumbled through the door —

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“Logan! Jesus, learn to knock!” I annoyingly snapped at him as I quickly threw my bedsheet over my girlfriend who had her blouse partially pulled down. She embarrassingly pulled them back up under the sheets as I readjusted my positioning so I was no longer on top of her but lying next to her instead.

“Oh, shit… my bad, dude…” he blithered as he stumbled towards his bed that was across from mine — it was clear he had drank way too much, probably getting himself kicked out of the bar.

My girlfriend giggled and looked at me with a ‘what-are-we-going-to-do-now' expression on her face. I was so ridiculously horny after having made out with her for the past ten minutes that I whispered to her suggesting we should continue discreetly under the bedsheets.

“… Logan will notice though…” she hesitantly whispered back.

I looked over at him.

“He looks pretty drunk, he might not. And even if he does — ” I grabbed a handful of her under the sheets — “why 't we give him a bit of a show?”

Natalie looked at me surprised. “Are you… are you serious…?”

The thing is, Natalie, my girlfriend of three months now, was incredibly hot and a lot of my friends complimented me on scoring her, Logan especially. I knew Logan always hits on her when I'm not around and I thought what better way to show him she's mine than to Natalie right in-front of him.

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That's when Logan piped up, probably thinking that we were whispering to each other about how to get rid of him — “If you guys wanna mess around, I'll go crash on the couch in the dorm hall or somethin…” he said blearily.

“Nah, it's okay… stay… maybe you'll enjoy the show…” I snickered as I started running my hands over Natalie's body.

I caught Logan squinting over at us, trying to fight off the effects of the booze he drank, as I started kissing Natalie again. She was hesitant in reciprocating at first but I started rubbing her clit underneath the bedsheets, getting her in the mood again. With only a short few caresses of my finger over the top of her panties, she started kissing me back, eventually transitioning to full-on making out. Soon, her blouse came off and I snapped off her bra. I expected her to pull the bedsheets over us to prevent Logan getting a peak at her naked … but she didn't — instead, she kissed me back even harder.

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