Unaware GF

True story…… A few years back, on a night out with my GF (20) we were having a great night out and ended up at the local night club. My GF loved teasing me and would always wear a short skirt on club nights out. I will never forget this time when we both felt

Stepmom joins the fun

Hey guys. It’s me Abhi again back with another story. If you didn’t read my previous one go read it it’s Sharing the Shower. So in the previous story after I got a piece of my best friend Srinija we cancelled all our plans for the remaining days and had only one goal : To

My bf fucking my sister

Hey peeps. It’s me Harshitha. If you don’t already know me then read my previous stories banged by bf (best friend). I’m posting this story after my sister agreed. This will be from my bf Vikram’s perspective. Here it goes. My relationship with my gf Harshi has been great including our sex life. She comes

Fucked my gf while sleeping next to her Friend in same room

Hello Myself Rahul, I am from Pune. I had gf while I was in collage and we had really intense relationship in terms of love as well as sex . We both were very crazy for sex and always tried to find different ways to have sex as she was staying at hostel and I

Farm house

Hello every one my name vinod (26) and Bigg fan of S4S . I am going to diacribe about how we met and how I fucked my gf (asha) … It was b4 covid-19 .. I proposed asha and she accepted .. I told her the plan of sex and she was ok wit it

Best days of my life

Hey everyone. This is my first time I’m writing a story here. I’m an Engineering graduate who lives in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. I’m an athletic guy with fair complexion. The story is a true incident happened with me and my gf. Coming to the story, it was all happened during my final year. The heroine

Amar gf ke Amar Vai magi banalo

Amar naam Arafat, ami amar familyr choto chele. Choto bala theke amar boro vai Arif amake bully korto, amar jinish nie tanatani korto, bhenge felto ettadi. Boro hoi o tamn komeni egulo. Kintu hostel e thakto to tamon ar kichu lagto na. University te 2nd year e uthar por por amar gf baani akta. Naam